Adidas Kaptir Review – Are These Cheap Shoes Really Worth It?

I’m starting to really like Adidas. The way they design their shoes really stick out to me and I’m beginning to admire them more and more.

Adidas Kaptir Shoe

The Adidas Kaptir caught my eye simply by aesthetics alone, and the fact that it has a similar shape as Yeezys!

I’ve really been into my Nike shoes but it seems Adidas is up and coming on my “want” list.

But enough about that.

Here I am looking to see what this shoe has to offer and if it’s worth buying or not.

I hope you find all the answers your looking for in this Adidas Kaptir review.

Enjoy 🙂

At a glance

Product Name: Adidas Kaptir

Designed for: Running

Expected lifespan: 10 months – 2 years

Price: $50 – $170

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

These shoes are really great for this price range and I love them the more I seem them. They offer a comfortable, supportive fit, and perform for many different activities, especially running and the gym. Those that complain say they are too big and others say theirs don’t last more than 2 months. However, I have explained why this might be the case in this article.

Product information

The Adidas Kaptir is a running shoe, designed for street running up and down the city.

Of course that’s not what they are only good for, but that’s what the manufacturers emphasize.

They feature a cushioned cloudfoam midsole and OrthoLite sockliner.

The upper is made of Primeknit which similar to Nike’s Flyknit. It is stitched together as one whole piece instead of many different pieces stitched together.

This creates a much different construction to traditional sneakers by promoting a sock-like feeling.

They hug the foot for more comfort but without being restrictive.

Also they can be used with or without socks, whatever you prefer and find comfortable.

That’s really all I could find about the product information, so lets see what the people have to say and how well they perform at this price tag.

How well do they perform?

Adidas are usually pretty good at designing their shoes for specific activities.

One reviewer says they are some of the best running shoes they’ve used, as they are very light and supportive.

He also stated that they aren’t as good as high-end Brooks but definitely good for the gym.

Another said there’s lots of ventilation so your feet don’t get hot and that they can be used for working out or going for a run.

Others say that they are good for doing daily tasks like walking around the city, running errands, doing groceries, etc, which is completely agreeable as the knitted upper makes for a very comfortable construction.

It seems that they are loved by the community for being an “all-rounder”.

Meaning they are good for many different activities and not just for running.

Things they are good for:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Casual
  • Gym (weightlifting, cardio, running on the treadmill, etc)

However, do keep in mind that they are not designed for any activity other than running.

So if you decide to use them for anything else, they might not last as long as they are supposed to.

In saying that, they definitely do perform and everyone that uses them loves them for the simplicity, minimalist design, performance, and affordable price tag.

Are they true to size?

84% of people say they are true to size, which is a total of 256 people (at the time of writing this article).

About 28 buyers say they are somewhat large, and raises some questions why.

Those people probably have narrow feet.

If that does happen to you, just wear socks and you should be fine.

But yes, these are very true to size and the size chart is spot on.

Also lets talk about the width and arch support for a second.

I have good news for those that have wide feet.

Anyone with wide feet will find these shoes comfortable as we have the feedback from the community to back up this claim.

Regarding the arch type, they have good neutral and high arch support.

However, there is a lack of information for low/flat arch.

No one’s complaining so I can only assume that they fit them as well.

Quality VS Price

These shoes are very affordable considering the style aspect and performance.

They may not be the most durable on the market, but do live up to the price tag by lasting at least a year.

Although I cannot confidently say that they will last longer than a year, judging off of previews Adidas shoes, the ones in similar price range do last awhile.

There is a lack of information regarding the quality and how long they last, but I believe in Adidas and their products to know that they are very good sneakers.

The price varies around $50 – $170 and they are some of the best affordable shoes from Adidas I have seen so far.

Plus they have a similar shape to Yeezys! That’s a big plus in my eyes.

Adidas Kaptir Shoe 3

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How comfortable are they?

Primeknit material is designed to be much more comfortable than traditional shoes.

They hug your foot and perform more like a second-skin rather than a shoe.

This allows for more speed, responsiveness, increased comfort, better support, better ventilation, and less weight.

Primeknit is becoming more and more popular due to the sleek design and they are generally better for running than traditional sneakers.

Especially cause they are so lightweight and feels like nothings on your feet.

But that’s my just my opinion. It’s better to see for yourself whether you enjoy the knitted upper more than traditional shoes.

Those that don’t like wearing socks should enjoy these shoes because they are designed to be sockless.

So are the Adidas Kaptir Shoes comfortable?

That’s a wholeheartedly, complete and utter yes.

They are extremely comfortable and will keep you pain free throughout the day and your workouts.

Now lets talk about the negative reviews

There must be something wrong with this shoe as to why some people have given it low starts?!?

And indeed there is.

Firstly, some say that they are too big.

Although this is not a huge deal because it’s the buyers fault for not using the size chart properly, if at all.

Another complaint is that the shoe ripped apart about 30-60 days in.

Keep in mind that if you buy from Amazon, make sure the seller says “Adidas” and not some shady seller as there may be fakes being sold, which has caused the early wear and tear.

These were the only 2 bad things I could find about it which is really good considering we are dealing with a low-priced shoe.

The pros and cons


  • Minimalist design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Very comfortable with the knitted upper
  • Affordable price tag
  • Performs for running, walking and casual use


  • Questionable quality
  • Some find them too large


Adidas Kaptir Shoe 2

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Do I recommend the Adidas Kaptirs?

There are a couple of bad things about this shoe which is not that big of a deal.

The complaints about the quality not being there and falling apart within a couple of months is low.

There are maybe 6 people saying this, out of the hundreds that have bought the shoe and loved it.

And that’s why I’m thinking they bought from a counterfeit seller and not Adidas themselves.

Also regarding the sizing being too large, that’s going to happen with any shoe out there.

Not everyone will find the right fit.

84% of buyers found them true to size. I’ve seen sneakers with a fit rate as low as 70%.

So why do I recommend these shoes?

Because they perform exactly as Adidas promises, they are easy on the wallet, look amazing, and have many different colorways.

Alternative running shoe

adidas Ultraboost 20 Sneaker

I have just reviewed the Adidas Ultraboost 20 and loved them.

They are also made for running but tend to last longer (at least 2 years).

They cost a little more but better suited for someone that wants their shoes to last a long time.

Nobody is talking about receiving bad shoes but some complain about quality control.

Some get the wrong size, wrong color, or two of the same type.

But other than that they are amazing running shoes and a great alternative, especially for those after more quality.

My final opinion

For a shoe in this price range to perform as well as these, that is hard to come by.

On Amazon you can find them for about $50 – $100.

Other shoes at the same price don’t even come close to looking as clean as these, and do not have the performance OR comfort to back it up.

These sneaks are one-of-a-kind and have won my heart.

I definitely like them and will recommend them for as long as Adidas keeps making them!

And that’s my final opinion on the Adidas Kaptir sneakers.

If you have anything to add or don’t agree with my opinion, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap!


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Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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