10 Golden Rules for Wearing Basketball Shoes Casually

If your time is short

  • Pair with the right pants
  • Play around with colors
  • Wear shorts for an easy, natural look
  • Keep your casual basketball shoes separate from your playing shoes
  • Keep flashy colors and bells and whistles to a minimum
  • Comfort over aesthetics
  • Expensive doesn’t always mean good

Wearing basketball shoes for casual use is a beautiful thing.

However, done incorrectly it can make you look sloppy and an unstylish person.

Unfortunately most people don’t know these golden rules that I’m about to tell you.

But you are here to learn, and you’ll look far more stylish and fashionable than most people who wear basketball shoes casually.

Anyway, lets get right into the rules.

1. Pair with the right pants

Nike Air Force 1 On Feet

It’s much easier to look stylish when you wear jeans or joggers (jeans for a sharp look, joggers for a casual appearance).

Make sure the pants you wear don’t reach your ankles. You want some ankle exposed to bring more attention to your shoes.

Baggy jeans is a big no-no. They can cover up the top of the shoe which is not what you want.

Alternatively, girls may opt for skinny jeans or slim-straight pants.

Most girls wear skinny jeans to bring attention to their shoes. But mix and match to see what suits best.

2. Play around with colors

There’s no set rule with color combinations, but a good rule of thumb is to keep the pants a similar color or shade as your shoes.

For example:

Below they are wearing black and white shoes with black pants, with some ankle exposed.

This provides a clean look without any colors jumping out at you.

It just looks…stylish.

Black and white shoes

On the other hand, the example below is an eye sore more than anything.

There’s nothing wrong with the shoes or the pants, but paired together and the shoes jump out at you.

Not a good look if you ask me.

White shoes

3. Opt for shorts if nothing suits

The beauty about shorts is that they go with anything.

If you can’t find the right pair of pants to go with your shoes, a nice pair of shorts provides a flawless look.

Plus they look more natural because basketball players wear basketball shoes anyway.

The downside to this is that you can only wear them in warm weather.

4. Don’t use them for basketball

Do not and I repeat do not wear your same casual basketball shoes for on the court.

Your casual shoes need to be kept as clean and new for as long as possible.

You’re trying to appear stylish with the least amount of effort.

And you can’t do that with a scuffed up pair of kicks that’s worn out and falling apart.

So keep your court shoes separate from your casual kicks.

5. Not too flashy

Flashy colors stand out a lot.

The white shoe I showed above jumps out at you, and it doesn’t look good.

Now imagine that same black pants with a pair of noisy basketball shoes with different colors, bright colors, bells and whistles, etc.

It doesn’t look natural.

Your shoes are screaming “look at me”.

To look stylish you need to look effortless. This is the complete opposite.

Remember less is more when it comes to fashion.

6. Opt for comfort over aesthetics

Comfort triumphs all.

It doesn’t make sense to walk around all day in a pair of shoes that kill your feet.

Even if they look amazing, it isn’t worth the foot problems and fatigue that comes with it.

It’s more important to look after your feet and dress to compliment your shoes.

Don’t do the opposite.

Don’t think they’ll break in and get better with time. Because more often than not, they don’t.

7. Expensive isn’t always everything

An expensive pair of basketball shoes is not always a good idea.

Most expensive shoes are flashy and jump out at you, which is the opposite of what we want.

All of the rules above still apply.

You need to know how to style your outfit to match.

A cheaper shoe will provide a seamless appearance and make it easier to match your pants.

In a nutshell

Yesterday I provided my opinion on WHY basketball shoes can be used for casual use.

But there was a lot to talk about that I needed to create another article.

How important are these rules exactly?

Very important.

They are the golden rules of everyday basketball shoes.

Implement these into your life and discover how good you look and how many compliments you get.

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