5 Best Shoe Stretcher Sprays

Oh no! You’ve just bought a nice pair of new wheels and they are too tight. What do you do?

Shoe Stretcher Spray Featured

Take them back and get new ones?

Or if you bought online, repackage them and pay the return fee?

Hell to the no.

Not yet cowboy.

There’s a handy-dandy little thing called shoe stretching spray, and no matter how you heard about it, you’re here to find the best one.

Well I’ve got you covered.

1. Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch

Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch

Coming at #1 is the Kiwi SELECT Shoe Stretch Spray.

The reason for the top choice is the 1200 reviews with the majority of them being 5 stars.

And the fact that it’s only 10 measly dollars!

This spray gently stretches leather, suede, nu-buck and reptile skins with ease.

They can be used for shoes, gloves, and other items with the fabric mentioned above.

Some spray only temporary stretches shoes, meaning you have to keep applying it once in a while.

But the Kiwi stretches the shoes permanently.

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2. Cadillac Shoe Stretch Spray

Cadillac Shoe Stretch Spray

The Cadillar Shoe Stretch Spray is more preferred for luxury and premium goods.

But the reason it made the list was the 4.4 star rating and affordable price tag.

Usage is as simple as spraying the shoes and letting it stretch out while you walk.

However, there is some leather and suede that’s so stiff that it doesn’t want to give way.

Well this spray is designed to work on those, and eventually break it in and stretch that sucker out.

They are good for breaking in new shoes faster or reshaping old shoes. Good for when you’re buying secondhand shoes.

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3. Moneysworth & Best Shoe Stretch

Moneysworth & Best Shoe Stretch

Moneysworth Shoe Stretch spray is EVEN cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work because the social proof is there.

It’s only $5 and holds a solid 4.3 star rating on Amazon.

It’s another spray that stretches out your shoes while you walk, and can also be used on boots.

The company emphasizes that it will not damage the leather or thin out the material.

It also acts as a cleaner and conditioner!

Manufacturers say it’s good for leather, suede, canvas, linens and vinyl.

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4. FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray

FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray

FootFitter is another one of the best shoe stretching sprays out there.

$13 makes it a little more expensive than the other options, but that’s because it stretches the material easier.

It works on leather, canvas, suede, and other natural materials.

It simply penetrates the leather and relaxes the material to help it move to your will as you walk.

They say to pair the spray with the FootFitter stretcher for best results.

Otherwise you can spray the inside and outside and wear them directly after.

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5. Bickmore Boot & Shoe Professional Leather Stretcher Spray

Bickmore Boot & Shoe Professional Leather Stretcher Spray

Bickmore is one of the most popular choices out there.

With 316 reviews and a healthy price tag, it’s bound to make my list of best shoe stretching sprays!

It’s good for problem areas that are pinching your toes, or tight spots in the ankle or midfoot.

But the best benefit of them all, they work well on stiff leather.

You know when you buy an expensive pair of brand new shoes and the leather just doesn’t want to move at all?

It feels like you’re putting your foot into a rock shoe.

Well this spray specializes in that.

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Something Else You Can Do

Have you tried the hairdryer method?

This is a quick and easy way to soften up leather without paying a dime.

However, I only recommend this method for leather dress shoes.

Suede, canvas, and other types of fabric will need a shoe stretching spray.

But you should definitely try this out before spending any money.

How Shoe Stretcher Sprays Work

Shoe stretching sprays work by relaxing the materiel.

Once applied, the material absorbs the spray and helps it relax, allowing it to reshape and maneuver when moved.

Simply spray the inside and outside of the shoe and wear them straight away.

For best results wear it for at least 30 minutes and walk around.

The material will adapt to the shape of your foot incredibly quickly, speeding up the breaking in process.

Wrapping Up

Stretching spray is a cost-effective way to stretch your shoes rather quickly.

They are much cheaper than shoe stretchers which takes up to 24 hours before they are stretched out enough to wear again.

But before you spend any money, I want you to watch the video above and use the method on your own leather shoes first.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to get your hands on some Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch.

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