Does the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Perform?

Looking whether the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 is right for you?

Every good shoe has its pros and cons, but some perform better than others.

This basketball shoe looks amazing and seems to be getting a lot of love from the community.

However, I don’t judge a book by its cover.

In this Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 review, I will go over everything you need to know so you can make a more informed decision on whether this shoe is good for you or a waste of money.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2

Traction, Quality and Support
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom line:

This shoe does lack in some areas. They run a little narrow and the cushioning might not be up to par.

However, most people love the performance, durability, comfort and features. They really do have great traction and stability for quick transitions.

This shoe is great for the price and I have provided some alternatives at the bottom of this article for people with wide feet.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • Good for indoor and outdoor basketball
  • Amazing traction abilities
  • Feature-packed
  • Visually appealing
  • Proven to perform
  • Good quality
  • They run narrow
  • The cushion can be a little hard
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Product name: Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2

Gender: Male

Colorways: 15

Best for: Indoor basketball, outdoor basketball, casual use

What is the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Shoe?

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Shoe has many features and comes at an amazing price.

These shoes are specifically designed to offer movement control, energy return and traction.

It consists of a durable mesh upper and flexible forefoot for extra stability and control at every angle.

The Nike Zoom technology sits in the forefoot of the shoe and offers a spring-back effect with every jump and every stride, helping with take-offs, speed and agility.

The herringbone pattern rubber outsole is inspired by the third eye and offers immense traction through side to side transitions.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Outsole

This is done by wrapping the rubber up and around the sides of the shoe.

There is also a padded collar and heel clip for extra stability which I have found out to perform amazingly well on other shoes with padded collars.

Features that Stand Out

Herringbone Traction – The herringbone traction pattern that comes up the sides of the shoe is great for fast paced games and quick changes in directions without falling or slipping

Nike Zoom – One of my favorite features from Nike is the Zoom technology. This feature compresses under your weight and then springs back up when you push off. This special feature also promotes energy return which stops you from getting as fatigued

Stretchy Band – A stretchy band comes over the top of your foot underneath the laces to provide a “locked-in” feeling

Padded Collar – The padded collar provides lots of comfort and cushioning around the ankles which is GREAT for stability and preventing injuries. I have this feature on one of my basketball shoes and it holds my weight very well considering I’m 245 pounds

Mesh upper – The mesh upper increases breathability and cuts down on weight

Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Side View

What I Like

I love the design and how well it performs on the court.

I’m not one to choose design over comfort and performance, so when I can get the best of both worlds, it’s a great bonus.

And yes I like to use basketball shoes as casual use too because they get lots of attention and compliments.

I also like the padded collar, which I’ve already explained, gives me lots of stability.

Since I’m a larger person I need a shoe to hold my weight. And the padded collar does that so well!

What I Don’t Like

These shoes tend to run narrow which can be a problem with those with wide feet.

Also there are reports of the cushioning being hard and not as comfortable as other basketball shoes in the same price range.

But I will cover these two problems below.


Things You Should Know

On the Narrow Side

This shoe is very narrow compared to other basketball shoes.

It’s more preferred for people with normal or narrow feet sizes, not someone with wide feet.

Hard Cushioning

There is also a lack of soft cushioning.

That’s probably because the shoe is on the cheaper side. They have skimped on cushioning and decided to maximize features.

Although this was not the best idea because some people find the cushioning too hard.

Great Traction

Everyone who purchases this shoe, even the ones that gave it low stars, have nothing but nice things to say about the traction.

This is due to the herringbone pattern and the fact that it wraps up the sides.

Visually Appealing

These shoes look very nice for the price, and they are available in about 15 different colorways to help people find one they like.

They are very stylish and gets attention and compliments from others.

My favorite color combination is the Black / White / University Red / Anthracite.


Yes these shoes are comfortable for those that have neutral or narrow feet.

They fit them comfortably and that’s a result of the padded collar and spring-back cushioning.

The cushioning might be hard for some people but for those tall and slender people it can be a really great basketball shoe.

Who Should Wear It?

