Altra Solstice Review

The Altra Solstice looks like an interesting shoe, as it has a minimalist design and features for both everyday wear and running.

Altra Solstice

Altra are well known for their running shoes but this one may actually be versatile for everyday use as well.

This is my Altra Solstice review, it’s where I will discover what this shoe offers and whether it is good or bad quality.

I am not the owner of this shoe, I am the middleman that compiles findings and comes to my own conclusion.

So that’s what I will to do with this article.

I hope you enjoy.

Altra Solstice Shoe Review

Product name: Altra Solstice

Type of Shoe: Running

Best for: Casual, fitness walking, running, cardio

Bad for: Crossfit, weightlifting, sports, competitive running

Price: $50 – $80

My Rating: 4.1/5

The Altra Solstice shoe is a great choice for newbie runners and casual use. It is lightweight, comfortable, offers lots of ventilation and performs well for all-day comfort. Although the quality is subpar, there’s a lack of arch support and not enough stability for athletic activities. But for casual use and running, it performs marvelously, and for this price you can’t go wrong.

What is the Altra Solstice Shoe?

The Altra Solstice is made to be breath thanks to the minimalist, lightweight design and mesh upper.

The material is soft to add to the comfort factor, and stretches to provide a snug fit.

The midsole is soft and cushiony and the outsole is designed for running, but can also be used for around the town, if the wearer requires it.

The manufactures say that this is a great shoe for Altra newbies, the ones that are thinking about purchasing an Altra shoe but don’t know where to start.

Plus the 5 different colorways allows anyone to find one they like.

Or simply get all of the colors if you really like them 😛

Finding the Right Fit

If you’re new to Altra, you wouldn’t know that they are one of the best companies when it comes to running shoes.

Because that is what they specialize in.

When buying shoes online, sometimes it can be hard finding the right fit.

And this can put some people off buying shoes online altogether.

However, according to the online reviews, the fit rate is 85%…meaning most people found the shoe to fit them properly.

This is good news as there is less stress about worrying if the shoe will fit properly or not.

Because of this high fit rate percentage, I recommend getting your normal size.

Does The Shoe Perform?


There’s no doubt that they perform for running because that’s Altra’s specialization.

People use them for daily running, casual running, road running, pavement running, and they are working just fine.

Of course they are not made for competitive running so I do not recommend them for that, as there is not enough features to give you a competitive edge over anyone else.

But for casual running, or newbies looking to get into the running game, these are great and will do the job just fine.

Casual Wear

Altra claim that this shoe performs well for running and also casual for around town and running errands.

After checking the many online reviews, it seems that lots of people use them for daily walking and casual wear.

They are great for doing groceries, walking around town, visiting friends and family, going out to lunch, and fitness walking.

I have no complaints about the performance of these shoes as the proof is in the pudding.

Can they be worn for anything else?

They are best used for casual use and running, but there are also other ways people use them.

Some use them for HIIT sprints and cardio, but I would not recommend them for weightlifting or crossfit.

There’s not enough stability for these movements so there’s a high chance for causing injury.

Some of the Best Features

Wide Toe Box

Altra Solstice Upper

Altra are renown for their wide toe box which is why so many people opt for this brand over more mainstream brands.

They aren’t overly wide that people with neutral feet can’t fit properly, but wide enough for literally everyone to fit them comfortably.

And that’s what I like about Altra.

Plus feeling restricted in the toe area decreases performance, causes discomfort and actually causes all sorts of injuries like bunions and hammer toes.

So this feature is something to look forward to if you’re often restricted in the toes and want to feel free.


The Altra Solstice are really lightweight and that’s what most people love about them.

They are 6.9 ounces in men’s sizes and 5.3 ounces in women’s sizes!

They don’t even feel like they’re on the feet and that’s a result of the minimalist design, mesh upper and a lack of features.

Of course lack of features does not mean no cushioning or comfort.

Everyone who buys it absolutely loves how comfortable they are, as there’s a balance between feeling rocks and feeling squishy.

Mesh Upper

The mesh upper is flexible and soft, allowing for a comfortable and snug fit.

It allows air to circulate through the shoe to keep toes and feet cool, which is going to prevent sweat build up.

All running and walking shoes have this feature and that’s why lots of people use them for all-day comfort.

What I Like

I love how this shoe is simple and effective at the same time.

There’s lots of ventilation, it’s incredibly lightweight (especially the women’s sizes), comfortable and they are versatile enough for all-day comfort.

I also like that they have a cheap price tag but don’t skimp on durability.

They aren’t going to last for years of vigorous use, but the quality is there for a shoe in this price range, and it features Altra’s unique toe box which is a huge plus!

There is lots to love and little to hate.

So What are the Bad Points?

“Brandon, you’ve talked about how good this shoe is but I want to know what the bad is, there must be something?”

