Is the Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 Worth Getting?

Comfort, comfort, comfort. The Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 are far more plush and cushioned than previous versions.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

They 22 is an upgrade of the 21. Asics have done everything right.

Since the 16 there has been a lack of cushioning and an outrage of loyal fans who turned the other cheek and went to other brands.

Since the 22 came out, those customers have come back and can’t help but express how much they love this version.

And that’s what this Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 review is all about today.

Compiling everything about this shoe, even the bad, and coming up with a definitive conclusion.

I hope you enjoy.

One Comfy Ass Pair of Running Shoes
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  • True to Size
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The Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 are on a whole other level in regards to comfortabilty. Asics has overhauled the entire cushioning to maximize comfort, which was the biggest complaint from previous models. Essentially there’s little-to-nothing wrong with this shoe and most people love their purchase.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • Incredible comfort
  • Made for long-distance running
  • Fast and responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose
  • High abrasive rubber
  • Strong upper
  • Wide sizes available
  • On the expensive side

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At a Glance

Product name: Asics Gel-Nimbus 22

Designed for: Long-distance running

True to size: Yes

Expected lifespan: 400 miles, or 1 – 2 years

Price: $150 – $200

Recommended: Yes

The Rundown

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 is a limited edition model that celebrates LA city and its annual marathon.

The Gel-Nimbus 22 helps improve performance for neutral runners by delivering soft cushioning and a responsive ride.

Responsiveness increases the shoes bounce-back.

It’s specially made for long-distance runners that tend to put in mile after mile.

However, Asics claims it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, they’re good for everyone.

It includes Asics’ special GEL foam technology in the heel for shock absorption, and more foam in the midsole to reduce impact even more.

GEL foam in the forefoot reduces the load on your feet.

The FLYTEFOAM propel technology promotes forward momentum so you run longer with less energy expenditure.

Essentially keeping you running for longer.

The TRUSSTIC technology, located under the arch, introduces stabilization, reduces weight and improves durability.

The Upper

The Takeaway: The upper is probably the best part about this shoe. It’s made so comfortably that blisters, calluses, and foot pain is nonexistent.

The upper is engineered for better breathability, support and fit. It’s made to decrease weight while adapting to the shape of your foot.

The upper has lots of layers called fused overlays.

These overlays increase the durability without sacrificing ventilation.

Inside the lining is a smooth, soft interior and plush heel collar.

This typical upper reduces friction in areas that rub against the skin so you can run for longer without experiencing blisters or sore feet.

Basically, Asics created this shoe for ultimate comfort and functionality.

The Midsole

The Takeaway: There isn’t too much to that makes this shoe stand out from the crowd. But one thing the midsole does have is ultimate comfort for long distance running.

The midsole includes dual-density Flytefoam material, multiple GEL units, and a 10 mm heel-to-toe drop.

The midsole is much smoother than the previous model as reviewers have pointed out, while including the dual-density construction.

The GEL pad located in the heel wraps around the rear, resulting in a smoother and natural ride than the Nimbus 21.

They also have more stability with the hard rubber piece located near the heel.

The Outsole

Key Takeaway: The outsole is constructed with lots of rubber, extending the overall lifespan and providing ample traction. Multiple reviewers claim the outsole lasts about 400 miles.

Asics are known for their high abrasive rubber outsoles.

In other words “Asics High Abrasive Rubber” (AHAR).

Well the Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 includes this special technology, resulting in a lightweight rubber outsole that can withstand harsh outdoor use.

It includes flex grooves so that forefoot strikers can get the range of motion required for a comfortable transition.

The outsole is lightweight and made of blown rubber.

What do the people say?

Expert reviews:

RunningXpert says the Nimbus 22 is similar to previous models but the comfort factor has been increased a lot. If you’ve worn earlier versions of the Nimbus then you will also love the Nimbus 22.

Road Runner Sports says this shoe is good for the daily runner who wants to run long distances and stay comfortable. If you’re a heel striker you will enjoy the GEL cushioning in the heel.

They also back up the claims of it being more comfortable than previous models.

Running Shoes Guru says it’s their favorite running shoe due to the smooth rides and increased flexibility. They describe it as “running on the back of an angel”.

Google and Amazon reviews:

Google users have given it 4.7/5 stars.

