Brooks Ghost 11 Review – Too Expensive or Well Worth It?

Taking a look at the Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe, it does appear to be high quality and loved by the community.

The majority of shoes I review are running shoes, so this is my forte when it comes to figuring out the true quality.

However, I like to find out everything about a product before jumping to conclusions.

In this article I plan to find out what this shoe is all about and how well it performs.

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe

Smooth, Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom line:

These shoes are definitely worth the money thanks to the many features, comfort and support.

There are little to no cons, and those that have something bad to say about them are only nit-picking.

Yes it’s on the pricier side but that’s because of the durability.

They have proven to stand the test of time and everyone who buys them loves them.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • High quality and durable
  • Mesh material for ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Many features
  • Normal and wide size options available
  • Very comfortable
  • Great running shoes
  • A little expensive for the average consumer
  • Not good for pronation or supination
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Product name: Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe

Gender: Men and Women

Colorways: 11

Weight: 9.5 ounces

Best for: Running, walking, standing all day

Bad for: Pronation and supination

What is the Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe?

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe Top View

This shoe is available in medium and wide width sizes.

It has been described as softer, smoother and lighter, and it does that with all the features combined together.

It has medium and high arch support, so those with a low or flat arch will find this shoe uncomfortable.

It includes Brooks BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning, which basically emphasizes balance between softness, responsiveness and durability, without adding weight.

There are many more features which I will discuss in detail below.

The Features

Soft and Secure Fit – This shoe is made to feel snug and secure on your foot, feeling like a second-skin. When you wear this shoe and start running, it feels like nothing’s there

BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT – The balanced cushioning combines a mixture of softness, responsiveness and durability, all while staying lightweight. This is unique to the Brooks brand

Medium and Wide Sizes – These shoes are available in medium and wide sizes which allows those with wide feet fit them comfortably as well

Segmented Crash Pad – The crash pad absorbs the impact landings of running. No matter how your foot lands, this feature cushions all landings for smooth heel-to-toe transitions

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe Outsole

The Benefits

The major benefits is that it is well balanced between cushioning VS responsiveness VS durability.

One does not lean towards more than the other.

This shoe is basically designed for comfort while staying lightweight, and it does that so well.

These are what the manufacturers claims it has:

  • Foot support
  • Soft and balanced cushioning
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Secure fit

Add all these features together and you have one amazing running shoe that’s bound to get the job done.

However, lets take a look at what others have to say about it.

What the People Say

  • These shoes are great!!! Outstanding cushioning but the slight flaring of the shoe base provides adequate stability.
  • I read a ton of reviews and these Brooks had the best ratings. I decided to try them and although it’s only been just over a week, I love them. They are so light and comfortable and make running seem easier than usual.
  • Absolutely love love these shoes, perfect arch support. Was beginning to have problems with plantar fasciitis and after running in these no pain at all. Feels like your running on air. I’ve ran 8 miles in these and never once felt pain.
  • My wife absolutely loves these shoes. She is a nurse they spends a lot of time on her feet, so comfort is a must. Very lite shoe.
  • These shoes are more than just good looking. They are super comfy while giving plenty of support. These are perfect for someone constantly on their feet.

What I Like

There are a few things that come to mind as I review these shoes.

They are incredibly comfortable and ideal for all types of situations.

People use them for jobs that require them to be on their feet all day, others use them for walking, running, and they are known to eliminate foot problems.

These shoes are ideal for many situations and that’s something I like a lot about them.

Also there is also lots of support, especially those with more meat on their bones.

People can actually walk and run without feeling like they’ll fall over.

What I Don’t Like

There are reports that there are many knock-offs of the original Brooks Ghost 11 which can cause frustration when somebody thinks they’re buying the real thing, only to receive a fake.

There is not much to dislike about this shoe because most who buy it love it.

Yes there are nit-pickers who pick at every little thing, but that’s with all great product.

Those people complain about the toe area being thin and mesh-like.

Umm, really? The mesh material offers ventilation for runners. If they don’t have it, their feet will sweat!

Who Should Wear this Shoe?

Due to the fact that there are many ways to wear it, I think lots of people can benefit from them.

They are designed for running but others have found alternative uses.

For example:

  • Nurses use them for standing 12+ hours a day
  • Others stand on concrete all day and experience no discomfort or pain
  • Fitness walking
  • Running
  • Crossfit
  • Neutral feet
  • Wide feet
  • Medium arch
  • High arch
  • Those with foot problems like plantar fasciitis

Where Does This Shoe Stand Within the Industry?

So how does this shoe compare to others in the same price range?

Or how about the industry as a whole?

Well I have reviewed many shoes on this blog to date, most of them are running shoes.

The Brooks Ghost 11 is pricier than most running shoes but happens to be one with the highest quality as well.

That’s really the main difference between this shoe and a shoe much cheaper.

Your’e paying for quality which is going to save money in the long run.

Where to Get the Brooks Ghost 11?

There are lots of places to purchase these but some are knock-offs and some are rip-offs.

My #1 recommended place will be because they are well trusted and have some of the cheapest prices available.

They also have fast shipping, free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

I have shopped with Amazon for years and will continue to do so because they care about the people.

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Do I Recommend this Shoe?

It does cost more than than the average price of a shoe and it’s not good for those who supinate or pronate.