And you would be right, there are a few things wrong with this shoe that you need to know.

For one, they have a cheap price tag.

They aren’t designed to last for years, they’re made to last about a year or less depending on how often they are used and intensity levels.

Secondly, they are a running shoe that can be used for casual. That means sports and athletic situations are out of the question.

There’s not enough stability for horizontal movements like basketball, tennis, crossfit, etc.

Thirdly, they have a lack of arch support.

Although this could be a good thing for those with flat feet, low arch and neutral arch.

But for anyone with a high arch, this shoe is a no go.

The Price & Where to Buy

The price of these shoes range with seller to seller and website to website.

However, I found somewhere with a consistent price tag of $50 to $80 on

Amazon is my preferred place of purchase thanks to their 30-day return policy, free shipping and fast deliveries.

The return policy allows those who don’t like their purchase to send the shoe back, no questions asked.

Check the Price of the Altra Solstice Shoe

Pros & Cons


  • Very comfortable considering the low price tag
  • Minimalist design
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Wide toe box


  • Minimal arch support
  • A lack of durability
  • No stability for sports and athletics

The Altra Solstice Alternative

Saucony Women's VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12

The Altra Solstice is a great shoe, but the lack of arch support is not going to sit well with some people.

There is another shoe that makes a better alternative.

The Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 has lots of arch support for neutral and high arch and can be used for running, walking, standing all day or simply running errands…exactly the same uses as the Solstice.

It has lots of the things the Solstice has but weighs more and looks more bulky.

Yes it does cost more but that’s due to the higher durability.

It’s just as comfortable and makes a great alternative for those with high arches.

Final Verdict

These shoes are not the best in the world but also not the worst.

For the price, you can’t go wrong.

I’ve seen shoes much higher price than this that aren’t as versatile as these.

So my final verdict is that the Altra Solstice is simply amazing for the price and a great shoe for up and coming running enthusiasts.

They are good for newbie runners and comfortable enough for walking around town and running errands.

Well that concludes my Altra Solstice review, and I hope you found everything you were looking for.

Please let me know in the comments what you think about this shoe and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

Cheers and have a great day!

Check the Price and Availability Here

12 thoughts on “Altra Solstice Review”

  1. Thank you for this review about the Altra Solstice shoe,

    I liked this shoe, this sneaker seems nice, I love the black color, but there is no black choice on Amazon, so do you have any idea where can I get black one.

    Thank you in advance,

    Best Regards,


  2. This seems like a great shoe that i’ll wear on a daily basis, and the price seems reasonable for such dual purposes. One thing that i really value is the fit and the breathability of the shoe, which are definitely something that this shoe has. However, seems like I need to find this some place else as Amazon isn’t selling this to my country at the moment! I’ll probably keep a bookmark to see if there’s more stocks later on.

  3. Hi Brandon

    If I buy a shoe the first thing I look at is how practical it is, for the things I want to do with it. If it is for sport, for everyday use then I need to know about this. I am glad you also talked about what sports it is not suitable for, as often you buy something for one purpose to be let down. 

    The shoe also looks good and for that reason I may be tempted to buy it, as long as it feels comfortable. Sometimes you do not want the best, as the best comes with a hefty price tag. No matter what all shoes will eventually fail.



    • I agree with you Antonio, you hit the nail on the head.

      I explain why expensive isn’t always the best in this article.

      I suggest you check it out if you’re thinking of slapping $300 pair of shoes for casual/everyday use.

  4. Hey there Brandon,

    I’m impressed with the good comments I’ve heard about Altra Solstice. They are very affordable shoes but they also perform well.

    I’ve begun to jog every morning around the house. I need to keep active during this quarantine. And I think these shoes would be perfect. Thanks for this review.

    • That’s very cool Henry. I hope you keep it up and reap the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle 🙂

  5. Hi Brandon, I am a newbie to running as I normally prefer a brisk walk, so these would fit the bill for both purposes. This indeed looks as if it will be a good start for me. It is reassuring to know that the fit is normal, as that is often what makes me hesitant about buying shoes online. 

    With an affordable price tag, it seems that I cannot go wrong with the Altra Solstice. Blue is my favourite color so that will be my first choice. 

    • That’s right. They are good for both walking and running, so they will be perfect for your brisk walking sessions.

      I’m happy you like it LineCowley.

      Let me know if you need anymore info about this shoe or any other shoe you’re thinking of buying and I can do a review on it.

  6. I like Altra shoes. The price range is not bad at all. If the shoe is properly used the way it should, think it will last for a longer period of time or years. I love light weight shoes which helps me during errands or casual kind of running. I consider it a very nice shoe which will definitely suit my needs.

    • I agree, the price is actually really nice and if shoes are used for what they are designed for, they will last much longer.

      If you love ventilation and lightweight, you will definitely love this shoe and it will perform well for errands and casual running.


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