Can Basketball Shoes Be Worn Casually?

If your time is short

  • Basketball shoes are perfect for casual use
  • They’ve got the aesthetics, comfort, and support that all comfortable shoes require
  • A lot of them are expensive, so you can wear them to “flex” how much money you have
  • Wearers don’t get any dirty looks, rude remarks or judged just for wearing them
  • Retro basketball shoes are more likely to get worn for casual use rather than newer ones
  • There’s nothing wrong with wearing basketball shoes for casual use. Everyone does it
  • Wear whatever you want. Don’t worry about what other people think

They’re Just a Label

Just because they’re called basketball shoes, it doesn’t mean that’s all they are good for.

Just like tennis shoes are good for casual use.

Just like running shoes are used for walking.

Just like crosstraining shoes can be used for weightlifting.

Surprisingly basketball shoes are a sneaker.

And sneakers are good for wearing casually as you go about your day, run errands, go to school, go to work, etc.

Although I don’t know many jobs that will allow basketball kicks as footwear.

If you wear basketball shoes to look cool, that is fine. A lot of people do it.

The function of the shoe these days doesn’t matter.

What really matters is how comfortable they are and how good you feel while wearing them.

Fashion Out the Window For Most People

Many people don’t have a sense of fashion these days.

You see it everywhere you go.

They’ll wear a $500 pair of basketball shoes, and even though they look good, they don’t match the outfit.

Shoes shouldn’t scream out at you. They need to work in conjunction with your outfit.

Less is more when it comes to styling. You do NOT need an expensive pair of kicks to be fashionable.

So don’t automatically think that you need to invest your life savings on a good pair of basketball shoes to look stylish.

Simply pair the right shoes with the right outfit and you will stand out and look fashionable.

Is it bad if you wear cool basketball shoes when they don’t match your outfit?

To the average person, no.

The average person doesn’t know basic styling, nor do they care about your outfit.

If you match properly, you will look the apart.

Try and stand out, and you’re doing too much.

They might see your shoes and think they look cool, but it won’t give that “wow” factor.

Fashion Tip: Pair your jeans with a slim profile to call more attention to your shoes.

Although this can backfire if your shoes are too big and bulky. If so, stick with slim-straight rather than skinny jeans.

Another good trick is to pair the 2 colors together, or have similar shades.

This creates a more streamlined appearance and looks like you took the time to put your outfit together.

It’s a Popular Trend

Wearing basketball shoes is a popular trend.

People do it on and off the court and there are no problems.

Now with Instagram and Pinterest being as popular as they have ever been, there’s more and more people taking photos of their cool kicks and posting them online.

This makes other people want to show off their $300 pair of shoes too.

It’s a snowball effect.

Just look at the likes of Yeezus himself (That’s Kanye West for those that aren’t caught up with the cool kids).

This mans always wearing his shoe brand called Yeezys.

He’s built up a loyal following who buy sell out his shoes in a matter of minutes.

Some might even say he’s a cult leader.

But all in all, it’s a trend to wear any footwear as casual shoes these days and it’s one that’s not dying down anytime soon.

Lets Recap

Everyone wears basketball shoes for casual use these days.

You do not need to be a basketball player, nor will you be mocked or ridiculed for wearing them.

I even wear basketball shoes for the gym because they are far more comfortable than traditional sneakers.

Not just me, but millions of people all over the world do it too.

Bottom line is this:

You do not need to be a basketball player to wear basketball shoes. They are a trendy piece of footwear that accommodates many different outfits and pants.

Pair them with the right outfit and you can really stand out and look like a million bucks.

Want an affordable basketball shoe for wearing casually? Check out the Under Armour Lockdown 4.

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