10 Best Places to Wear Croc Shoes

If you own a pair of crocs, you’re probably wondering where these are socially acceptable and where they are not.


Crocs are accepted into today’s society so does that mean they should be worn anywhere and everywhere, like an everyday shoe?

That’s an easy no and if you’re confused, I’m going to tell you why.

Then I’m going to tell you where the 10 best places are to wear your croc shoes.

Lets get into it.

Crocs Should Never Be Worn For Long Periods of Time

If you’re the type of person to wear crocs for hours on end and wear them more than normal shoes, this is a big problem.

As I’ve stated in other articles, crocs should ONLY be worn in short spurts at a time.

And as many foot doctors have pointed out, they do not offer adequate heel support.

The toes will grip the shoe and causes tendinitis and worsening of toe deformities.

Also lack of support starts at the heel and moves up the leg later on in life .

It will move to the knees, then the waist, etc.

So even though you might not feel any pain now, it gradually makes its way up the body and that’s why crocs should never be worn as an all day shoe.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can move on to the article.

10 Best Places to Wear Your Croc Shoes

1. At the Pool

Taking the kids to the pool is fun but it sucks when we get our normal footwear drenched!

In this case, crocs provide immense slip-resistance, water drainage and air your feet, keeping you comfortable for longer.

2. At the Beach

This is one of my favorite places since flip flops aren’t exactly comfortable and there aren’t many other alternatives.

And that’s where crocs come in!

These shoes are simply amazing for the beach.

The sand can be washed off in an instant and they provide lots of comfort where flip flops are lacking.

3. Boating

I mean, crocs were originally made as a boating shoe anyway so there’s no reason not to wear these on a boat.

The amount of traction they provide stops people from falling off, and to me, I think that’s very important!

4. Doing yard work

The reason crocs are so convenient is that they provide great comfort in an instant.

You should have a pair of crocs by the backdoor ready for when you go outside.

They have lots of air flow, comfort and protection the dangers of working in the yard such as spider bites and bee stings.

5. Running to the store

Of course crocs should not be worn as a going out shoe to dinner but for going to the store and doing some groceries?

That’s completely fine.

It is socially acceptable and no ones going to judge you because everyone takes their crocs to the store anyway.

6. Running errands

Stepping out to send a package, filling the car with fuel, taking sacks of leaves to the compost center, paying bills.

These are all errands and an acceptable reason to wear your crocs.

You’re not doing anything fancy or something that requires immense ankle support, so croc shoes make a great option for running errands.

7. Going to school events

I mean, 50% of people at the school are kids anyway so you don’t need to worry about them judging you on your choice of footwear.

Plus everyone else knows there’s no strict dress code, so anything goes, making school events a great place to wear your crocs.

8. Going to yoga class

Of course do not wear your crocs while doing yoga, but wearing them on the way is a great option.

They’re easy to put on, footwear isn’t required to workout and no one will care about what you’re wearing anyway.

You may even get asked some questions about them and how comfortable they are.

9. On a rainy day

I mean, need I say more?

Instead of going out and getting your good footwear drenched, opt for your handy and reliable croc shoes!

It’s the ultimate alternative because you’re keeping your good shoes dry and you won’t ever be judged.

People will actually think you’re incredibly smart.

10. Hiking

Just kidding!

Definitely do not wear your crocs for hiking, I’ve seen people do it and it doesn’t provide enough support.

Rock Your Crocs Like no Other

No I do not have crocs and never intend on wearing them.


Because they are absolutely hideous.

But whenever I see someone wearing them, smiling and have a good time, I can’t help but see how much confidence they have.

I think the amazing thing about crocs is that most who wear them not only wear them, but ROCK them.

They don’t care if they’re being judged and will continue to wear them because they are cushiony, comfortable and offer lots of air flow.

They know crocs are ugly but that only makes them wear them more.

So don’t ever feel like you’re ever being judged because now in 2020 these are 100% socially acceptable and every man and his dog are wearing them.

When you see celebrities wearing crocs, you know for a fact there’s nothing wrong with them.

Even the man himself John Cena wears crocs!

John Cena Wear Crocs

As a Rule of Thumb

As a rule of thumb, your crocs should be worn as you would wear your regular flip flops.

That is the easiest way to know if crocs are right for the activity you’re about to do.

Of course if you’re the type of person that wears flip flops literally 8 hours a day or more, that doesn’t mean you should wear crocs for 8 hours.

If something requires footwear for longer than 3-4 hours, you should definitely opt for something that has much more ankle support.

This way you’ll avoid injuries and can enjoy the benefits of crocs in the short term without worrying if you’re doing any damage to your body later on in life.

Before you go, I think you should read 8 things you need to know about crocs.

Let us know in the comments below where you wear your crocs. I’m curious to know where and how many hours a day.


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