8 Reasons Your Shoes Are Hurting Your Feet

Are your shoes hurting your feet? Can’t figure out what the problem is?


There are a number of reasons for shoes to cause you pain. Some are serious and need a lot to fix and some are more minor and can be done just by choosing the right shoe.

My names Brandon and I’m a shoe fanatic, have been all my life and I love collecting shoes and finding solutions to problems.

That’s why in this article you will read 8 reasons your shoes are causing you foot pain and what to do about it.

Why Your Shoes Are Causing Foot Pain

1. They Need Breaking In

Brand new shoes are renown for blisters, calluses, ankle cuts, etc.

And that’s because the padding needs molding to your feet, which is done simply by wearing the shoe.

Of course this can be avoided simply by choosing the right shoe in the first place but since you’re left with this problem, it’s time to break them in.

2. Your Shoe Isn’t the Right Fit

Shoes too tight can get very painful. Blisters, calluses and other pain are bound to happen and it won’t get any better no matter how much you try and stretch the shoe.

Another problem is choosing a shoe that doesn’t support the arch in your feet.

There are 2 types of arches. The low arch (the curve in the center of your feet is close to the ground) and the high arch (the arch is higher).

If the shoe doesn’t support the arch in your foot, it’s going to cause some extreme pain and discomfort.

You will need proper arch support and a good amount of cushioning for shock absorption.

3. The Shoe Doesn’t Fit the Job

Different shoes are designed for different activities and it might be time to look at what you’re actually using your shoes for VS what they are designed to do.

You might be wearing walking shoes for running and it’s causing some issues because they don’t have enough cushioning.

Man Jogging

Another example is wearing high heels for work that aren’t designed for 12,000 steps a day.

4. Going Barefoot When You Get Home

Did you know too much standing and walking on barefoot can cause strain and pain due to the lack of cushion support?

This doesn’t happen to everyone but happens to some people and it might be the reason for your foot pain.

In this case you might want to try a pair of slippers after a hard days work or even place a mat where you stand a lot (such as the kitchen).

5. You Aren’t Using the Right Insoles

Insoles are designed to cushion your feet and provide the support to hold your body weight.

Now when you don’t have the right insole for your feet, it’s going to cause some pain.

The good news is that if your shoe allows the insole to be removed you can replace it without having to buy a new shoe.

A rule of thumb: Low arch feet should have stiffer insoles and higher arch feet require more cushion.

6. You Refuse to Throw Them Out

Your insoles give you that cushion feeling that makes you feel like walking on clouds.

What happens when these wear out? They become uneven, they create low spots and there’s less cushioning for shock absorption.

“But Brandon, the shoes look perfectly fine”.

Exactly. Your shoes will look fine but your insoles are causing the issue. It’s time to throw those suckers out.

Why not just replace the insoles?

Because over time when your shoes wear out (deform, worn down heels, wear and tear, etc), your feet strike the ground at an odd angle, causing pain.

So basically, when the insoles go, the shoes go.

7. You’re Not Replacing Your Running Shoes Enough

Running shoes really only get about 100 miles out of them.

Now if you’re running 4 miles a day, that’s 120 miles a month. That means your running shoes will need replacing every month which can be a costly investment.

But an investment that needs to be done to protect your feet.

You could also invest in some higher quality running shoes and see if you get more bang for your buck.

8. You’re Trying New Shoes In The Morning

Blood goes to your feet throughout the day and swells them up. This is due to gravity and worsens for those standing all day.

The start of the day is when you have the least amount of blood and the end of the day is when you have the most blood.

So a huge mistake people make is trying on new shoes in the morning, when their feet haven’t swelled up yet.

Now those shoes are only good for morning and doesn’t compensate for the swelling that happens later on in the day.

If your feet tend to hurt later in the day, this is probably the reason and you might want to get rid of those shoes before they cause anymore damage.

Common Pains

Blisters, cuts and grazes

There’s only one main reason shoes are going to give you cuts and grazes. It’s not the right shoe for you.

Some people will say “brave it out” until it gets easier but in my opinion this is the worst advice. Because it will probably never get better.

The shoe just isn’t the right fit for your foot shape and body height/weight.

Stop comparing yourself to other people just because they’re wearing something you can’t. Everyone’s different.

Pain in the back of your ankles

This is another common and painful issue and there are multiple reasons.

One of the biggest reason is friction, in which case a painful blister will occur and won’t go away for at least a week.

Other common problems are Achilles Tendinitis (inflammation), Achilles Tendonosis (tissue breakdown) and Bursitis (inflammation).

Main reasons for these are ill-fitting shoes or overuse of rubbing.

You can find remedies for painful ankles here.

Pain in your pinky toe

Often times this is a bump at the base of your pinky toe, caused by long-term standing or pressure.

But whatever the cause, the wrong shoe can make this pain worse.

This happens more often by wearing shoes that are narrow in the toe area, which is going to cause even more rubbing and friction on the bump.

Pain in big toe

The most common cause is a bunion and it’s extremely painful. The cause of this is wearing shoes too tight for too long.

It creates constant rubbing and pressure and overtime creates a bump at the base of the big toe.

In this case I recommend you see a doctor.

Otherwise check these other reasons for a sore big toe.

Well That Concludes This Article

Walking in your shoes should feel like walking on clouds.

If not, you’ve chosen the wrong shoe that doesn’t fit you correctly.

This means the shoe doesn’t accommodate the shape of your feet and you’ll have to settle for something else.

Don’t go for appearance because that’s a recipe for disaster.

Instead go for comfort and if the shoe looks good it’s a massive bonus.

Well that’s it for today and I hope you found everything you were looking for.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Having shoe pain and can’t find the problem? Let us know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap 🙂


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