8 Interesting Facts About Brooks Running

I have just talked about Brooks Running shoes and given my honest opinion about them.

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Now I want to write some cold hard facts that you might find interesting about this shoe company.

I’m not gona lie, some of these I didn’t know but some I knew already.

Hopefully you will learn a few things about this company that will help you make better decisions in the future regarding their sneakers.

Lets get right into this article so you know all the important stuff!

1. Brooks filed for bankruptcy protection in 1981

Brooks Running was founded in 1914 where they first manufactured a different range of shoes for different sports activities.

They saw a slow climb in the beginning but picked up tremendously in the beginning and mid 70’s, until dying down and filing for bankruptcy protection in 1981.

 2. Brooks Running specializes in running shoes

They done a major restructure of their company in 2001 and the sort of shoes they made and released.

This cut out their entire shoe line by more than 50%.

Now they only focus on running shoes, clothing and accessories.

They realized they can be more successful if they specialized in a specific niche, and that’s what they did.

It was a huge success because ever now they are classed as having the best running shoes in the world!

3. Brooks Running have been named “Best Running Shoe” by publications

Once the brand focused solely on running, things changed drastically.

They got picked up by publications like Runners World and Sports Illustrated, and was classed as the “Best Running Shoe Company”.

They also had the top-selling shoes in the specialty shoe market in 2011 and continued to 2017.

4. Brooks shoes are recommended by foot doctors

A lot of Brooks shoes are recommended by foot doctors to their clients who have pain in their feet, knees, hips, legs, etc.

They are made with every single runner in mind and that’s why they cater to those with problems with things called “support shoes”.

These shoes are designed to eliminate problems that I mentioned above and allow the wearer to be comfortable and if not eliminate the pain for good, at least keep it at bay.

5. They were the first company to use EVA

EVA is basically injecting air into foam.

This doesn’t seem like much but it creates a unique fit to the wearer as it molds to the persons foot.

It disperses weight, provides stability, it’s lightweight, flexible and incredibly comfortable.

This was quickly picked up by other shoe companies as they started implementing EVA midsoles it into their own shoes.

6. The best running shoe sold of all time

A shoe called the Beast was released in 1992.

It was a motion-controlled shoe that integrated diagonal rollbar technology, and became one of their top-selling shoes.

Then in 1994 they launched the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. This one had a firmer midsole density and a semi-curve to accommodate those with high arch and wide feet.

And it became the best-selling running shoe of all time!

7. They’re focusing more on being eco-friendly wherever possible

Brooks want to be an eco-friendly shoe company, so they use recycled materials wherever possible.

In 2008 they were the first EVER shoe company to release a biodegradable running shoe midsole called BioMoGo.

Some of their models feature sand in their rubber outsole instead of petroleum.

They also use eco-friendly materials in laces, fabrics, hangtags, packaging, and even offer “vegan” products.

8. Finally found sustained success

In 2020 they have gone through all the ups and downs and finally on a fast-track to success, as they so bluntly put it.

They now have strong sales momentum and a better team behind them to support their future and hopefully do not need to file for bankruptcy protection again.

In my opinion I just think the internet has contributed to the increased sales momentum.

Every man, woman and their dog shop online now, so it makes sense that they’re making more sales.

Whether they get the huge growth they want, only time will tell.

But one thing’s for sure, they are a strong shoe company that have proven to rise from the bottom many times.

The Key Takeaway

As you can see, Brooks Running are no rookies when it comes to the running shoe game.

They’ve been here for the long haul and have gone through massive challenges and conquered them all (while others would go under).

They know what works, they’ve done the testing, they’ve made the mistakes and learned from every single one.

They have some of the best running shoes in the world and will probably hold that title for a very long time.

So if you’re looking for a great running shoe, Brooks might be the best way to go.

Other popular brands like Nike and Adidas are good but they are a broad niche, whereas Brooks Running is focused and laser targeted to the running community.

Pretty much every shoe they release is fire because they’ve taken the time to fix the flaws and emphasize the strengths.

Well that finishes up this article, I hope you learned a lot.

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Any questions?

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