8 Best Shoes for Line Dancing

Line dance classes coming up? Need something to take the stage by storm? You have come to the right place.

The good news is that line dancing shoes are still popular in this day and age, and they can be on your way within a couple of clicks.

Line dancing shoes are available on Amazon.com and that’s where I found all these great shoes.

How did I choose the best?

I scoured through the different pages to find the best performers with the all good feedback.

I came up with a list of 20 and was left with the final 8, which is what you see in this article.

What makes them the best?

There are a lot of important factors that come into play when line dancing.

They have a good balance of comfort, traction, quality, and price.

You can’t have too much of the other.

Do you need special shoes for line dancing?


Line dancing requires a specific movement pattern.

Line dancing shoes are designed to prevent you from slipping and falling over.

And of course, to help you perform your best!

You can still line dance with normal sneakers but it won’t be as good.

Anyway, lets get right into the shoes.

1. Linodes (Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on)

Linodes (Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance Shoes

Lets start this list of with a tried and true line dancing shoe.

It’s a fan favorite that’s racked up 2800 reviews, the majority of them being good.

The Linodes is specially designed for line dance and gymnastics.

It features a high quality leather upper, a split sole and an arch insert design.

The sole patch and heel is made of EVA and features a fabric lining for a cozy fit and great support, especially for dancers.

It’s been made with attention-to-detail, flexibility and strength.

I wanted to start this article with something basic and cheap, but effective. You cannot go wrong with the Linodes dancing shoe.

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2. Women’s Jazz Shoes Lace-up Sneakers

Women's Jazz Shoes Lace-up Sneakers - Breathable Air Cushion Lady Split Sole Athletic Walking Dance Shoes Platform

This is a great shoe for line dancing, hip hop, tap dance, zumba, ballet, folk dancing and children dance training.

It features a padded collar for plenty of support in the ankles, arch support, achilles support, and even MEMORY FOAM cushioning.

The upper is a breathable mesh which makes it comfortable and cool for summer jazz nights!

It also has a middle high heel and box toe for standing all day if required.

MD soles are bouncy and durable for immense traction, and the lightweight design allows for easy dancing.

It’s a tried and true dancing shoe which is the reason it made this list.

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3. Women’s Mesh Jazz Shoe

Women's Mesh Jazz Shoes Lady Girls Modern Split Sole Dance Sneakers

The Women’s Mesh Jazz shoe is one that stands out thanks to the different color options.

There’s black, white, red and pink!

The makers continue to upgrade this shoe by listening to buyer feedback.

It has a comfort lining with better comfort and sweat absorption, and a synthetic mesh upper for ventilation, helping your feet stay cool.

It features a Split Sole and high abrasion resistance outsole to help the foot rotate easily and efficiently.

The draping design on the arch position promotes a close and secure fit.

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4. Bloch Dance Women’s Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip On Jazz Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip On Jazz Shoe

This shoe is similar to #1 but unique in its own way.

It has a full grain soft leather and elastic top piece for quick and easy changes.

The 100% cotton lining allows the shoe to breath and fits close to the foot for a snug and secure feeling.

The EVA sole is lightweight and durable, but includes plenty of traction and flexibility.

It’s specifically designed to fit like a glove without restricting movement.

Also it’s gently lined to stop your feet form rubbing and chaffing.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of information about this shoe on the internet and this is all I managed to dig up.

However, it easily made the list with the great design and many good reviews!

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5. NLeahershoe Slide Buckle Leather Tap Shoes

NLeahershoe Slide Buckle Leather Tap Shoes Dancing Shoes for Women,Ladies Black

Another shoe specially designed for dancing is the NLeahershoe.

It’s upper is synthetic and includes a one-strap buckle closure, providing a soft and flexible comfort.

The split design promotes proper mounting and a great sound.

The heel counter provides security and the padded insole reduces fatigue.

It’s more of a modern line dancing shoe but a great choice for those that like the buckle-up design.

It is also made with attention-to-detail. They last a long time while keeping the wearer safe from injury.

These shoes are popular in dance schools and professional dance academies!

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6. Adult Split-Sole Sneaker

Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000

So the Adult Split-Sole Sneaker features man-made leather.

The sole is also man-made with a touch of perforated mesh panels for ventilation, great for eliminating sweat and keeping cool.

It includes a padded collar and achilles support which is perfect for ankle stability and keeping the wearer safe from injury.

It has a spin spot and comfortable leather, making it good for line dancing and hip hop.

This is another shoe that has limited information, but I just couldn’t resist it due to the hundreds of good feedback.

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7. Women’s Walking Sock Sneakers

Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers - Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Lady Girls Modern Jazz Dance Easy Shoes Platform Loafers

The Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers can be used for line dance or walking.

My favorite thing about them is the many different color options. They have the most colors out of all the shoes listed.

Anyway, it includes a box toe for toe stands, it’s super lightweight and flexible.

The fabric is smooth and breathable, and mostly feels like you’re wearing socks, that’s how comfortable they are.

The MD outsole has air-cushion and a high quality materail that is both nonslip and wear-resistant.

They can be used for everyday activities but also line dancing!

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8. Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

The Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker features a suede sole that makes it far more comfortable than some leather shoes.

Suede also helps you glide easier.

The leather and a mesh upper provides air flow, while the padded collar makes it far more comfortable than those without this feature.

It makes your ankles feel plush and secure. You will often times find these on basketball shoes since athletes need to perform quick movements.

So it’s good to see that line dancing shoes have this little-but-effective design as well.

It is then finished with a lace-up closure so that your feet feel secure across the midfoot.

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What Line Dancing Shoe Do I Recommend?

There were a lot of great winners in this list, and all of them are good for line dancing.

But there was one particular shoe that stood out to me the most.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion.

But my favorite is hands down the Linodes.


Because they are simple, affordable and effective.

When you wear them, everyone around you knows you mean business.

You’re in it to have fun with your line dancing venture and you are going to take the stage by storm.

They are sleek and look the part.

I mean, you can’t go wrong with them.


There are many line dancing shoes on the world wide web, but these were the only ones that I liked the most.

They caught my eye due to the amount of good feedback and they perform very well.

The good part is that some are more low key, and the rest clearly looks like you’re ready for jazz night!

So the choice is up to you.

You can go for a low key appearance or something that shows you are in it to win it

Well that finishes this article.

I would like to know your favorite shoe, so be sure to leave a comment down below.


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