However, the bad feedback from the community are really complaining about nothing, or little things they should’ve known about if they actually read.

Like the person talking about the mesh material. It clearly says in the description that it’s made of mesh to cut down on weight and provide ventilation.

ALL running shoes are made of mesh material actually.

In saying that, they are clearly loved by the industry.

I have no complains about them and think they make amazing shoes for someone that can afford them.

The Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe are highly recommended!

Alternative/Similar Shoes

A running shoe that’s cheaper with good pronation support is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18. These have also earned a high star rating due to the tremendous performance.

Another good shoe is the Altra Torin IQ Shoe. Their Altra IQ technology implementation might’ve been a huge flop, but they have lots of supination support.

My Final Opinion

The verdict is that the community loves them and they continue to buy them as a result.

I am always hesitant about spending lots of money on a shoe in case it doesn’t perform or stand the test of time.

Well it turns out that the Brooks Ghost 11 does have everything a great running shoe needs, and I highly recommend them for those who can afford it.

And for those that want something cheaper, I recommend the alternatives above.

Get Your Brooks Ghost 11 Running Wheels Here

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

PS: What do you think about these shoes? Please leave your comments down below 🙂


Shoe Mastery

Smooth, Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom line:

These shoes are definitely worth the money thanks to the many features, comfort and support.

There are little to no cons, and those that have something bad to say about them are only nit-picking.

Yes it’s on the pricier side but that’s because of the durability.

They have proven to stand the test of time and everyone who buys them loves them.

12 thoughts on “Brooks Ghost 11 Review – Too Expensive or Well Worth It?”

  1. Hi,
    I have been an owner and wearer of Brooks and really love these shoes. I first came across them over 10 years ago when I was training to walk 400km’s of the Camino Pilgrim walk across Spain. I went to the Shoe Clinic here in New Zealand and had my feet videoed to fix a problem with my walking gait, and they recommended Asics Brand which I trained in for 6 months.
    However, when I went to purchase another pair for the walk, the brand had changed its shoe shape and it was too narrow for my foot. Hence, they put me in Brooks, a wider shoe for comfort.
    I have never looked back. Brooks were lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable and I walked 400km’s (often 10-30 km a day) and never got one blisters. Yes, the can be more pricey than others, but for what I needed them for they were worth very cent and I would not hesitate to pay the price again, to avoid pain in your feet and arches. They are incredibly good for outdoor activity and last a long time. I would have no problems in recommending this brand I totally love them.

    • Hey Nadine, that’s awesome that you found a brand to fix your foot problem. When it comes to shoes, it’s not a one size fits all. The only thing you can really do is try different types of brands until you find one you like.

      For me that is Nike, I’m in love with Nike, but for you it is Brooks. And I would have to agree, they are an amazing brand and know how to make comfortable/supportive shoes.

      Thanks for the comment and I wish you well!

  2. Thank you for this thorough review of Brooks Ghost 11.

    Choosing the right shoes should not only be judged by the model. We must also consider its comfort, especially when we will use it a lot. Durability is the next thing I will also look at when it comes to find shoes. The thing is, my feet are small and it is difficult for me to find shoes that fit me well here in the United States (I am an Asian). I have to venture to teenagers or sometimes kids section. How sad is that? Anyway, if this shoes have small size, I’ll give it a try.

    • I would have to agree with you Ferra. It does sound frustrating having to downsize to the kids section.

      You must get some weird looks sometimes, lol. Fortunately we have the internet and you can order online which would make it less embarrassing 🙂

      The lowest size the Brooks Ghost 11 goes to is size 5. Is that low enough? Let me know and I can provide you with an alternative.

  3. I love my Nikes but they have to be comfortable, so might give Brooks a try. I have the small feet issue too and have to buy from the kids section sometimes.

  4. Hi Brandon.  Thanks for the great review.  I’m thinking about ordering a pair of these.  They really sound like great shoes, and worth the little extra in cost.  I found it funny that most of the complaints had to do with the shoes being mesh.  Seems like those people weren’t aware these shoes were designed with runners in mind.  Again, thanks for the great review.  Looking forward to giving them a try.

    • Haha, absolutely. I chuckled when I saw that because they are being completely ignorant. Especially because it says in the official product description while it’s made of mesh!

  5. Hi! Nice review. I had struggled through all my life picking the perfect shoes for my feet. I am a very tall man, and a used to be a basketball player and burning feet is of the most unwanted feeling with me.

    Now if you are telling me that these sort of pains will go away with brooks – than I must try them. But price? It’s quite expensive but I’ve learnt through years of pain that you can’t put a price on comfortable shoes.


    Primoz P.

    • You can’t put a price on comfort and that’s what I have found out over the years as well.

      I would rather spend an extra $50 on a shoe that’s going to provide all-day comfort and support my weight, rather than saving $50 and ending up with a shoe causing me immense pain all day and even at the end of the day after I take them off.

      What type of shoe are you wearing these days?

  6. Hey Brandon,
    Thanks for the review. These running shoes look awesome!
    I’m always on the lookout for great support and wide width.
    I currently have Brooks runners and love them. But they’re breaking down over time and will need a new pair soon.
    Also, my son-in-law does a lot of trail running, and usually needs a few new pairs every year or so. I’ll be sure to pass your article on to him. Hopefully, they make a size 12, lol.
    Thanks again,


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