Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker Review: Will It Last?

I know how important it is to get the right shoe for the right activity.

And I definitely know why a comfortable shoe is far more important than style, any day!

The Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker isn’t exactly visually appealing but does have some characteristics that make it stand out.

Which is what I want to talk about in this review.

I am going to explain the quality of this shoe, the performance, what it’s good for and if you should get some for yourself or not.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker

Lacks quality but performs great
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

This shoe is cheaply made and will not last a long time.

However, they are stylish, comfortable, versatile and perform great for the small lifespan they have.

They are high value for money and that’s why they have achieved lots of sales and such a high rating.

They perform better than expected and make a great casual shoe, tennis shoe or standing all day.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • All day comfort
  • Good for tennis and other activities that require bursts of movement
  • Stylish and gets lots of compliments
  • The insoles can be removed
  • High value for money
  • They run true to size
  • Not good for high arch feet
  • Not good for wide feet
  • Bad for running
  • Poor durability

What Others are Saying About It

  • I don’t know why people say these are small on size. I wear a 11 went to store that had Adidas to make sure i fit their shoes and 11 felt fine to me.
  • I like the long lace style which make it easier to loosen up the shoe so it’s not too tight in the mid foot. These have nice grippy soles, and are comfortable to wear with no-show socks.
  • I assume comfort of any shoe is dependent on the shape of the person’s foot. For me, this shoe is super comfortable, soft and well supported, fits to size. Way more comfortable than my equivalent pair of Vans.
  • I was worried it would be a little narrow but it’s actually quite comfortable for someone with wide feet.
  • Seemed a little tight at first but after walking in them all day they feel perfect. the padding on the heels is so good they don’t need to be broken in to be comfortable.

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Product name: Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker

Gender: Men and Women

Colorways: 6

Best for: Casual wear, tennis and other horizontal activities

Bad for: Running or fitness walking

More Info about the Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker

This shoe is designed for casual use, available in 6 different colorways and racked up thousands of sales, resulting in a solid 4.6 star rating.

They are a neutral fit, so anyone with a low or medium arch can fit them comfortably.

Also the washed canvas upper and 3 stripes provide a clean look for increased visual impact.

The OrthoLite Float sockliner creates even more comfort and performance.

The rubber cupsole is very durable and much different to other rubber outsoles.

Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker Cupsole

Basically, the cupsole actually has a taller sidewall than normal, ultimately providing more protection for your heels, toes and sides.

You will usually find rubber cupsoles on sneakers, casual lifestyle shoes and athletic footwear.

And because they can be attached without a midsole, they cut down on weight.

Of course the downside to this is a lack of cushioning for those with high arch feet.

That’s why people with neutral or low arch will find them comfortable.

It will not fit those with a high arch and may cause pain and irritation.

Key Features

  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Canvas upper
  • Rubber cupsole
  • OrthoLite Float sockliner
  • 6 colorways

They Are Comfortable

People are finding these shoes very comfortable.

There’s not a lot of arch support so keep in mind that you will need a low or neutral arch for the shoe to provide adequate support.

Also Adidas shoes tend to run narrow, however, the Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker does run a little wider than usual, allowing people with slightly wide feet to fit them comfortably.

Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker Top View

Of course only if you have a little wider than usual. If you have extremely wide feet, they will not fit you properly and it will only cause discomfort.

Can Stand for Long Hours

They might not appear to be an all day shoe, but reviewers are using them all day (8+ hours) and finding them comfortable without losing performance.

This is surprising in a shoe like this, as they are usually designed for casual use, running errands, etc.

So it’s good to see that you can rely on them for all day comfort.

They are Lightweight

Shoes that appear similar and made the same are usually big and clunky.

Well that is not the case with the Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker.

They are lightweight thanks to the rubber cupsoles and canvas upper.

This makes them good for someone on their feet all day and those after a minimalist design.

Stylish and Gets Compliments

One thing worth mentioning is that they are made with style in mind and actually gets compliments.

They are described as being super cute as a result of the minimalist but clean design.

They pretty much go with anything, making them a good shoe for both stylish people and non-stylish.

So if you purchase these shoes, be prepared to for compliments, or at the very least, a lot of steers and smiles.

The Souls Can Be Removed

For those worried about the lack of arch support, or need their own special inserts, the insoles can be removed.

This is good for people that want to replace the factory insoles with their own.

Great for Tennis

Another great perk about this shoe is the stability in all directions.

They have flat bottoms so they will not roll or move in short bursts of movements.

This allows them to be used in high intensity activities that require horizontal and directional movements.

And yep, you guessed it, it is a good shoe for tennis, badminton, squash, pickleball, and much more.

Good for the Price

I mean, these shoes are only $40-$60 and provide lots of comfort and stability for many activities.

Plus they can be worn all day without losing comfort.

