14 Fun Facts About Yeezys

Yeezys are some amazing shoes. They’re comfortable and lightweight.


They can can be used as an athletic shoe or designer shoe, and they are the biggest influencer of shoe brands in the world.

But that didn’t come easy.

There are some things about Yeezys that I want you to know about.


1. Yeezys are relatively affordable

Okay, they aren’t cheap if you buy at resell price.

But when you buy at retail price, they are much cheaper because Kanye intended to price his shoes so the average consumer could afford.

Yeezys sell at around $250-$500 at retail price.

2. Yeezys are hard to get

If you have lots of money and don’t mind paying $1000 to $2000+ for a pair of Yeezys, then sure, they are easy to get for you.

But to get some at retail price, your chances are slim even if you have enough money.

Really, they sell out in a matter of minutes.

3. Kanye is a big lover of supply and demand

Kanye idolizes Steve Jobs, who believes in producing a limited amount of products while providing a lot of different color combinations.

He has followed this concept with his Yeezy footwear and found great success.

That’s why you only see a small number of these shoes but available in many different colors.

They sell within minutes.

4. Yeezys were first a fashion collaboration with Nike

Kanye West first collaborated with Nike with these designer shoes.

But after some hiccups along the way, Kanye left Nike and partnered with Adidas.

5. Nike employees couldn’t understand why people loved Yeezys so much

Believe it or not, but Nike couldn’t figure out why everyone seemed to love Yeezys.

Nike employees were sort of like the low key hater but didn’t want to admit it.

And yes, this was happening when Kanye was still partnered with Nike.

However, this isn’t the reason why he left Nike for Adidas.

6. Nike refused to pay Kanye royalties on the sale of his shoes

You read that correctly. The CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, told Kanye that he was not going to pay him royalties on the sale of his OWN shoes!

His proposal? Mark wanted to donate the proceeds to a charity of his choice.

I mean, that’s cool and all but Kanye wanted to build his brand to new heights and Nike was hindering his success.

Kanye now earns a whopping 15% with Adidas, while Michael Jordan only gets 5% from Nike.

7. Kanye chose Adidas over Puma

So Kanye was talking with Adidas and Puma about his brand.

And although Kanye will not say exactly what happened with the employee at Puma, he just says that “the guy should be fired”.

Must of been a pretty rough conversation.

Needless to say, Kanye chose Adidas because they are letting him build and grow his brand.

8. Yeezys are one of the biggest influencial sneaker brands in the world

Yeezy Boosts are a huge success and have had the same impact as Air Jordans when they first came out.

However, Kanye believes these are going to be bigger and better.

And I kind of believe him.

With the help of his social media following he can grow his billion dollar Yeezy empire to new heights in a much quicker time span.

Something Michael Jordan couldn’t use to his advantage back in 1984.

9. Yeezys is not just a shoe brand

Kanye has actually increased his brand to other clothing apparel, something a lot of people do not know.

These include: shirts, jackets, track pants, socks and even women’s shoes.

You will often see Kanye rocking Yeezy clothing as well as his shoes.

It’s the easiest way to bring more awareness to his brand.

10. Kanye believes retail is going in the right direction

Although the rise of the internet and the fact that online stores are demolishing entire retail stores all over the world, Kanye has an optimistic look.

He believes that there’s nothing quite like walking into a retail store, being in the atmosphere of products and seeing how everything is laid out. He describes it as therapeutic.

And he is right to a point.

This is the reason he has decided to expand his Yeezy business to new heights and start building retail stores.

11. You have to be in the loop

Kanye is a master of scarcity.

This man literally has his followers ready and waiting for new updates on Yeezy releases.

It’s the only place you can find updates.

So the only way to know is to follow Kanyes social media accounts and be in the loop.

That’s what his entire fan base is doing because it’s really the ONLY wait to get Yeezys for cheap.

You have to get them from retail or expect to pay a thousand dollars from a resell website.

12. Kanye is a genius and very creative

This man knows what he’s doing when it comes to designing shoes and giving the people what they want.

He doesn’t even care about getting anyone’s second opinion.

When he has his eye on the prize and goal in mind, he will achieve that as quickly as possible.

On to the next goal he goes.

13. Kanye has been designing shoes all his life

Kanye has always had a passion in designing shoes and would often times get in trouble at school for sketching shoes in the middle of class.

I mean, you can’t fault a kid for following his passion.

Just because kids don’t want to do the work in front of them, they have other goals and aspirations in mind.

It’s what made him find great success in the apparel industry.

14. Kanye sees inspiration in everything

In addition to sketching shoes and rapping, Kanye has had a love for Lamborghini’s all his life.

“Think of Yeezys as the Lamborghinis of shoes” he once said.

This man is a literal genius, creative and finds inspiration in everything he comes across in the world.


Yes it’s true that Yeezys are the biggest influencial sneaker brand in the world.

And Kanye is also earning more royalties for his shoes than Michael Jordan on his Air Jordans.

Kanye still owns 100% of the Yeezy brand and I think that is amazing.

Will it turn out even bigger?

Only time will tell.

But in my opinion, I think there is a good chance considering he has an online following that will buy his shoes in a heart beat.

Well I hope you enjoyed these Yeezy facts.

Do you have anything you would like to add about Yeezys not listed in this article? Please leave them in the comments below!

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