8 Ways to Spot Fake Air Jordans

Air Jordan Shoes are some of the most well known shoes in the world.

Air Jordan Shoes

However, this causes some problems as there are lots of companies who want to use Jordans popularity and design to also make lots of money.

And that’s why you will see lots of people wearing fake Air Jordan shoes. Most of the time they won’t even know it.

So I’m here to help you spot fake Air Jordans to stop you looking like a dick when you tell your friends you’ve got the real deal when you don’t.

Checking Legitimacy on the Spot

Look at the Box they Come In

The box is probably the easiest way to know if the Air Jordans are the real deal or a big fat fake.

Air Jordans will almost always come in a high quality and sturdy box, and the logo will match the logo below.

Here’s the original Jumpman logo.

Jumpman Logo

And here’s an example of a fake Jumpman.

Fake Jumpman Logo

Of course all will differ in their own way, but you get the gist.

Another indicator of fake Jordans from looking at the box is the lack of manufacturing information.

Also there will likely be spelling errors and imperfections, such as sloppy, misaligned stickers…a very good indicator of fake Air Jordans.

The Label Under the Tongue

Most legit Air Jordans have a label under the tongue of the shoe that says “Inspired by the most historic season led by the greatest player every”.

This embroidered logo will be neatly placed under the tongue with no imperfections or spelling mistakes.

The spelling is in the color white and will also feature a Jumpman logo.

Poor Jumpman Logo

Jordans Jumpman logo is neatly embroidered and just looks perfect.

The logo appears on the back of the shoe, under the tongue and sometimes other places of the shoe.

This is another thing you should check to see if it’s fake or the real thing.

The stitching will always be perfect and aligned properly.

However, fake Jordans will feature sloppy stitching, most likely be crooked, smudged and blurred.

Basically, halfass.

Inspect for Quality and Craftsmanship

Air Jordans are renown for their quality craftsmanship, evenly spaced stitching, perfectly aligned logos and perfect proportions.

This is consistent across all their shoes which is why you will not see any poor stitching and unprofessional work in legit Air Jordan shoes.

If you do notice something that doesn’t look professional (such as unfinished stitching, frayed threads, uneven spaces, etc) 99.99% of the time it will be a fake.

When Shopping Online

Check for Authenticity

When you see a seller selling a pair of Air Jordans, it’s best to check whether the colorway is legit or counterfeit.

Do this by searching the colors on Nike’s official website or Footlocker.com.

Colorways are a color combination, and the most trustworthy places is straight from the horses mouth which are the two websites above.

Any color option not listed on those official websites is most likely a fake and you should stay far away from that shoe as possible if you do not want a fake.

Also beware of sellers stating their shoes as “Authentic”.

Authentic doesn’t mean anything, it just means they look and appear to be real Air Jordans.

Look for “100% authentic” because then you know they are definitely legit.

Cheap Prices

These shoes sell for well over $100 and never go under $100.

If you see someone selling a brand new pair for less than $100, I can almost guarantee that it’s not the real thing.

Plus a lot Air Jordans are limited edition, meaning second hand Jordans will be on the market for much more than they were paid for!

Stock Photos are a Red Flag

There’s a reason people use stock photos, it’s because they want to make the shoe look as legit as possible.

But it’s a red flag.

Everyone has a phone these days, it’s not difficult to take 3-5 pictures of all angles and put them up on the website to sell.

It takes literally 2 minutes.

So when you see stock photos and not the real thing, I say stay away unless you want to be scammed.

Check the Authenticity of the Seller

Does the seller have good feedback?

Do they have a history of selling bad/fake products?

Checking the online feedback of the seller will give you a good indication on the type of seller he is.

Look for keywords such as “fake seller”, “not authentic”, or even “sold a bad pair of shoes”.

These are all clear red flags that this person is not 100% being honest with their products.

Wrapping Up

Well there you have it, the easiest way to know if those dodgy Air Jordans you’re thinking of buying are a bargain or a big waste of money.

If the seller is quick to sell at a cheap price and doesn’t want to answer your questions, then run for the hills because they are most likely fake.

There are lots of other telltale signs to know if they are fake Jordans, however, these are the easiest signs since it doesn’t require much examination.

Well that concludes this article.

I hope you learned a lot and now you can scour the internet safely knowing you won’t fall for the trap of buying a fake pair of Air Jordans.

Thanks for reading.

And I hope you have an amazing day!

What are your thoughts and experiences on fake Air Jordans? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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