Amazon has a solid 4.6/5 stars.

They say cushioning has been lacking since the Nimbus 17.

The lack of cushioning went through 17 all the way to 21, but Asics have finally listened to the people and now they’re comfortable as ever.

Reviewers also say they have a better fit, a wider toe box and increased flexibility.

People that have been buying Asics for years are coming forward and claiming these to be the best running shoes they’ve ever worn.


Incredible Comfort

These shoes are the comfiest I have reviewed in a long time.

Everyone continues to say how comfortable they are and how well they fit.

The cushioning has been a big let down in previous models but made a comeback and won the hearts of many loyal customers…once again.

Well-designed upper

The upper is my favorite part about the shoe.

It’s so well made that breaking in is nonexistent. It’s just a matter of slipping on from the get-go and going for a run.

I’ve always had trouble with blisters and calluses in the past, so seeing this has made me like it even more.

High Abrasive Rubber

The rubber outsole is always the first to wear down in a running shoe.

You could have the best midsole, best upper, best everything.

But if you have a bad outsole, all that other stuff becomes mute (in my opinion).

The outsole is your tread.

Just like tread on a car, it needs to be able to withstand harsh road conditions.

Thankfully Asics knows how to get this right as they’ve implemented their AHAR technology for ultimate wear-resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have wide sizes available?

Yes. They have wide feet people in mind unlike other brands.

They have wide sizes and even extra large wide options!

Does it get softer and more comfortable the more you wear it?

Yes, thanks to the hella comfortable upper lining and midsole.

What is the heel-to-toe drop?

10 mm, which is the average heel-to-toe drop.

However, the women’s is 13 mm.

Why is my toe hitting the front and causing discomfort?

This is the case of an ill-fitting shoe.

This person probably has wide feet and should have ordered a wider size.

Will they work for pronation feet?

No, these are neutral running shoes, made for those with a neutral gait.

If you’re looking for a stability shoe, I highly recommend the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2.

Are they good for heavy runners?

Everyone seems to give it the green light for heavier runners due to the high amount of cushioning.

Also the extra stability that flares out from the heels help a lot.

Are they good to work out in the gym, cross training and sports?

That’s another yes.

Customers say they are multipurpose and so comfortable for almost anything.

If, for some reason, you do start to experience pain during sports or other activates, I would stop using them for that and stick to running.

Are the sizes the same as previous models?

Yes. If you have owned previous Nimbus shoes, simply order your normal size.

There’s little to no difference and even if there is, it’s unnoticeable.

Are they true to size?

Yes!!! They have an 84% fit rate.

This is so much higher than other shoes I’ve seen.

How long do they last?

About 400 miles if used strictly for running.

If used for less intense activities like walking or casual, they’ll last longer because there’s less stress on the outsole and cushioning.

Should You Get Some?

The cushioning has made this shoe what it is.

Without the impressive comfort I don’t know where it would stand among the running shoe community.

Probably like previous versions, lost and forgotten.

But the cushioning has caused loyal customers to love the Gel-Nimbus once again.

Essentially it’s sparked life back into the product line.

It’s a marvelous shoe with the right features, the right weight, a great outsole, and impressive cushioning.

Should you get some for yourself?

All signs so far have pointed to yes and nothing has raised any red flags or concerns.

If you don’t mind treating yourself on a running shoe that’s built for long-distances, something that’s proven to keep you comfortable for longer, then the Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 is for you and I highly recommend them.

My Final Verdict: Impressive Comfort

You’re probably sick of me talking about how comfortable they are but that’s because it’s the best part about it.

Asics have lacked in the cushioning department since the Gel-Nimbus 16, and they’ve just managed to do the right thing.

Heck, loyal customers have come back to express their views on how the Nimbus 22 has changed for the better.

That says a lot.

So that’s my final verdict on the Asics Gel-Nimbus 22.

If you would like to express your own opinion on this shoe and how it has affected your training, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Otherwise click the link below and get the 22 today!

Get Them While You Still Can!

One Comfy Ass Pair of Running Shoes
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money


The Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 are on a whole other level in regards to comfortabilty. Asics has overhauled the entire cushioning to maximize comfort, which was the biggest complaint from previous models. Essentially there’s little-to-nothing wrong with this shoe and most people love their purchase.

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