Are Chuck Taylors Good for Weightlifting?

Answer: Hell yes they are. Chuck Taylors have an incredible amount of ankle and heel support. They’ve got a flat and wide outsole that provides stability, allowing for heavy lifts without falling over or hurting yourself.

This is why Chuck Taylors are so common amongst the power lifter and body building community, the fact that they are cheap, good quality and keep the weightlifter safe.

The Chuck Taylor In a Nutshell

Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors were made in 1917 for basketball.

There was a lack of arch support and not enough ankle stability.

Too many players were getting injured, which caused the basketball shoe to be thrown out the window.

Well for basketball that is.

Now they are used as casual sneakers, fashion, and you guessed it, weightlifting.

Chuck Taylors are a timeless piece of footwear that’ll be in the weightlifting game for quite some time.


They are cheap, comfortable and effective. Plus they look great, which is a nice bonus.

Why Chuck Taylors Work So Well for Weightlifting

Squats and deadlifts require a hard base to push off of.

You need to be able to drive through your heels. That’s where all the power comes from.

Now pushing through a highly cushioned shoe makes the weight harder to get up. Not to mention the lack of ankle stability.

As a result of the extra effort to keep the ankle stable, you’re doing more work, thus taking away from the lift.

However, Chuck Taylors have firm cushioning, creating a solid base to drive through the heels.

High or Low Top?

Should you opt for a high top or low top design?

Are there even any differences?

Most people will say there’s no difference and both feel the same, and I 100% agree with that.

And some say there ARE differences.

Some people say high tops provide you with more stability, while low tops are better for flexibility.

Although many lifters claim this is not true.

To be honest, the low tops feel more secure at the laces than high tops.

That’s the only noticeable difference.

At the end of the day it’s personal preference. Wear what feels right for you.

What Exercises Are They Good For?

Chuck Taylors really shine through when it comes to squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, and shoulder presses.

But they can literally be used for any lifting exercise.

The magical thing about Chuck Taylors is that they’re incredibly versatile.

You can wear them to the gym, during workouts and from the gym.

There’s no need to take a second pair of weightlifting shoes for all your heavy lifts.

The only time I don’t recommend them is for running.

The flat outsole is not good for forward motions, and will hurt your feet after a few minutes of running.

If you plan on running in the gym, I recommend taking a second pair of running shoes. Your feet will thank you for it!

Should You Buy a Pair?

Now that you know why Chuck Taylors are so good for lifting, why they’re so popular, why the top doesn’t matter, it’s time to ask yourself this question.

Should you buy a pair, or do you even need a pair?

They aren’t necessary, but it definitely won’t hurt either.

If you’re a beginner lifter or a veteran power lifter, you can benefit from Chuck Taylor sneakers, whether they’re a low or high top.

Do I recommend them?

Yes. I would say get some.

They are amazing weightlifting shoes for a cheap price.

And they’re sure as hell going to take your weightlifting game to the next level.

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