12 Best Shoes on Wish

Oh Wish is a great app isn’t it? Get the best deals and pay a fraction of the cost that you would normally buy.


This does sound like a bargain for the aesthetic side of things, as some of their sneakers look absolutely amazing.

They have shoes that I have never seen before and designs that more expensive shoes don’t have.

But there is also a bad side that I will talk about before we get into the good stuff.

We need to talk about the quality of Wish shoes because I’m sure some of you don’t know why they are so cheap.

The Quality of Wish Shoes

You probably already know that Wish sells fake shoes and they are definitely not as good as the real things.

They’ve been made with cheaper materials, so they can put the price of the shoes down.

The fit and comfort may even feel awkward as the materials are much stiffer.

As long as you know these things before buying, then that’s okay.

I don’t want you buying anything and expecting a gold mine for twenty some bucks.

Now that that’s out of the way

Have I scared you off yet?

Maybe you should continue shopping for something of higher quality by paying an extra $30 or so.

But if I haven’t scared you away and you’re still keen on copping some fake Wish shoes, then keep reading because I have 12 of the best in this article!

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1. 2018 New Style Man/Women Fashion High Tops

2018 New Style Man Women Fashion High Tops

Price: $41
Designed for: Basketball
Colors: Red/Black, Blue/Black, White/Black
Customer Rating: 4.2/5

These shoes mimic Air Jordans and have gained a massive amount of popularity on the Wish app.

At the time of writing this article they have 20,000+ purchasers and 748 reviews.

They are designed for basketball that includes a high quality PU Vamp and non-slip rubber outsole.

They are high top shoes so they are geared more towards heavy basketball players, unless you plan on using them for casual use, then anybody.

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2. Fashion Men Women Sports Leisure Shoes

Fashion Men Women Sports Leisure Shoes

Price: $21
Designed for: Casual
Colors: Red, Black, White
Customer Rating: 4.2/5

So I included these in the list due to the uniqueness they offer.

These shoes are designed for casual wear.

You don’t see them on an everyday basis and they are stylish.

Paired with the right clothing you can really create a killer outfit.

Features include breathable comfort, soft inner lining, mesh + PU upper, and an PU + air outsole.

They have received a whopping 969 reviews and 5000+ purchases!

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3. New Men Fashion Lightning Running Shoes

New Men Fashion Lightning Running ShoesPrice: $17
Designed for: Running
Colors: Orange, White, Green
Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Personally I don’t find these shoes aesthetically pleasing at all.

In fact I think they are kind of hideous.

But apparently everyone loves them, so there’s a good chance you might as well.

There’s not much information regarding the construction or what materials are used.

All it says on Wish is they are running shoes with a mesh upper, lining, insock and Phylon outsole.

I just HAD to include it after seeing the 4.3 star rating and 5000+ purchases.

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4. Men New Fashion Canvas Shoes

Men New Fashion Men Shoes Mens Canvas Shoes

Price: $29
Designed for: Casual
Colors: White
Customer Rating: 4.2/5

These shoes are personally one of my favorites.

They mimic Yeezys which usually cost around $300 brand new and sell secondhand for thousands of dollars.

Well in this case they are only $29 and you still get the same appearance as Yeezys, without the durability of course, since they are fake.

Also they don’t look exactly like real Yeezys because frankly that would be illegal. That’s why there are some slight differences.

But to the average eye they certainly look like normal Yeezys.

I just had to showcase them for others to admire as well.

Unfortunately there’s no information about the materials used but I’ll bet your bottom dollar for $29 they used the cheapest of the cheap.

Still a great buy nonetheless.

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5. New Men’s Running Shoes Comfortable Sports Shoes

New Men's Running Shoes Comfortable Sports

Price: $28
Designed for: Casual, walking, jogging
Colors: Red, Black, Grey
Customer Rating: 3.9/5

These shoes look great. The lacing system reminds me of the Nike Acalme Basketball Shoe that I reviewed a few months ago.

Although this is for casual and jogging instead.

The upper is knitted, the lining is mesh, and the outsole is TPU+TPR.

The features that stick out the most is the lacing system, which allows for a more secure and snug fit.

The lacing makes it good for intense activities like fitness, walking, jogging and short distance running.

The outsole adds that extra bit of cushioning and shock absorption.

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6. Runners Casual Shoes Women Breathable Mesh Cushion Flat Sneakers

Runners Casual Shoes Women Breathable Mesh Cushion Flat Sneakers

Price: $30
Designed for: Casual, fashion
Colors: Black, White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Baby Blue
Customer Rating: 4.2/5

I can’t skip the girls! This shoe is for you.

A very stylish sneaker that goes with anything that comes in 5 different colors!

They are incredibly fashionable and I know how much girls like their shoes.

You just need to look at the hundreds of thousands of pictures on Pinterest to see the amount of love that’s growing for sneakers with plain colors.

