Altra VALI Sneaker Review – Do they Perform?

Welcome to my Altra VALI review.


Altra is a great brand as I have talked about many of their shoes in this blog.

Will these perform like they should?

How long do they last?

Why do they look like clown shoes?

I bet you have many questions on your mind that you want answered and that’s what I plan on doing in this article.

I mean, I know what it’s like to buy an expensive pair of shoes thinking it was the deal of the year, only to be let down when it wasn’t up to par and crumbled within the first 4 months.

And I paid a lot for that shoe as well.

Lets get right into this review and see what it is all about.

Altra VALI Review

Name: Altra VALI Sneaker

Gender: Men and Women

Type of Shoe: Everyday use, casual wear, standing all day, running errands

Weight: 4.9 ounces

Overall Rating: 4/5

The Altra VALI has a cheap price tag but actually performs as designed to. It’s best used for walking, standing all day, running errands and visiting friends and family. The clown feet appearance does deter buyers away, however, the comfort and handsome price tag is what makes this shoe sell. At the end of the day it looks great and performs well.

What is the Altra VALI Shoe?

The Altra VALI features a sleek, knitted upper and soft cushioned midsole, both carefully put together to create an everyday shoe.

The mesh upper allows air to come into the shoe and your feet to breath, while the premium EVA cushioning ensures a comfortable ride, resiliency and durability.

So it can be used for walking, going out with friends, running errands, for your job, etc, although that’s what the manufacturers claim.

They also say the subtle patterns in the knit upper allows this shoe to be taken out on the town.

The footshape feature ensures a snug and cozy fit as it feels more like a second-skin rather than a shoe.

They have also implemented a Fit4Her feature that mimics the anatomy, tendons and bone structure of a females foot for a more natural feel.

ALTRA VALI Sneaker Outsole

Claims of the Altra VALi Shoe

So Altra are making some bold claims regarding this shoe.

First and foremost they say it’s made for your job and everyday use, but not uncommon to be taken on the town as a result of the subtle patterns in the knitted upper.

They also claim that these shoes provide all-day comfort.

In my opinion these claims aren’t 100% out of the question but they are hard to believe.

I like to see whether or not claims are legit or a big fat lie to rope you in and that’s why I will debunk these claims and see what we are really dealing with.

  • Versatile
  • All-day comfort
  • Resilient and durabile

Is it Really Versatile?

There are many reviewers claiming that this shoe performs like a charm for walking and running.

There are also claims of people using this shoe for the gym and finding them very comfortable.

Other people use them for running errands, doing groceries, etc.

And finally, there are people who use this for their job and they actually do provide all-day comfort.

So that does leave out the question whether they are versatile because they definitely are.

Of course they are an affordable, all-around shoe, so they are NOT going to last a long time if they are constantly used for vigorous workout activities.

If you do use these for these activities, don’t expect them to last a long time.

In my opinion these shoes would be best for things like working all day, casual wear, going out with friends, running errands, etc.

Low-impact activities rather than high-impact.

All-Day Comfort

YES! These shoes really do offer all-day comfort.

I searched high and low to see if this was true because any company can make these sorts of claims without evidence or proof.

Fortunately they do stand up to the claims and those that bought them for all-day comfort are loving them.

Some use them in the medical field for up to 12 hours a day and others use them for standing on concrete all day, and they find them very comfortable.

I have no issues with the all-day comfort factor and know they are not lying.

Are they Resilient and Durable?

When I saw the price tag I thought this was going to be a huge flop and not last that long.

However, it seems that these shoes are actually well made and does stand up to the claims of being durable.

People use them every single day for 8-12 months straight before they start to experience wear and tear.

This may seem low quality but when you consider the price tag, it makes complete sense.

I have been reviewing shoes for a long time and those that cost $100 only make it to 12 months before falling apart.

However, to see a shoe that’s $20 – $80 almost lasting as long as more expensive shoes, means they are very durable and definitely worth the money.

Important Notes

ALTRA VALI Sneaker Upper

  • These shoes run a little big. Reviewers claim you should go 1 size down from your normal size
  • They tend to look clownish when looking down on them, but that’s because of the increased toe box
  • The knitted upper hugs the foot without being too restrictive
  • It has zero drop technology which keeps your forefoot and heel at the same distance to the ground
  • They go all the way up to size 12
  • They help ease the pain of bunions, hammer toes and even plantar fasciitis
  • They do not require socks, but still can be worn if you prefer it

Does the Altra VALI Work as Designed to?

I am actually surprised, they really do work as designed to!

The claims are 100% legit and everyone that buys it loves their purchase.

I was not expecting this shoe to be that good considering there are a few negative reviews.

However, those people are nitpicking at little things like the shoe being too big, and that’s why it’s recommended to size down by 1.