That’s some impressive benefits in a low priced shoe.

Of course they are not going to last for years because they are NOT designed with quality and durability in mind.

So I don’t know why people expect them to last long when they don’t even pay much for them.

They are designed for a good time not a long time, and that’s why they are priced so low.

Lots of Good Reviews and Minimal Negative

The good news is that there are LOTS of good reviews for these shoes, and the negative feedback is from people that are not doing their research and making simple buyer mistakes.

There are a few reasons this shoe has lots of good feedback and minimal bad feedback.

First I will tell you the cons about this shoe

  • Not good for extra wide feet
  • Not good for high arch
  • Not a lot of quality

These are the biggest complaints, yet people still buy them and have the audacity to come back and give them a low star rating.

And you know what?

They describe the exact reasons I mentioned above.

So if you don’t like any of the bad points above, then these shoes are not for you.

If you would like lightweight shoes with good arch support, then I would recommend the Nike Air Max 720 Shoe.

They are good for wide feet and all day comfort!

Where to get the Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker

The best place to purchase these are from


Their 30 day return policy allows customers to get a full refund if they don’t like their purchase.

Also they have the best deals, free shipping and the fastest deliveries, even next day delivery for Amazon Prime members.

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So I Do Recommend the Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker?


The price is right, there are minimal complaints and most who purchase have nothing but nice things to say about it.

As mentioned above, the ones who complain mention everything bad about the shoe, which is going to happen with almost any product on the market.

So even though they are bad for high arch feet, wide feet and don’t last long, the pros and benefits outweigh the bad.

There is more to love than to hate thanks to the comfort, cheap price, light weight, versatility and style.

For the price, you can’t go wrong and that’s why I highly recommend the Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker.

Alternative Shoe With More Quality

There are lots of other similar shoes with more quality, but expect to pay a little extra.

The Saucony Kinvara 10 is good for low arch feet but a little more pricier and good for running.

The Verdict

My verdict on the Daily 2.0 Sneaker is that there are lots of benefits for the price.

The negative feedback comes from people purchasing the shoe and expecting it to last many years.

Or they don’t know about the bad points, so they come back and give it a negative review.

But other than that, I think it is a great shoe that’s comfortable and gets lots of compliments.

If you want style, comfort, stability, versatility and don’t mind it not lasting a long time, then this shoe is for you.

However, if you have wide feet, high arch and expect it to last, then you better check out the alternative shoes mentioned above.

Check the Price of the Adidas Daily 2.0 on Amazon

Otherwise that concldues this my Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker review.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please ask me in the comments below 🙂

Lacks quality but performs great
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

This shoe is cheaply made and will not last a long time.

However, they are stylish, comfortable, versatile and perform great for the small lifespan they have.

They are high value for money and that’s why they have achieved lots of sales and such a high rating.

They perform better than expected and make a great casual shoe, tennis shoe or standing all day.

24 thoughts on “Adidas Daily 2.0 Sneaker Review: Will It Last?”

  1. I have a daughter who will soon be graduating from college and will be on her feet quite a bit as she begins working and still going to further college. I think she will find this shoe to be a perfect fit for her. She has flat feet and because she has basically no arch many shoes are uncomfortable for her. She also has very narrow feet. Since she will be in the physical therapy field she will spend a good bit of time on her feet and needs a shoe that will be good for her. I think this could be the one. I’ll be sure to have her check it out. Thanks for the information. It came at just the right time.

    • I think she will find this shoe to be an amazing fit. It has little arch support to help those who have low arches.

      I’m sure your daughter will enjoy the benefits of this shoe. Let her know I said good luck.

  2. I only knew Adidas when I was younger, in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Adidas has come a long way.
    It was only good then for casual wear or walking, not for running or jogging. Things have changed; now Adidas has all kinds of sporting shoes. Good job Brandon

    • Oh yes, those are some very old times you speak of Bolo. I was only born in 92 so I wasn’t even thought of, lol.

      But yes, Adidas has definitely changed and they are more like Nike now, they offer shoes for anyone and everyone.

      Both have come a long way since they began and both know how to create shoes for the people.

  3. Nice review! I like the shoes – I usually I go for comfort over fashion and according to your review Adidas daily 2.0 sneaker fills this criteria. What are the colors available? I would love a two colored-white and red maybe. Thanks

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you about comfort and support being more important than style. I preach that ish everyday!

      Sadly they do not have your color combination available.

      The current colors are:

      -Raw White/Raw White/Black
      -Legend Ink/White/Black

      Let me know if you still need any help, Kedia.

  4. These sound perfect for the person who must stand a lot or who is a small-time athlete. For any such person who doesn’t want to spend a fortune or doesn’t need to be ultra-fashionable, these shoes would be a savvy investment. I personally buy my shoes from thrift stores, but if I want a new pair these will be beyond suitable for me. Long-lasting comfort without breaking the bank.