This shoe has received 20,000+ purchasers and a whopping 1785 reviews.

Unfortunately there’s no information regarding the quality or materials used, but after seeing the 4.2 star rating, the quality isn’t in question.

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7. Men/Women Air Cushion Basketball Shoes

Men/ Women Air Cushion Basketball Shoes Running Tennis Shoes Fashion Sneaker

Price: $24
Designed for: Basketball, tennis, fashion, casual
Colors: Multicolor, Grey
Customer Rating: 4.2/5

If you want the looks from passerby, then you’ll definitely enjoy the benefits of this shoe. It screams look at me.

It’s designed for basketball and tennis thanks to the lateral stability but can be used for casual if preferred.

The design is unique and I have not seen any shoe like it before.

It consists of a printing textile upper, mesh lining and insock, and PU rubber outsole.

There is also an air unit in the heels to promote responsiveness and cushioning, good for explosive jumps on the court.

It’s got 4.2 stars and 10,000 purchases, proving that it’s a shoe worth buying.

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8. Women’s Shoes Fashion Breathable Sports Shoes

Women's Shoes Fashion Breathable Sports Shoes

Price: $16
Designed for: Casual, fashion
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Blue/Pink
Customer Rating: 4.4/5

Another winning women’s sneaker.

It has a few different colors and they really stand out in the fashion department.

The seller says they are good for all seasons and best suited for those with flat feet.

The upper, lining, and insock are all made of mesh, keeping your feet cool throughout the day.

The outsole is made of a Phylon rubber, and the rounded heel increases toe room for freedom of movement.

This one is actually better than the previous women’s sneaker thanks to the $16 price tag and 4.4 star rating!

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9. Air Cushion Sports Shoes

Air Cushion Sports Shoes Unisex Fashion Running Shoes

Price: $22
Designed for: Running, fashion, sports
Colors: Black, Red, Grey
Customer Rating: 4.4/5

The first thing that stood out to me was the Air Heel unit. It reminds me of Nike’s full length air unit which expands across the entire shoe.

Although it’s not as durable or cushioned as well as Nike shoes, they still look the part.

Features include a knitted upper to keep air flow moving and prevent hot feet, while the lining and insock is mesh.

The rubber PU outsole adds grip and durability, and it has received 2363 reviews and 10,000+ purchasers, further proving that it’s a good shoe to add to your collection.

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10. Mens Fashion Walking Running Athletic Shoes

Mens Fashion Walking Running Athletic Shoes

Price: $17
Designed for: Walking, running, tennis, athletics
Colors: White, Black, Red
Customer Rating: 4.3/5

I mean, you just need to look at this thing to see how awesome it looks.

It breaths thanks to the mesh upper, it has immense shock absorption, and it’s wear-resistant.

Lets talk about the outsole for a second because no doubt that’s what sticks out the most to you.

The shape and design is so unique but it’s done on purpose to soften hard landings and increase durability.

One thing I should mention is that if you have wide feet you should go one size larger.

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11. Fashion Casual Women Sport Shoes

Fashion Casual Women Sport Shoes Breathable Running Shoes

Price: $18
Designed for: Sports, casual, fashion
Colors: Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Pink/Blue
Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Well damn, I’m a guy and I think these look awesome.

It’s another stylish shoe for the women out there, yet with a very unique design.

It is designed for fashion, casual, and sports thanks to the breathable upper.

The heel unit that runs along the bottom promotes responsiveness and comfort – good for sports activities or training at the gym.

They’re not as popular as previous shoes mentioned but definitely on the rise.

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12. Spring Fashion High-top Solid Color Sneakers

Spring Fashion High-top Solid Color Zip Lovers Sneakers Cotton Shoes Flat Canvas Men Shoes

Price: $27
Designed for: Casual, fashion
Colors: White, Black
Customer Rating: 4.2/5

Not really my thing, but because it’s racked up 20,000+ purchasers, it’s definitely somebody’s thing!

I mean, these are absolutely loved by the shoe community.

This shoe has obviously caught the eye of thousands of people and the 4.2 star rating shows that it’s as good as they hoped it would be.

The lining and insock is made of mesh, and the outsole is TPR.

The PU upper is stronger than mesh but does sacrifice breathability, meaning they are not a sport shoe and should be kept as a fashion/casual sneaker only.

If you enjoy styling and being fashionable, then you will definitely fall in love with these shoes.

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Wrapping Up

Remember that the shoes from Wish are indeed fake and there are no real ones on the app.

All shoes are cheaply made and they may not feel as good as the real ones, and certainly won’t perform as good.

But are they still worth the price?

Heck yeah they are.

Fake doesn’t mean bad.

It means you can get the same look for a fraction of the cost.

Some might even say it’s smarter.

Not to mention that more and more people are wearing fake shoes anyway.

So if you decide to buy a fake shoe, know that it’s not a bad thing and everyone does it.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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