Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Review

The Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed is a running shoe built for quickness over rough terrain.

Because of this, it has a lot to prove.

Good shoe until proven otherwise?

Hell to the no.

Average until proven good.

When it comes to shoes, there are a lot of variables that determine what is good and what’s not.

Over the years I have realized that shoe companies have your best interest at heart.

But the fact of the matter is, not one size fits all.

What might work for you might not work for the next guy.

I’m here to determine what the Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed is actually good for and what it’s not so good at.

So keep reading for the truth.

Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Side

At a Glance

Product Name: Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed

Designed for: Extreme trail running

True to size: Yes

Expected lifespan: 1 – 2 years

Price: $100

Recommended: Yes

My rating: 4.7/5

This shoe is made for extreme outdoor conditions. Quickness, lightweight and traction is the name of the game. They have some of the best traction in the world for a trail running shoe. And certainly for something of this price range. There are so many things to like and little to dislike. Highly recommended.

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The Rundown

The Terrex Agravic Speed is the lightest trail running shoe that Adidas has ever created.

It’s made for Alpine terrain, which is some of the roughest surfaces you can run on.

They provide exceptional grip for competitive running, while the mesh upper promotes ventilation so your feet stay cool.

It includes a sock-like construction for an optimal and comfortable fit.

The EVA midsole, which sits inside the shoe (essentially it is your cushioning), provides shock absorption.

This is good for going up and down hills, jumping off rocks, etc.

The outsole is inspired by the mountain bike “Race King”.

It includes cutouts in areas that does not need traction to cut down on weight and create flexible movement.

Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Traction

Performance Review

These shoes are made for some of the harshest terrain in the world.

Because of this they have a lot to prove.

First lets look at the features that make them good trail running shoes.

Traction – The traction has to be the most durable there is considering they’re made for intense terrain.

They really do look like tires. The continental rubber allows them to be worn in wet weather conditions.

The tire design also provides traction without sacrificing flexibility. I like the traction a lot and think they suit the shoe really well.

Mesh and Ripstop Upper – The upper is made of ripstop and mesh material, combining a balance of durability and lightweight

Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Upper

This is a good combination for trail running. You need something that’s not going to break in the first few months, but light enough to improve function.

These 2 features alone puts them ahead of the thousands of other trail running shoes out there.

Traction is so fricken important.

But when you have traction, durability and lightweight all in one, you have a trail shoe that’s hard to beat.

Fortunately Adidas got it right the first time round.

Now lets look at what other people have to say.

Road Trail Run said he had high hopes for this shoe, but the fit was a let down. It was too narrow and long. Because of this, there was a lack of support in the forefoot and heel, with the midfoot support being “marginal”.

In saying that, the traction is outstanding even in the wet, dry, snow, trail, hardpack, dirt roads and more.

Gear Institute says it’s better suited for shorter distances over rough trails. The comfort factor is a big letdown due to the thin cushioning, but very fast, responsive and protective nonetheless.

Trail and Running is another one who says it’s not for long distance running. It’s better as a short distance speed shoe instead. He also says it has a narrow fit and should be worn by those with narrow feet.

Amazon reviews:

One person on Amazon says he is fast on his feet even as a tall and big person.

They say they are ready to go out of the box and do not need breaking in.

They continue to say they are super lightweight and Adidas aren’t wrong when they say they’re the lightest trail running shoe.

They also don’t have as much padding as other shoes, which is because they’re made to be super lightweight.

Everyone seems to love their purchase from Amazon. There aren’t many negative reviews worth mentioning, but for the sake of formation, lets talk about them.

The Negative Reviews

For the most part everyone enjoys their purchase, especially on

But the other websites I mentioned above, they have mentioned the bad points about the shoe which I’m going to discuss further.

Not a long-distance running shoe

This is actually very true. On multiple occasions people have complained about this and to be honest, it’s kind of a let down.

They are supposed to be trail shoes that allow you to run for longer.

But this is not the case.

There isn’t enough padding, so after running in them for too long they just get uncomfortable.

However, don’t get me wrong.

They are still super lightweight and speedy, exactly like Adidas claims.

Not very comfortable

Comfort is there, that’s a fact.

But staying comfortable for as long as possible?

Nah, far from it.

The padding is thin for weight reduction.

However, the material is too thin for some people and they can’t fit their normal size.

High Points

In saying that, it’s not all bad.

There are some amazing things about these shoes that may make you still want them.

Here they are.

Go out in all weather

The Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed is an all-weather trail running shoe.

They’ve got the durability, functionality and performance to be used in harsh outdoor weather.

And yes, that includes snow!

High traction

The traction is a beast.

I say that with all the confidence in the world.

The traction is what makes this shoe what it is.

I have not seen traction that even comes close to this.

So if you’ve had trouble with staying gripped to the rough outdoor terrain in the past, you’ll definitely enjoy the continental tires.

Pros and Cons


  • High traction
  • Durable outsole
  • Durable upper
  • Speedy and lightweight
  • Lives up to its name
  • Made for all-weather conditions
  • Can handle some of the roughest terrain


  • Thin cushioning
  • Too uncomfortable for long distances
  • Narrow (not for wide feet)

What I Think

I have reviewed 200 shoes and this is the first I have come across with such high traction abilities.

They grip the earth so well you do not need to worry about slipping and falling over.

That includes in the rain, snow, gravel, etc.

I also like that they’re quick and lightweight.

They really do live up to their name.

They’ll get you from A to B as fast as possible, no matter what the conditions are.

In saying that, there’s always going to be downsides to something good.

Unfortunately it’s the lack of cushioning which may or may not make you change your mind.

The cushioning will keep you comfortable for short distance running. It’s not made for long distances.

If you’re training for a marathon, the Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed aren’t for you.

If you’re a trail runner and want a high quality, fast shoe to add to your rotation, then you’ll be happy to know these are for you.

You know, incase you don’t have much time on your hands and need to get a run in for about 20 – 30 minutes.

So that’s what I personally think about them.

Do I recommend?

Yes, yes and yes.

They are everything Adidas says they are and the biggest problem is the lack of performance for long distance running.

Which, depending on your goals, might not even apply to you.

My Final Verdict: Lives Up to Its Name

If you’re looking for a high quality trail running shoe that you can count on, you’re looking at it.

They have proven to work in all conditions and terrain, and there are far more benefits than bad things.

I have scoured this shoe inside and out. There is just too much to love.

I have enjoyed reviewing this trail running shoe and they get a massive thumbs up from me.

Highly recommended!

Check ’em out on Amazon

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