If you have wide feet, I say stay away from these shoes at all costs.

There is not enough width in them to fit them comfortably, and that’s why they are only good for people with neutral or narrow feet.

Also they make good casual and going out shoes.

Where to Get the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2?

There are a few places to get this shoe, but my favorite place is

They always have the fastest deliveries, they actually put their customers first, they have free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

I have shopped with Amazon for years and absolutely love the way they do things.

Do I Recommend this Shoe?


The fitting is off and the cushioning is not up to par for a lot of people.

But for the majority of those with narrow or neutral feet, these perform like a charm.

They have the comfort needed for basketball, high quality materials, a good amount of support and amazing traction.

They perform flawlessly on all types of court surfaces and they last a decent amount of time considering the cheap price tag.

Love ’em or hate ’em, they are hear to stay because they perform and most who buy them just love them.

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 are great shoes for the price and HIGHLY recommended!

Alternative/Similar Shoes

So the Nike AIR Precision II NBK are a great alternative. I have personally used them and I am a heavyset with normal feet and love them. They are the same price range but more recommended for people on the heavier side.

The Nike Kyrie 5 also has lots of comfort and rounded outsoles for immense traction. They have lots of colors and make good casual shoes. These are high tops and a little more expensive due to the durability, but more suited for people with wide feet.

My Final Opinion

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 are some of the best basketball shoes for the price.

They lack cushioning abilities and run narrow, but I have provided some alternatives above.

However, if you don’t care about those cons, know that these shoes perform up to expectations, have amazing traction and work well on both indoor and outdoor courts.

The quality is there and they have support and durability.

I have no issues with these shoes especially at this price.

Highly recommended!

Check the Price & Availability at Amazon

Well that concludes this review.

Please let me know what you think of this shoe in the comments below.



Traction, Quality and Support
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom line:

This shoe does lack in some areas. They run a little narrow and the cushioning might not be up to par.

However, most people love the performance, durability, comfort and features. They really do have great traction and stability for quick transitions.

This shoe is great for the price and I have provided some alternatives at the bottom of this article for people with wide feet.

10 thoughts on “Does the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Perform?”

  1. It is quite indisputable that Nike makes the best basketball shoes and this is just another one of the very best they have made.

    This Kyrie Flytrap 2 actually has some sleekness to the design and also, I like the fact that it is very soft and can be used both indoor and outdoor which makes it much better. Thanks

    • You are right, it’s the reason Nike has some of the best looking and comfortable shoes in the world right now.

      They know what the people want and they have been doing it for years.

  2. I like the way they have integrated the color at the top and have brought it all the way down to the sole as well. It is very fascinating to be honest. Also they flytrap 2 seems to have that perfect comfort that one will need in a good shoe. Thanks for this.

    • I love the color design, it’s actually my favorite out of all the color options available. And yes they are comfortable, especially for people with natural or narrow feet.

  3. Brandon, 

    Thanks for the awesome review of the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2. I think these will do for me. Thanks for letting me know they are a little narrow, but I will be cool with that. I have been needing a new pair for indoor basketball so I will give them a shot. It looks like they will be pretty durable. Durability seems to be hard to find in a good priced shoe. 


    • I will have to agree with you. These days a $50 pair of shoes doesn’t even last 3 months so it’s good to see high quality for money shoes.

  4. Wow! Yet another awesome shoe from Nike. I must commend their consistency in releasing quality products for everyone regardless of the age or size. Apart from using it for basketball, for me, I think it can also be used as a casual wear and also for workout.

    I love this particular red and black color.

    • Hey Wilson, I’m glad you liked this shoe.

      The black and red color was my favorite too and yes it can be used for working out, as most basketball shoes can be.

  5. I love Nike shoes and so does my boyfriend. I was looking for basketball shoes for myself, and I stumbled across your article. I love your review, I will show Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 to my boyfriend, and I think that now we will both buy new shoes.

    I am glad I can buy them through Amazon. I love shopping where I don’t have to leave my house. Especially in these times.

    Can you recommend some good shoes for me?

    Have a beautiful day.


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