The Adidas Tubular Shadow Are Perfect Everyday Shoes

Are these shoes really that good? Will they treat you well on your running adventures?

Adidas Tubular Shadow

Do they stand up to the Adidas name and keep you as comfortable as they claim?

There are so many good reviews I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

You are now reading my Adidas Tubular Shadow review.

There are so many questions and concerns that need to be answered and that’s what I plan on doing in this article.

Too many times I have bought shoes online and they have been massive flops.

However, I don’t want you going through the same heartache and frustration.


At a Glance

Product Name: Adidas Tubular Shadow

Designed for: Running

True to size: Yes

Expected lifespan: 1.5 – 2 years

Price: $40 – $60

Recommended: Yes

My rating: 4.5/5

These shoes are so comfortable and versatile it’s almost a steal. They’re made with quality construction and Adidas have done a great job with the unique design. My favorite benefits are the comfortability and affordable price tag. One downside is the lack of running abilities for long distances, but definitely good for short distances and casual use.

The Adidas Tubular Shadow Rundown

Adidas Tubular Shadow Side View

The Tubular Shadow are running shoes with a low top design that offers supreme comfort.

They feature a breathable mesh upper with a speed lacing system for a sleek and minimalist appearance while cutting down on weight.

The Tubular is inspired by 1990s running shoes with a futuristic design based on car tires.

However, it has been translated to meet today’s trends of design and appearance.

They also come in a lightweight knit upper and asymmetric look for a unique touch.

The wraparound Burrito tongue offers a Snug fit while the translucent tape over the stitch lines provide a smooth and technical feel.

But Are They Actually That Good?

Well that’s what I would like to know and find out.

First and foremost let’s look at the reviews on Amazon and Adidas’ official website

On on Amazon alone they have a total of 450 reviews and another 520 reviews on Adidas, with 4.6/5stars!

To be honest that is incredible.

Customers say they look dope and have the comfort to go with it.

Others say they are more of a fashion sneaker rather than a running shoe.

They are well-known for its stylish looks and making a fashion statement.

The quality is good, the glue holds up well and they are well made.

All of this creates a durable shoe that easily lasts over 1 year.

So are these shoes really that good?

That’s an easy yes. Adidas know what they’re doing when it comes to quality construction and the Adidas Tubular Shadow is exactly as advertised.

Heck, they even look like the pictures.

But quality is nothing without performance.

At the end of the day they are running shoes. But do they really perform for running?

Lets take a deeper look.

Are the Adidas Tubular Shadow Good for Running?

They feature Adidas’ famous Primeknit technology which offers comfort, lightweight and ease of use.

However, something worth mentioning is that no one is really talking about the running abilities.

And there’s a reason for it.

Yes they are running shoes and yes they can be used for running.

But the sad truth is that there are better alternatives for long distance running.

They’re better suited for short distances or a quick warm up or warm down on the treadmill before a gym workout.

The heel counter is made to add a unique touch but also creates a flaw, which is that your ankle may slip out during intense running sessions.

They’re also a little on the bulky side.

Running shoes perform better with a slim design as it cuts down on weight and allows for better maneuverability.

Should they be used for running?

  • Long distance running: No
  • Hiking: No
  • Street running: Yes (30 minutes a day is fine)
  • Short distance running: Recommended

What Are They Really Good For, If Not Running?

Well the good news is that most running shoes have alternative uses.

The Adidas Tubular Shadow offers a unique touch that you won’t find on any other shoes.

They are the perfect casual sneakers, especially styling with different outfits, going out to dinner with friends, going on a lunch date, or running errands.

They’re good for the gym like lifting weights, short distance running on the treadmill, cardio, and even crossfit.

The thick and wide outsole provides immense traction and stability, making them good for cross training.

Best Used For:

  • Casual
  • Going on dates
  • Running errands
  • The gym
  • Weightlifting
  • CrossFit
  • Walking
  • Short distance running

How Long Do They Last?

Unfortunately there isn’t much information regarding the longevity, but I know Adidas and their capabilities.

They are surprisingly really durable for the price.

Some users say they’ve owned their pair for years and have only just started wearing down, and that’s with everyday use.

In my opinion they will last 1.5 – 2 years, possibly more, with everyday use.

They’ll last even longer if you add them to your rotation.

Are they Comfortable?

That’s something I want to emphasize. It’s one of its strong suits.

They are so comfortable it’s a no-brainer.

That’s the #1 reason people love them.

They may not be the best performing shoes in this price range, but they damn sure know how to keep your feet happy.

Some say they don’t even feel like they’re on your feet half the time.

They are also lightweight so you can walk around all day without being bogged down by a heavy ass shoe.

That’s what makes it so good for casual use!

Are they True to size?

Yes! They have a fit rate of 79% on Amazon.

That is a high rate compared to other shoes, so I have no issues there.

If you buy your normal size expect them to fit properly 🙂

Amazon Fit Rate

Are they Good For Wide Feet?

That’s another yes.

They have that wide construction which makes them better suited for those with wide feet.

Of course they can still be worn by neutral feet but I know how difficult it to find something so versatile to fit wide feet people comfortably.

So this is definitely a big plus.

Adidas Tubular Shadow Top View

Pros and Cons


  • True to size
  • Good for wide feet
  • Incredible comfort
  • Highly versatile
  • Aesthetically pleasing, gets lots of compliments
  • Unique design
  • Affordable
  • Quality construction


  • Too wide for narrow feet
  • Not good for long distance running

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Do I Recommend the Adidas Tubular Shadow?

Listen here:

Adidas wasn’t lying when they said they offered a unique appearance.

It’s not everyday you see a design like this and it’s caused a lot of people to absolutely love them.

The reviews are real, the love from the community is authentic and the Tubular Shadow has easily earned the recognition they received.

Even though they’re not the best running shoes for its price, they are still so versatile.

Even though they have a cheap price, they have quality construction.

Even though they’re not made for narrow feet, they are perfect for wide feet.

With every negative there’s a positive.

If you buy them, I highly recommend only using them for casual and the gym.

They are perfect casual sneakers or working out, and I have no problems with them.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

There is so much more to like about the Adidas Tubular Shadow shoe than there is to hate.

I’ve got no qualms because frankly they are exactly what Adidas say they are.

They look like the pictures, they’re durable, comfortable, versatile and going to last 1 – 2 years.

If you’re looking for something sleek, lightweight, unique, something that gets compliments, then you’ll fall in love with the Adidas Tubular Shadow Running shoes.

My final verdict?

Highly recommended because of everything mentioned in this article.

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