Does Amazon Sell Legit or Fake Shoes?

Amazon is the largest online web store in the world, so you would think you can trust them to send you nothing but high quality, legit shoes.

Amazon Store

But is this really the case?

Are Amazon shoes legit?

Or are we dealing with a shady website that has nothing better to do than rip people off with fake sneakers?

As it turns out, there are a lot of fake products being sold through Amazon.

But this is not Amazon ripping people off per se, this is shady sellers who pass them off without stating that they aren’t the real thing.

Let me explain this in detail below.

Are Amazon Shoes Legit?

Short Answer: Amazon is 100% legit and they always send your products without fail. Whether or not they sell legit shoes depends on the seller which has nothing to do with Amazon themselves. If you buy from official brands, expect the real thing, but find a shady seller and you’re in risky business who might sell you a low quality version.

Long Answer:

In most cases their shoes are legit but you have to be careful because you can be on Nike’s official Amazon page but end up buying something lower quality.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Lets say you’re scouring Amazon shoes and land on a pair of Nike’s.

At the top of the page it says “Nike”.

Amazon screenshot

Yes that’s Nike’s official product page and yes you’re buying authentic Nike sneakers.

When you choose a size and colorway it will say the price and that’s when you can place your order.

Amazon screenshot 2

This is legit and means you are buying a true sneaker from the original seller.

But something happens when they run out of that particular size and colorway.

No price shows. Instead of showing the price it will say “Available from these sellers”.

Amazon screenshot 3

Now this is where things can get shady.

We’re turning away from Nike and buying from other people.

Whether or not these shoes are legit and real like the original seller, only you can know by looking at the individual reviews.

Do a quick scan over the sellers to ensure they have good ratings.

Those that have a low rating are probably selling bad sneakers and you should look somewhere else or choose a different color.

How to not get scammed with a fake pair of shoes

Check reviews of the actual seller

There are reviews on the product page but also reviews about the seller.

Amazon screenshot 4

If they are sold by Amazon or an authorized seller, I’d bet my bottom dollar that they are legit and the real shoes.

However, if the size and colorway you want isn’t available, Amazon offers alternative sellers.

Those are the ones you need to look out for because they could be selling fakes.

Check the reviews of the alternative sellers for any red flags.

Do a quick Google search

Google the sellers name and see what you can find.

A lack of online presence is a big indicator of a fake.

Someone who’s legit wants to be anywhere and everywhere.

If you can’t find the seller on Google, a website of theirs, or a lack of details in their profile page, it’s a red flag.

But the easiest way of not getting scammed at all: stick with authentic sellers

When researching for shoes, don’t click on “Available from these sellers” as this puts you at risk of buying from shady dealers.

Stick with Amazon themselves and official brands and you will never get scammed with a low quality shoe.

Finally some good news

The good news is that there was an investigation done on 47 products on Amazon to see how much was legit and fake.

20 products were counterfeit but NONE of those were shoes.

This is great news as it shows that if it’s coming from the retail product page or Amazon themselves, it’s more than likely legit.

Just keep in mind that if you decide to buy from an alternative seller, there’s a possibility that you can be ripped off.

More good news

It’s a lengthy process to sell on Amazon as they are very picky who they allow in to sell shoes and clothes as it’s very easy to sell fakes.

Sellers need to show receipts and manufacturing invoices to prove that they got it from the manufacturer.

If they trust them they will let them in.

Most people don’t want to risk their reputation and all that time getting accepted only to get banned soon after.

Of course some bad sellers slip through but they are quickly taken care of by Amazon.

Does a cheap price tag mean low quality?

Not necessarily.

You might find that a shoe in store sells for $150 but Amazon sell it for $110.

Does that mean it’s low quality and a fake?

No it doesn’t.

Amazon has cheaper prices because they don’t have to deal with overhead costs like running a brick-and-mortar store, hiring staff, leasing buildings, etc.

They can have fewer employees and have just as much success.

They’re the middleman and that’s why they can have cheaper prices than a real life store.

Wrapping Up

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to not buy from alternative sellers.

Stick to the retail sellers and Amazon themselves.

You can shop without second-guessing your purchase as you can shop confidently and happily.

Do that and you will have a better shopping experience 🙂

Have you been ripped off from Amazon before? Let us know in the comments below!

Otherwise thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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