A Sneakerheads Guide to Keeping Shoes Clean

Looking to keep your shoes as clean as these bad boys?

Clean White Shoes

Well you’re in the right place.

My name is Brandon and I am the owner of this blog.

This article is all about keeping your shoes as clean as possible, increasing longevity and making them 1010% every time you go out.

Without further ado, lets get right into it.

Here’s how to keep your shoes clean.

1. Clean them after every use

The #1 trick to keeping your shoes looking fresh is to clean them after every use.

That means wiping them down with a wet cloth and laundry detergent.

You don’t have to go all out and wash them every time. The whole focus of this procedure is to remove dirt, scuffs, and other marks.

2. Alternate your shoes

Alternate your shoes throughout the week.

If you have 4 pairs of shoes, wear each pair 2 times a week.

Furthermore, 7 pairs allows you to wear each pair once a week.

This will increase longevity while keeping all your shoes in tip top condition because you’r decreasing wear and tear and the exposure to the elements.

3. Store them in the right place

This is a big tip.

This can make a huge difference between your shoes looking ‘okay’ and ‘excellent’ every time you go out.

Store them on a shoe shelf after you’ve used them and cleaned them for the day, preferably with a closed top and open front.

This will stop them from getting stomped on by the kids with their muddy feet, the dogs and everyone else.

Take this step even further by storing them in your or wardrobe which is going to stop them getting stomped on altogether.

4. Wash them regularly

I recommend regularly washing shoes at least once a month.

This could be done using the washing machine or hand washing.

However, if you decide to use the washing machine, know how to do it properly first.

The washing machine is known to damage shoes if done incorrectly, so hand washing is a safer route.

Also check the tag of the shoe to know if it can be machine washed.

5. Polish them once a month

Polishing leather shoes is a GREAT way at keeping them sparkling clean.

A good rule of thumb is once a month, or when the leather is dry and dull.

I recommend cream polish as it has moisturizers in it, meaning you won’t have to condition them as much.

6. Use a shoe protector

Shoe protectors are really good at repelling stains and water.

However, there are lots on the market and some shoes might react with a shoe protector and end up damaging the shoe.

One shoe protector I like that’s proven to work on all shoes is Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Pack.

Apply shoe protector spray regularly to help keep them looking fresh every second of the day.

7. Use a shoe eraser

Some scuffs and marks may be more difficult to remove using a sponge/cloth and laundry detergent.

Fortunately there’s a thing called an eraser which does the trick very well.

However, it HAS to be a white eraser. Other colors can leave marks behind.

There are even erasers specially designed for removing scuff marks from shoes!

Eraser Pack

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Well There You Have It

Well there you have it, the 7 tried and true methods to keeping your shoes sparkling clean.

They don’t require much work and they are very effective.

Doing these will increase longevity and ensure your kicks are looking fresh right out of the box until they retire.

I’ve given you everything you need, and now it is your duty to carry them out.

And that concludes this article.

Please share your top cleaning methods below, we would love to hear them!



6 thoughts on “A Sneakerheads Guide to Keeping Shoes Clean”

  1. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for giving some great tips here.  I normally like to extend the life of the stuff I own, sneakers are no exception.  What protector would you use for synthetic fabric, if any?  Also, how would you clean synthetic fabric?  I have never tried to put shoes in a washing machine before.  I have read your post on how to do it.  I will try with an older pair first.

  2. So true this article, Keeping any shoe clean can be a difficult task, let alone an expensive pair of suede designer shoes. Suede can be one of the hardest types of fabric to keep clean due to its textured nature and open pores. Suede may become dirty and absorbs liquid rather fast. Imagine an expensive pair of suede designer shoes and they get stepped on or scuffed, what if some one spills their drink on them? This article is going to explain exactly what is the best thing to do in all these cases. Very good.

    • Hey man, thanks for your kind words.

      Also to clean suede I recommend pouring rubbing alcohol onto a white washcloth and rubbing the dirty areas of the shoe.

      Once it’s dry, use a brush to get all the fluff and dirt out of the way.

      Sparkling clean suede shoes in a matter of minutes!

  3. Thank you Brandon, that’s a complete guide of how to take care of shoes, definitely. I believe, I’m too lazy to follow each of these steps. However, I’m willing to do my best, I realized, when I take care of my shoes, they simply last longer. Other thing, good looking shoes always make you better appreciated by people. One lady told me once, that she judges a man by his shoes, that tells her everything she needs to know. She judges personality, character, status, all just by looking at the shoes! There’s some true in this for sure. Anyway, do you have any tips to make taking care of the shoes a habbit?

    • That’s definitely true for a lot of girls. I wouldn’t say every single girl looks at shoes, but they certainly offer a great first impression for most girls.

      I explain why in this article.


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