Does Suede Shoes Stretch?

Easy Answer:

Suede shoes do in fact stretch. In most cases you can get 1/2 a size out of them. If they’re too tight, all it takes is a few days of wear before breaking in and getting stretched out.

You can speed this inevitable process up by wearing a thick pair of sicks for a few hours at a time.

But in my opinion it is not needed and you should let the shoe naturally take the shape of your foot, as this is going to provide a more comfortable fit the more it gets broken in.

Complex Answer:

Suede shoes can stretch and move to your will.

Natural suede is made up of animal skin, and as we all know, animals grow and so does their skin as they get bigger.

This means shoes made from suede can stretch and get bigger.

How much bigger?

An easy 1/2 size without causing much damage, if any at all, depending on your stretching method.

Wearing them for a few days will not damage them.

But using a shoe stretcher to get more than 1 size is certainly going to cause damage and decrease lifespan.

Faux suede

On the other hand, there is something called faux suede which is made from polyester microfiber that’s woven into a tough and very strong plastic material.

Faux suede should not be stretched and should not be attempted.

Faux suede has a tendency to look more like leather after it has been stretched out. It smooths out rather than stretches, and it changes the way it looks forever.

In other words, it makes it look disgustingly ugly and damages it permanently.

Even More Complex Answer:

Getting more complex means we need to know your exact reason to stretch suede shoes.

What type of shoe are you trying to stretch?

In most cases you only need to wear the shoe until your feet break it in. If there’s still problem areas causing pain or irritation, maybe consider a shoe stretcher.

Is it just one specific hot spot that’s causing the most pain?

Then you might want to consider a shoe stretcher. This handy-dandy, cost-effective tool is going to save you a lot of heartache.

You can spot stretch areas causing the most pain and discomfort.

If the toe box is too tight, you can stretch the toes.

Or if you need a little width, you can do that too.

How much stretch are you trying to get out of it?

A shoe stretcher can stretch the entire shoe after 24 hours.

You can easily get 1/2 a size and if you require more, keep stretching it until you get the desired results.

Just don’t go overboard or the riskier it gets for damage.

Final Word

Remember that shoes are eventually going to stretch out overtime anyway.

Stretching it sooner is only speeding up the inevitable process, whether it be via sock or shoe stretcher.

Will this cause damage?

No it should not, as long as you are stretching 1/2 – 1 full size.

If they require anymore than that, they should be taken back to the shop.

And if we’re dealing with faux suede, do not stretch that damn thing and return it for a bigger pair!

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