All Shoes Matter – Using the Right Shoe for the Right Activity

Shoes come in all shapes and sizes.

All have their own purpose, even if they don’t look like it.

There’s no “one size fits all”.

Even though in 2020 you would think this is the case, but it’s impossible.

It’s better to specialize in a specific activity to up the performance.

What do I mean by “all shoes matter”

There’s a reason there’s a shoe for everything.

For example:

Weightlifting shoes cannot be used for running.

Walking shoes cannot be used for running.

Cycling shoes cannot be used for walking.

Etc, etc.

See what I mean.

Shoes are made with a specific purpose in mind.

Try and use a shoe for the wrong activity and see how it goes down.

When I say all shoes matter, I am saying use the right shoe for the right activity if you want the best performance.

Yes this does mean investing in a few different pairs of shoes, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

I recommend a shoe for running (or whatever your daily exercise consists of), a shoe for casual, a shoe for work, and nice pair of dress shoes for the turn up.

Start off with these first. Then you can add more to your rotation later on.

Adding shoes to your rotation makes them last longer because they’re getting plenty of time to dry after every use.

It’s not uncommon for a shoe to have multiple uses

Of course in some instances you can get multiple uses out of them.

Running shoes can also be used for weightlifting. Not professional lifting, but certainly for the average gym bro.

Running shoes are often used as walking shoes too. Or simply general/casual use.

Although I find that walking and running shoes seemed to be the most common that have multiple uses.

It’s not like you can wear weightlifting shoes around town.

Or some tennis shoes for running.

But tennis shoes definitely can be used for casual use.

They are stylish and can really take an outfit from a 5 to a 9.

Tennis shoes are also common among the younger community.

They love the aesthetics and the comfort factor.

The most versatile shoes of all time

The good ol’ crocs.

Surprisingly these are boating shoes.

But who the hell uses them for boating?

I see everyone walking around the city and at events wearing them.

They are probably the most versatile shoes of all time.

Someone even ran a half marathon in crocs and came 10th place.

However not something I recommend because it’s too dangerous. But they seemed to work (lol).

How about those old, rundown shoes?

Old Shoes

Even the most rundown shoes have uses.

Simply use them for running to the store.

Or picking up the kids from school.

Turn your old kicks into yard shoes, such as mowing the lawns or cleaning up the yard.

If they are REALLY run down even for yard shoes, you can repurpose them into house ornaments.

That’s what I mean by all shoes matter.

The key takeaway

What was my entire point of this article?

I guess I was trying to say that you should always use the right footwear for the right activity.

Shoes are made to perform for their purpose.

Running shoes provide forward motion so you get the most of of your training.

Weightlifting shoes have an increased heel height for more stability and depth when hitting squats.

Walking shoes provide more flexibility in the upper for increased range of motion.

The key takeaway

Invest in the right shoe for the right activity and you’ll get more out of your training.

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