Also someone else complained about them looking like clown shoes when you can clearly see that in the picture.

As always with every great product, you will get complaints.

A common complaints is the heel rubbing when first breaking in.

Unfortunately this does appear to be a problem but is simply part of the breaking in process.

It doesn’t happen with everyone that does buy them but a small percentage of people do experience this, so just keep that in mind.

The good news is that I have done an article on how to break in shoes to make this process easier and less painful.

So to answer the question whether this shoe does exactly what it’s designed to do, that would be an easy yes.

It does have its pros and cons but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

The Price & Where to Buy

There are a few places to purchase the Altra VALI Shoe, some with more benefits than others.

I looked at Altra’s official website and they did not have many colors available.

My preferred place of purchase will have to be just because their buying process is simple, they have a great return policy and fast shipping.

And I’ve had no problems with them in the last 5 years I’ve been shopping with them.

Check it Out Here

Pros & Cons


  • All-day comfort
  • Versatile
  • Very roomy, especially for wide feet
  • Durable
  • Affordable price tag
  • Feature-packed


  • May experience heel pain during break in period
  • The run a little big
  • They kind of look like clown shoes

The Altra VALI Alternative

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Yes there are a few things wrong with this shoe and that’s why I have an alternative for those that can’t stand the heel pain and clown-looking appearance.

The Skechers Go Walk Joy has normal and wide size options, lots of comfort, good arch support and a cheap price tag.

It also runs 1 size too large but the same rule applies, order 1 size down to fit properly.

It has more of a bland appearance but makes a great alternative for those that don’t want clown feet.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, 2 of the 3 cons can be eliminated.

Once the break in period is over, the heels will not hurt anymore and buyers can simply order 1 size smaller.

Then there’s only 1 bad thing about them, the fact that they look like clown feet.

Although this comes down to personal opinion.

But what do you want? Stylish and uncomfortable or average and extremely comfortable?

I know what I would choose.

My final verdict is that these shoes are good looking and perform better than I expected them too.

Altra has done a great job and and the price makes it a no-brainer.

Would I get one for myself?


Are they worth the price?


Are they going to last a long time?

They last much longer than other shoes in the same price range.

Well that concludes this Altra VALI shoe review and I hope it’s been of great help to you.

And as always, I would love to hear what you think of this shoe (or any other shoe for that matter) in the comments below.

Check it Out On Amazon Here

10 thoughts on “Altra VALI Sneaker Review – Do they Perform?”

  1. Hello Brandon, I have seen quite a number of sneakers that are of good quality, but most of them lack the comfort we all look forward to getting when we use them. I’m being particular about the weight of this Altra VALI Sneaker because I am actually considering getting one to use for my morning jogging exercise since I’m not sure of most of the products I find online these days.

    • Hey Benson.

      I do not recommend these for jogging or running as there is not enough durability there to make them worthwhile. You’re better off going for a running shoe which will be more bang for your buck.

  2. Do you recommend these shoes to be more for people with wide feet? Or can they be worn by anyone? I looked for a specific keyword but didn’t find it. Are they anti-skid? Would they be useful for someone working in a hospital? Now more than ever, health workers need all the comfort they can get, working 12-hour shifts. Would these be adequate?

    • Hey Ro, good question. I would not say they are good for anyone as the wide toe box is extremely wide, so people with normal feet will find it a little too roomy.

      Yep, there are nurses already using these shoes for up to 12 hours a day.

  3. Hi Brandon, thank you for such a thorough review on the Altra Vali sneakers. I also found your article on how to break in your shoes very handy. I have been experiencing heel pain lately so I am glad that I read your review. I might look at the Skechers Go Walk Joy instead. My husband has a pair of those and absolutely loves them.

  4. Hey,

    Great article and review. I am in desperate need of a casual trainer, as I have been wearing the same Adidas Samba’s for about 4 years. I need a change.

    I have seen these type of trainer on people and thought they looked pretty cool and new, but I never found out what they were called or who they were made by. Now, after searching and coming across your article, I must say I am impressed and I think I will purchase myself a pair.

    It is going to take a bit longer for them to come due to the pandemic but hopefully they will be worth the wait.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    • Hey Tom.

      You are right, this pandemic is currently a nightmare and it’s causing all sorts of worldwide problems. However, they will come soon enough so don’t worry and hold tight.

      Oh and stay safe!

  5. Thank you for this informational post. I have been looking for a good shoe for a long time. I think I have finally found something that may soothe me. I’m a person who likes to be active go out and do some climbing and running. Do you think that the shoes are the right match for me?

    • Hey Delqna. They are mainly good for casual/everyday use but can be worn for walking as long as it’s short distance. I do not recommend them for climbing or running.


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