    • Hey Cathy, I have to agree with you. They look good and are very versatile, that’s why it has so much good feedback from the community.

      I’m glad you like them 🙂

  5. I have been wearing Adidas 2.0 for the past year. I have 4 pairs (3 red and 3 gray). I coach so those are our school colors. They are very comfortable and they seem to hold up in the elements pretty well. I paid for 2 of the pairs (about $55 each) and I was given two. I coach so I don’t play so the downsides you listed under cons haven’t affect me as much. I don’t use them to run or exercise but they are good for my work purposes. 

    • That’s good that you like them and find them comfortable for you.

      They really are a great shoe with lots of comfort for those with a low arch. Plus they offer all day comfort which is always a nice bonus.

  6. These shoes are super cute and I’ve been on the look out for shoes I could use as multi-purpose. As a mom finding stylish, comfortable shoes has been quite a challenge! All the running after kids and then changing gears to helping my hubby on the field leaves me constantly needing a new pair of shoes. 

    The look of these remind me so much of converse! Do you know what the insoles are made of? 

    • Hey lisa, these shoes will certainly work for you and aid in your busy lifestyle.

      Unfortunately I do not know what the insoles are made of but I do know they are made for low arch feet and people find them comfortable because of it.

  7. Hi, your review of the Adidas Daily 2-0 sneaker was really revealing.

    I have a friend who bought this sneaker not too long ago, even with the fact in mind that it was not all that durable. And he found it comfortable. It actually lasted more than we thought it would, comfort, style and all.

    However, if I were to go for any such sneaker, I would always prefer the Saucony Kinvara 10, because I have a low arched feet. Yes, I’ve tried using the Adidas Daily but the size did not quite fit. It was beautifully stylish and all, but I just did not find it comfortable. Even with its poor durability, I would still recommend it for those who would find it comfortable.

    Anyway, thanks again for the review. I really liked it.

    • Thank you for your opinion John.

      And I also agree that the Kinvara 10 works better due to the increased durability and running capabilities.

  8. Although I play tennis once a while but I am in search of a shoe for my weekly walk, this is intended to help me keep fit, if you ask me, nothing will last for ever. With the rubber cupsole and the comfortability of the  foot ware, I will go for the adidas 2.0. I just used your link

    • Fortunately they are good for walking, the only activity I don’t recommend them for would be running as there’s not enough stability there.

      As long as you use them for walking and not running, you will do fine 🙂

  9. I love shoes! I love athletic shoes the most mainly basketball shoes that are high tops to support my ankles. I mainly own off brand shoes, Jordans, Pastry, Puma and Nike. I have owned a pair of Adidas for they were also comfortable, but I wore them out. I do own a few Adidas apparel though and they are one of my most comfortable clothes.

    • Hey Brittany.

      You sound like a fellow sneakerhead just like me 😛

      I think off-brand shoes are overlooked because there are definitely some amazing shoes out there, some of the best I have ever seen to be honest.

      That’s why I always say don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try on something different.

      Glad you liked my review and I hope you have a great day.

  10. I have seen a few people with these before and was always curious what the name of this shoe model was, so I am glad I stumbled upon your post 🙂

    I have always been an Adidas fan, but do agree that they usually do not last the longest, but they are always very stylish and feel great. I may have to grab a pair of these for my son. Thanks!

    • Hello Gabriel, I’m glad you like this shoe.

      Keep in mind that they do run narrow so your son will need narrow feet and a low arch to fit these comfortably.

      If he does, there’s no reason he won’t find them comfortable as thousands of others have 🙂

  11. Hello,

    I’m a fitness freak person doing yoga also in the morning going for jogging. Adidas is my all time favorite brand for me and my family.

    From my childhood I knew this brand but at that time they didn’t have lots of features, but that has changed a lot in this day and age.

    I was looking for an Adidas sneaker and found your article.

    Thanks for this information. I like your article. Good luck!

    • Hey, thank you so much for the kind words.

      I agree, Adidas is an amazing brand that does have lots of features compared to many years ago.

      They will continue to update their shoes to keep up with today’s ever rising technology and that’s why they are one of the most influential sneaker brands in the world.

      I hope you have a great day


  12. I own a pair of shoes like that and I enjoy wearing it because of its light weight and very comfortable to wear all day. 

    Brandon, nice looking pair of shoes! What is the right activity to wear Adidas 2.0 sneakers? On your chart you show these adidas 2.0 sneakers are not suited for wide feet, why is that?

    Could I wear adidas 2.0 to play a game of football?

    • No, these shoes are not good for wide feet because the construction is too narrow.

      Also they are not designed for playing football so I do not recommend them for that.

      However, they are definitely good for tennis, badminton, volleyball or other similar athletic activity thanks to the stability of the outsoles.

      Hope this answers your question, cajunchille.


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