Buying Shoes: Should You Go Cheap or Expensive?

Looking to buy some new wheels for running, walking or even just for doing errands?

Expensive Shoes

Should you go expensive or is it best to go cheap?

So many questions and so little time.

I am an avid shoe buyer, a sneakerhead, if you will.

And I created this blog to share my thoughts on shoes and what I personally think on different topics.

So in this article I will let you know if you should go cheap or expensive when purchasing new shoes.

Enjoy 🙂

Should You Go Expensive or Cheap?

Sorry to burst your bubble or not give you a straight answer, but it depends.

In my opinion, if you’re into fashion and tend to change your outfit everyday, then cheap shoes are best.

Of course $60-$120 is considered the price range for high value for money shoes.

So when I’m talking about cheap, I’m talking $60-$120 shoes, and they’re a good idea for those that love to mix and match their outfits on the daily.

When to Go Cheap

Everyday shoes

Everyday shoes for running errands, going out to lunch, doing groceries, going to work, standing all day, etc, does not require an expensive pair of $300 shoes.

A good price range for casual/everyday shoes are $60-$120.

Everyday shoes are meant for everyday, as in, to get your through the day without giving you pain or grief.

The shoes in this price range are comfy as hell and provide enough support to keep you comfortable the entire day.

Spending $200-$300 on a pair of everyday shoes is complete madness and a waste of money.

Will they last longer?

They should do, but not long enough to get your moneys worth than if you went cheap.

Running, walking, athletic activities

Again, I do not recommend splashing out on an expensive pair of athletic shoes.

However, I definitely recommend getting the right shoe for the right activity.

For example:

Running shoe should be for running, tennis shoe for tennis, basketball shoe for basketball, etc.

You start experiencing health-related problems when you don’t wear the right shoe for the right activity.

So that is a must. But expensive shoes are definitely not a must when it comes to athletic activities.

Work shoes/boots

Work shoes or boots should never require a hefty amount of money.

Work shoes are used everyday of their life and don’t last long, not even expensive ones.

Depending on the type of job, they can last anywhere from a few months to a year.

And if you can spend $30-$60 and they least a few months, that is a great investment because $200 will likely last the same time.

A good example is that I used to be a carpet layer. My $20 shoes would last me a good 3 months.

I tried spending $100 on some shoes to see if I could get more life out of them, and they only lasted 6 months.

The $20 option was the better option all along.

Of course all jobs are different, but in most cases, cheap work shoes are best.

When Should You Go Expensive?

Of course there is definitely a place for expensive shoes and I’m going to explain when.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes like leather require a good investment if you want to get ultimate longevity out of them.

Honestly, high quality leather could last 20+ years if looked after properly and taken to a cobbler to be repolished and resoled often.

I mean, that is much more cost-effective than splashing out on a couple hundred dollars every few years on some low quality dress shoes.

Designer shoes

Designer shoes are bought from those who are into fashion and love dressing to impress.

If you’re the type of person that wants to impress everyone around you, then expect to pay a hefty price tag.

Because “good” designer shoes that actually stand out and get the eyes, those bad boys cost a lot of money.

Yeezys are a good example. They retail at $250 and resell for $1000s of dollars due to a limited supply.

Are designer shoes more comfortable?

Not necessarily.

Even though designer shoes upwards of $400+ are pretty comfortable, they aren’t as comfortable as some shoes with a much lower price tag ($200).

People pay for the brand of designer shoes, not the comfort or build quality.

They are designed to look cool and make you look more fashionable with a reputable name, that’s it.

So yes, you should go expensive with designer shoes if that is more your thing.

Otherwise you can spend less and pay for comfort and quality rather than a name.

Does $30 Shoes Have their Place in the World?

Absolutely they do.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be selling and shoe companies would stop making them.

$30 shoes are pretty much throwaway shoes.

Basically, you don’t care what happens to them or what they look like.

The only important thing is that they protect your feet in the small amount of life they have in them.

You only want them for doing yard work, running to the gas station, taking the kids to the school, etc.

An example for cheap shoes are crocs! They are absolutely hideous but very well hold their place in the world.

But In All Honesty

In all honesty, it’s not worth splashing out on a pair of $400 shoes if you’ll be using them everyday

Everyday shoes are a dime dozen.

They offer lots of comfort and support to continue on your everyday journeys, but they aren’t the best quality and don’t last long.

Cheap is good in this case and that’s what I recommend for everyday shoes and work shoes/boots.

Other than that, it is completely up to you if you want to go expensive designer or dress shoes.

That is more of a personal preference.

Thanks for reading this article.

Please ask us in the comments below if you have any questions or concerns regarding this topic!


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