Are Brooks Shoes Good for Running?

When it comes to running, a lot of factors come into play to determine if a shoe is right for you.

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Some people require low arch, some neutral, and others high arch.

Certain require more features than others, and some like to have zero-drop technology, while others do not.

Brooks are a popular brand which is a very good thing.

We can leverage all this feedback that they have received over the years, find out their positives and negatives.

I’m here to discover if brooks make good running shoes.


What is Brooks?

First and foremost, Brooks is a shoe company specifically designed for running.

This alone makes them stand out from the crowd compared to brands like Nike or Adidas who are a “jack of all trades” brand.

A specialization is good because it means they’ve done the research and the groundwork.

According to Wikipedia, they “design and market high-performance men’s and women’s running shoes, clothing and accessories”.

So from the get-go this gives them the upper hand over other shoe companies.

Brooks has built up a solid reputation and there’s many reasons why.

I will list some of the pros and cons below so you get a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

Pros and Cons of Brooks Running Shoes


Good for all arch types – Most Brooks shoes I have reviewed are good for low, neutral and high arch

Wide size options – Brooks also have wide feet people in mind. They offer wide size options for overly-large wheels

Incredible comfort – They know how to create a comfortable shoe and keep it comfortable for as long as possible

Lightweight – Running shoes need to be lightweight and comfortable at the same time. Brooks shoes strike a balance between lightweight, comfort and features

Durable – Their shoes are a little pricier than others because they are built to perform and last. At the end of the day you’re paying for quality

Solid reputation – Their reputation is so good that their shoes are even recommended by foot doctors


More expensive than other running shoes – Brooks start at about $80 on average, while other running shoes start at about $40. A lot of their shoes are over $100, however, at the end of the day you’re paying for quality

What I Think About the Good and Bad

In my opinion, everything has their good and bad.

Even the most expensive products on the market has something bad about them.

However, the pros and cons listed above are Brooks shoes as a “whole” and not a specific product.

For example:

One of their shoes might have all of the pros listed above, but only good for those with a high arch.

Anyone with neutral or low arch might find it uncomfortable.

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That means you have to look at who the shoe is designed for, because it’s not really a “con”, it’s just not designed for that person.

Even though these cover the majority of Brooks shoes, you still have to do research on a specific product to see their individual good and bad points.

The Performance of Brooks Sneakers

I have reviewed Brooks shoes and have done a lot of research on this specific brand and their individual products.

And you know what?

They have proven time and time again that they build their shoes to perform.

They have the latest technology, they have features, they go the distance, and they’ve got the quality to back it up.

Also when it comes to foot problems, everyone turns to Brooks because of all the things mentioned above.

The doctors even recommend them due to their ability to help everyone get into running.

But not just that, some of their shoes are versatile that those who don’t even run use them for things like walking around and all-day comfort.

This is especially true for someone with foot problems and heavier people.

So Are Brooks Shoes Good for Running?

This is a no-brainer.

They have some of the better running shoes out there and they have proven to perform, and even stand the test of time.

Brooks specialize in running which allows them to find things that other shoe companies cannot find.

For example:

They have great feedback from the community and know how to create something that’s comfortable and performs.

Brooks shoes can be used for running on the pavement, road running, cross-country, grass, paddock, up and down hills, trails, marathons, and more.

Anything that requires running, Brooks has a shoe designed for it.

This along with the ability to balance weight, features and comfort, are the reasons they have great running shoes.

In Conclusion

Brooks are one of the more reputable companies when it comes to running shoes because they have built up a solid reputation and continue to release great running sneakers for the people.

Even though they’re a little pricier than other shoe brands, they have the quality which is what makes them last a long time.

I have done the research, found the good and the bad, and come up with my own conclusion.

I hope you found everything you were looking for.

If you did not, please ask me any question in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you asap.

Cheers and have a great day!

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