Are Shoes Safe to Put in the Dryer?

Many will argue that you can dry shoes in the dryer, and others will say you cannot. Me, I’m on the dryers side of the argument because I know it’s 100 percent possible. But that doesn’t mean you should.


That doesn’t mean you can do it without learning a few things first.

Many expensive shoes have been damaged in the dryer and I don’t want that happening to yours.

As long as you read this article you will find all the dos and don’ts and can finally machine-dry your shoes safely and confidently.

So my answer to this question is:

Short Answer

It depends on how you go about it. There is a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way can damage your shoes permanently.

And the long answer?

There’s a fine process that you need to follow in order to not damage your shoes, and even then I can’t guarantee safety.

I’ll explain everything below.

How dryers damage shoes

Shoes are vulnerable to heat because the material can warp and shrink.

This damage is irreversible and if exposed to heat over and over again, even small amounts, eventually makes them unwearable and loses performance.

Of course the more heat exposed to the shoe, the faster it gets damaged.

Also the glue that holds the shoes together can soften and fall apart.

You could be running down the street and the outsole falls straight off.

Imagine that!!

Another reason for damaged shoes is letting them tumble around in the dryer.

Not only will it bang, creating an annoyance, but can damage both the dryer and the shoes.

How to stop this from happening

An alternative is to use a shoe rack that was already built into the dryer, or hang the laces over the door and jam them in.

That way they can’t be thrown around.

Turn the heat to its lowest setting and check on it every 10 minutes.

These tips do not guarantee the safety of your shoes, but it does eliminate some potential damages.

Even though it might not be overheating, it can still get damaged without you even knowing.

An example would be the adhesive softening up and can make the shoe fall apart at anytime.

I can’t guarantee safety

Everything has risks involved especially when you decide to use a dryer to dry your shoes.

I’m not saying they will be totally safe even after using the lowest heat setting and checking them every few minutes.

It might not do anything in the short term, it might take a few dries before anything does happen.

That’s why I can’t guarantee the safety of your sneakers.

And I do not take any responsibility for anything that may happen.

Here’s 5 risk-free methods to drying shoes (recommended)

Check the tag

Some shoes are safe as houses to put into the dryer, but the only way to know is to read the tag.

Many shoes can be machine-washed and thrown straight into the dryer without any problems.

So read the tag before doing anything and make sure they are dryer safe.

If they have a high warning against it, definitely don’t do it and use the methods that I linked to above.

They are much safer as they involve things like rice, newspaper, hand towels, etc, and NOT excessive heat.

Also by checking the tag you are following the manufacturers recommendations which is always the safest route.

So are shoes dryer safe? (My answer)

Now you know that there are risks involved and that it’s possible, it’s time to answer the question.

Can shoes be put in the dryer?

My answer is:

It depends. Some shoes are completely safe and can be put in the dryer with low risk.

But other shoes cannot be near heat whatsoever. These ones have a higher risk of getting damaged.

And that’s why I recommend reading the tag for the manufacturers recommendation. It’ll tell you what’s safe for it and what isn’t.

If the tag says they can be put in the dryer, then here’s my step-by-step guide on doing it.

And that wraps up this article.

I hope you’ve found everything you were looking for and if you need anymore help, please ask me in the comments below.

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