5 Ways to Dry Shoes Overnight

Drying shoes is getting into dangerous territory when you don’t know what you’re doing.


There are a billion and one ways to dry shoes.

Well, not a billion but there are lots.

Some of them can absolutely destroy your shoes, and others will work as intended.

I’m here to tell you the safest ways to dry shoes overnight, because I don’t want you waking up to a pair of Yeezys that melted inside the oven because you forgot they were in there.

Actually I’m going to get straight to the point with this article.

Keep reading for my tried and true methods of drying shoes overnight.


1. Filling the Shoes With Newspaper

The newspaper trick is my favorite because everyone has newspaper lying around the house and it doesn’t take much effort to do.

Basically, remove the insoles, remove the laces, stuff newspaper balls inside the shoe until completely full.

Speed up the time to dry by wrapping the shoe in newspaper.

Keep the shoes in a well ventilated area.

2. Use Towels

This has the same concept as the newspaper but more recommended for shoes that are absolutely drenched, as the towels can hold more water than newspaper.

What you need to do is roll the towels up into a cylinder shape, big enough to cover the entire inside of the shoe.

Tighten the laces to ensure the towel absorbs the majority of the moisture, then stand the shoes upright for the night.

By morning, they should be very dry and good to wear.

3. Rice in a Plastic Container

Another good way to dry shoes overnight is with rice!

Rice is amazing at absorbing moisture.

We can use this to our advantage by placing some rice at the bottom of a plastic container, placing the shoes inside and securing the lid.

However, keep in mind that there should be about one inch of rice inside the container, and the shoes should be laying sideways or upside down, and completely buried into the rice.

4. Rice Socks

Same concept, different strategy.

We will be using the rice to absorb the moisture but with a different method.

What you need to do is get a pair of socks, preferably a long pair.

Fill the socks up with rice, but not too much where it’s tight and cannot fit inside the shoe.

Remove the insoles and secure the rice sock in place by tightening the laces and leaving overnight.

I love this method because rice socks lasts much longer than newspaper, can be used over and over again and they are more effective.

I also found a useful video explaining it in detail:

5. Refrigerator Vent

One of the most underrated methods is placing your shoes near a refrigerator vent!

I do this all the time and my shoes dry very quickly.

The refrigerator vent is found at the bottom of the fridge and blows out warm, dry air. This type of air is good for drying things.

Basically, lay your shoes down in front of the vent and leave overnight.

It’s as simple as that. Remove the insoles for best results.

What method works best?

These are all good to use but some work better than others.

Below is a breakdown of the pros for each technique.

Newspaper – Pros: Easy to do, doesn’t require much work

Towels – Pros: More effective, drys quicker than newspaper

Rice in container – Pros: Very effective

Rice socks – Pros: Easily dries overnight, can be used multiple times

Refrigerator vent – Pros: Free to do, no work required

My recommended method would be rice socks because they only need to be created once but used over and over again.

Of course when they start getting smelly it’s time to throw them out and create new ones.

Well that finishes this article on the 5 easiest ways to dry shoes overnight.

I appreciate you reading my article and I hope you come back for more.

Please leave all your questions and concerns in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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