A Deeper Look into the Nike Shox R4 Sneaker

Classic shoes are making a comeback, and this shoe is no different.

The “chunky” fashion trend is on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down, and it looks like this is the same concept for the Nike Shox R4.

This is my unbiased Nike Shox R4 review.

Gone are the days of using shoes for their intended purpose.

People love to wear sneakers for any type of activity now, especially casual use and Instagram photos.

I’m here to discover what this shoe is all about and if it stands up to the claims.


Nike Shox R4 Mens Training Fashion Sneaker

Best Lifestyle Shoe?
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

These shoes are not good for wide feet and they are little pricey.

However, they have many features, incredible comfort (feels like floating), and versatile for pretty much any activity.

It’s a classic shoe from 2001 which has been redesigned with the latest technology to keep up with today’s standards, and it does that flawlessly.

A great shoe with few errors!

Nike Shox R4 Review

Product name: Nike Shox R4

Type of Shoe: Running

Best for: Casual/everyday, walking, running, basic fitness, crossfit, and standing all day

Bad for: Weightlifting, hiking

Price: $120- $250 depending on seller

What is the Nike Shox R4?

The Nike Shox R4 Shoe is a classic that was originally released in 2001.

It has been recrafted to fit modern fashion trends and look more sleek and stylish.

It consists of the same features but with the newest technologies.

The Shox feature is a cushioning technology that enhances springback, responsiveness and bounce.

The TPU heel counter provides balanced energy distribution so the wearer is more stabilized and balanced.

Keep in mind that the shoe only consists of 4 heel columns and do not cover the entire midsole.

The forefoot actually has a foam EVA midsole for a balance between lightweight and comfort.

And that’s where this shoe truly stands out. The comfort is one of the biggest reasons people love this shoe, but lets talk more about that soon.

Finding the Right Fit

The Nike Shox R4 only has an 80% fit rate.

This means 20% of buyers did not find the shoe to fit properly.

However, you should know that Nike’s tend to run small which is a bummer for those people who don’t know that.

If you’re an avid Nike buyer, purchase your normal size and they should fit perfectly.

But if you use other brands and don’t know what your Nike size is, order 1/2 size up to get the correct fit.

Does the Shoe Perform?

Nike Shox R4 Mens Training Fashion Sneaker 2

These shoes were originally created for running but they are now a lifestyle shoe.

A lifestyle is a type of shoe designed for many different activities, rather than being tied down to one thing.

Lets dig even deeper to see what we can find.


They are actually great for running in.

The 4 heel counters provide so much spring action that just walking in feels like you want to go for a run.

They offer energy return, bounce back and a springing action that keeps the wearer running longer without getting as fatigued.

Plus they make you run faster which is going to give you a competitive edge over other runners (a good choice for competitive running).


Walking in these shoes is just as good as running.

There’s plenty of flexibility in the toe box and midfoot to allow a full range of motion.

And again, the springback feature keeps the wearer moving fast and efficiently without getting fatigued as much.

This is something that goes well in a walking shoe and I have no issues with the walking abilities.

The Gym

There isn’t anyone claiming that they do weightlifting in these shoes, so I cannot say whether they are good for weightlifting or not.

However, others are definitely coming forward with their feedback on how well they perform as intense aerobic exercises, crossfit, and on the treadmill.

Unfortunately I cannot say that they are good for weightlifting but for everything else in the gym, they perform well.

Maybe you can try lifting weights and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

All-Day Comfort

The Nike Shox R4 are absolutely amazing for all-day comfort.

People wear them for their jobs because of how comfortable they are.

Some are on their feet for 9-12 hours a day and have no problems.

Casual/Everyday Use

The good news is that they go with pretty much any outfit, making them a good choice for simply going out to town, going out with friends and family, or running errands.

They have the aesthetics, they have the comfort, support and versatility to work for pretty much any activity out there…and for this reason, I am a big fan.

What I Like

I like the durability and versatility.

They are created with high quality leather and have been stitched together with attention-to-detail.

These shoes easily last a couple of years with everyday use, and longer with frequent use.

I also like the fact that they can be used for anything.

Versatility is a big thing in shoes these days because we can go from walking to running, or even crossfit to a full blown running session.

Plus they can be worn just for looking cool.

They stand out and get attention of passerby which is also what I like, because who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves.

What are the Bad Points?

With the good comes the bad, but fortunately there aren’t many bad things wrong with this shoe.

Some people say they are too narrow.

Yeah it sucks, but they are made for the average foot, not wide feet.

Those saying they are narrow actually have wide feet, so sadly, those with wide feet cannot fit these comfortably.

Another bad point is the high price tag.

They are not made with the average consumer in mind which may deter some buyers away.

Also keep in mind that you’re paying for quality. They are going to last 2-3x longer than shoes for $100 or less.

The Price & Where to Buy

The price ranges from $120 – $250 depending on the seller.

Nike are selling them for around $130 but they are a little cheaper at Amazon.com, which go for roughly $120.

