Altra Torin IQ Shoe Review – Innovative Smart Technology or Big Flop?

The Altra Torin IQ shoe looks amazing upon first glance, but in my experience reviewing shoes, they are not all as they appear.

ALTRA Men's Torin IQ Road Running Shoe

I’ve reviewed shoes with the absolute worst appearance but end up being the best performer.

And I’ve seen good looking shoes crumble under the first ounce of pressure.

Well this is my Altra Torin IQ shoe review.

Here I will discuss everything everything there is to know about this shoe, so I hope you enjoy your time here.

The Rundown

Product name: Altra Torin IQ Shoe

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Gender: Men and Women

Weight: 9.3 ounces

Colorways: 3

Best for: High arch, supination

My rating: 2.5/5

Product Overview

This shoe is specifically designed to improve running form by correcting your technique, foot positioning and toe play.

Most people don’t know this, but a large portion of runners think running shoes are designed to take most of the impact.

That is false.

We can actually run bare foot and not experience pain or discomfort.

The reason running shoes are made is to absorb the impact due to bad form.

Those are the keywords.

If everyone had perfect running form, no one would need shoes and no one would experience pain in their knees, hips, feet, etc.

But because most people who run have bad form, shoe companies have to constantly come up with new ways to prevent people from getting hurt.

I have a video on running with correct form here:

The Features

Fully Cushioned Zero Drop – This special technology ensures the heel is at the same height as the ball of your feet. Your feet does this naturally when you stand but the shoe helps with this when you run

A-Bound Compound – Cushioning in the midsole that offers an extremely comfortable and plush ride

FootShape Toe Box – Many shoes are restricting in the toe box area, making it difficult to run freely and comfortable. Well this features ensures lots of toe room so you have the freedom to move on your travels

Smart Technology – This shoe has the smart technology implemented it, which you can sync to your phone via an app called Altra IQ. But more on that below

Other features include – Natural Ride System, Strike Zone Tracking, Impact Force Measurement, Audible Running Cues, Stat Tracking, Post Run Summary, Flex Sensor, Quad Accelerometers, Ultralight EVA

ALTRA Men's Torin IQ Outsole

Altra IQ App

Altra IQ also has an app which lets you see the problems you’re facing and tries to fix them.

How it works is you download the app, sync it with the smart shoes and press start every time you run.

The data is then collected throughout the run and gives you a diagnosis.

The data collected are things like: landing zone, impact zone, cadence, contact time, etc.

The good news is that the app is actually quite advanced.

It even has a voice coach with easy-to-follow instructions on how to improve your running form.

On the other hand, with all tech, there are problems you may face such as: not syncing properly, crashing, errors, etc.

So What Are These Shoes Actually Good For?

High Arches

The good news is that it’s not all bad.

They have lots of cushioning for high arch people.

Some customers cannot find any shoes to fit them comfortably, until they find these and it’s become a huge life changer.


These are also good for people that supinate.

For those who don’t know, pronation and supination are terms used to describe how your weight is distributed as you walk or run.

Supination is when your weight tends to be more on the outside of your feet, and pronation tends to be on the inside.

The other term is neutral, meaning you have a perfect alignment of the foot.


These shoes are very comfortable, as most who use them love the cushioning they provide.

Sure the smart technology did not work and became a huge flop, but the comfort factor really made them bearable.

So if you get these shoes, know that you’ll be getting comfort, not some magical robotic trickery to fix all your problems.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable shoes
  • Good for supination
  • Good for high arches


  • They run a little small. Customers will need to order 1/2 size up to fit comfortably
  • Ventilation is limited
  • The smart technology is a big flop
  • Not worth the high price tag
  • Too many bad reviews

Price & Purchase Details

Most people are discontinuing these shoes due to the negative reviews surrounding them and the flop of the smart technology.

However, I still found some place that they are available and that is

They are almost $200 and you get a 30-day return policy.

Do I Recommend the Altra Torin IQ Shoe?

There’s a very good reason why big companies have failed to implement technology in their shoes.

Puma have tried it, Adidas have tried it, and even Nike have tried and failed.

That says a lot considering some of the biggest shoe brands can’t seem to make it work.

You can’t expect a shoe company with less budget and less connections to come up with some super duper technique to correct all your running errors.

In all honesty, technology is not meant to be implemented into shoes.

They are good just the way they are, with extreme comfort, support and stability.

So do I recommend the Altra Torin IQ Shoe?

Absolutely not.

There are more cons than pros and the main attraction (smart technology) doesn’t even work that good.

Alternative/Similar Running Shoes

There are lots of running shoes that can still work with high arches, and my favorite alternative is the Altra Lone Peak 4.0. They are good for trail running and cross country!

Another good running shoe which is more recommended for pavement and road running is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19. It’s probably the most versatile running shoe I have reviewed so far.

My Final Opinion

The concept is great but the reality is that technology is not to be implemented into shoes.

Big companies have tried it and all have ended up making flops.

Altra thought they had something big going but the sad reality is that it did not work.

Those who purchased this shoe for the smart technology was let down and that is the bottom line.

This shoe should not be bought for the technology but rather the high arch support and supination support.

If you don’t have any of those, I recommend the alternatives I mentioned above.

Well that concludes my Altra Torin IQ Shoe review.

It was fun writing this article for you and I hope you found something useful.

Thanks for reading.

Please leave all your comments and questions down below and I’ll get back to you asap.

2 thoughts on “Altra Torin IQ Shoe Review – Innovative Smart Technology or Big Flop?”

  1. So great to read this review. I have tried Altra shoes and you are right in saying they are a great fit. In particular in the toe area after trying my first pair i am a bit partial to this shoe. Thanks for reviewing the technology part and being honest with how you have found it. I wouldn’t pay the extra for the technology part, but definitely would get the Altra shoes again.

    • The toe area is amazing. It’s one of Altras strongest suit so I can’t help but emphasize the wide toe box.

      Sadly the technology side of this shoe does not perform as good as it was intended to, but the comfort and everything else falls into place just nicely.

      Thanks for stopping by, Amera.

      I hope you find a shoe you like soon 🙂


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