Amazon also have a 30-day return policy, free shipping and fast deliveries.

They are available in men and women sizes and come in 7 different colorways!

Check the Latest Prices on Amazon

Pros and Cons


  • A classic with the latest technology
  • Highly versatile
  • Energy return
  • Many features
  • Very comfortable


  • Not good for wide feet
  • A little pricey for the average consumer

The Nike Shox R4 review Alternative

Nike Air Max 97

Unfortunately these shoes are not good for people with wide feet.

The good news is that I have reviewed many shoes and I know a great alternative.

The Nike Air Max 97 Shoe is high quality and hella comfortable.

There are much more color options and they are specifically designed for wide feet, making it a no-brainer.

They are best used for weightlifting, running, walking and casual use.

Final Verdict

Lets cut to the chase.

These shoes feel like you’re floating, or walking on clouds, as reviewers so bluntly put it.

They are designed with the utmost comfort in mind which is not found on many other shoes.

Those with wide feet will have to look elsewhere because these shoes are not for them.

But this is definitely “the one” for those that want quality, comfort, style and versatility.

I have no complaints because the reason the price is high due to the durability.

I don’t usually praise shoes as much as this one, but it truly is awesome and one of the best shoes I have reviewed so far.

Well that concludes my Nike Shox R4 review.

I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and questions. Please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Check them On Amazon Here

Best Lifestyle Shoe?
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

These shoes are not good for wide feet and they are little pricey.

However, they have many features, incredible comfort (feels like floating), and versatile for pretty much any activity.

It’s a classic shoe from 2001 which has been redesigned with the latest technology to keep up with today’s standards, and it does that flawlessly.

A great shoe with few errors!

10 thoughts on “A Deeper Look into the Nike Shox R4 Sneaker”

  1. Hi Brandon,

    You have a great review for the Nike Shox R4 Sneaker. Yes Nike size is not exactly the same with other shoes. I guess the 20% is not satisfied with product are basing the size from their shoes which are not Nike.

    The price is not that really high with this quality shoe.

    I noticed that VANS and CONVERSE is not in your collection, it’s probably not your type. I will love seeing them next time on your site.


    • Hey Jerry, I’m not a huge fan of Vans or Converse so I do not have any intentions on writing about them anytime soon.

      However, if I start running out of articles then I will gladly talk more about them 🙂


  2. Thank you for a thorough review of the leisure shoe wear. I use a lot of sneakers as I find those types of shoes the most comfortable for me. I have recently had a surgery in my left foot and discovered that i am not able to use my favorite sneakers anymore because they are a bit too narrow i.e. my feet are a bit wide. My training sneakers are from Asics are designed for running. I can use them but I need something else from day to day use.

    I have only had one pair of Nike sneakers before (i don´t remember the model name) and it was very good. It felt like I wasn’t wear any shoes at all.

    Regarding Nike Shox R4 Sneaker in your review, I can say for sure that they are not something you want to use for weightlifting. From how they are constructed you will need something more stable. For all the other uses you list I think they will be perfect. I like the appearance of the shoes as well.

    It is nice to be advised on an alternative Nike shoe for us with wide feet as well. 

    After reading your review i think i will have to get both of them to try out.

    • Thanks for your story, Roy.

      Asics are actually really good for people that have foot problems, so I’m not surprised that they have been working for you.

      Regarding your concern about weightlifting, I have to agree. These do not have the adequate amount of stability for lifting weights but should be fine for everything else in the gym.

  3. Hi Brandon

    Thanks for your insight into this shoe. I am one person who buys shoes for quality and really appreciate if they last long.

    But I must say, I do not have any sneakers in my collection because I have little knowledge on which brand to go for. I don’t want trial and error on something that is pricey. I like the way you have reviewed this brand and the type of sneaker as well.

    I appreciate that you gave more info on the product, including its pros and cons as well as advice for new purchasers.

    I can’t wait to visit your site once again for another brand and type of shoe review.

    Kind regards

    T. Manyimo

    • Unfortunately sometimes trial and error is the only way to know what shoe fits you comfortably. 

      But I’m happy you liked this review and I wish you all the best in finding one you like 🙂


  4. Hello there, thank for this very detailed review on Nike shox R4 sneaker, i understand that for a post as this a lot of conscious, calculated and deliberate effort have been put, in bringing this review together. Personally I like Nike sneakers, I have variety of them, but my friend mentioned the Nike shop R4 a week back, and from what I have found here, its really worth getting especially for the purpose of my every morning running routine, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello there! Thanks a lot for this review. I first saw this Nike Shox R4 on an online shop and its a bit on the high side so I’ve been saving money to purchase it. But going through this review now, I think I would change my choice of shoes. My reason is that I have wide feet and you clearly stated in the review that its not for people with wide feet, though its a really really good shoe. I’d have gone ahead to buy it and end up regretting it. Thanks a lot

    • Hey Philebur, definitely do not settle for something if you’re not 100% sure you think it’s the right shoe for you.

      Let me know if you need any help and I can send you in the right direction.


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