Dust Off the Ol’ Gym Shoes or Get New Ones After Quarantine?

With more and more gyms opening around the US and across the globe, more people are getting their gym shoes ready and hyping themselves up for their old gym routine.

Quarantine Covid

But should you use your old gym shoes?

Wouldn’t it be better to get new ones for a fresher start?

Well this is my opinion on the matter.

I’m going to explain why you should get new shoes and the reason your old ones are ready for the bin.

The quarantine life

There’s no doubt that quarantine life sucks!

Coronavirus has put a massive hold on 2020 and it doesn’t look like it’ll be kicking off fully at all this year.

And it may stay the same way for a majority of 2021 as well.

Think of wearing masks as the “new normal”.

Even with a vaccine and the coronavirus wiped out, businesses may still want people to wear masks and we can’t do anything about it because it’s private property.

So many people have lost their lives, some have lost jobs, most are unsure of what’s to come, and no one knows what’s going to happen.

But one things for sure.

We WILL get back to normal life sooner or later.

Gyms and businesses are starting to open up and that begs the question.

Should you get your old gym shoes out and carry on as normal?

Well here’s my opinion.

You should get new shoes

Quarantine life is weird. Coming out of quarantine and back into civilization is even weirder because we’re not use to it.

It’s almost like a new start to life.

Think of it as a new start to a better life.

And the best way to tackle it is with a brand new pair of wheels.

Your feet are your foundation. You’re on your feet most of the day.

It just makes sense that you should take care of them, and using your old gym shoes that have been filled with sweat from previous workouts is not going to offer that “feel-good” feeling.

In my opinion, wearing a new pair of gym shoes is going to be a breath of fresh air.

There’s nothing like stepping into a new pair of shoes and starting your day.

It’s one of the most simplistic but powerful feelings that everyone overlooks.

And I’m not talking about just for the gym either. You should get new shoes for your daily travels.

To and from work, to the gym, running errands, doing groceries. It’s pretty much a new life. Wearing new shoes will help you have a better start to a new life.

Because essentially that’s what it is.

Don’t wear your old shoes

Yucky old sweat, dust and smelly shoes is what you’re putting your feet into.

You probably haven’t worn your gym shoes for a few months. Who knows what kind of mold and fungi is growing inside them.

Shoes left in storage for long periods of time will dry rot from the inside out, meaning you won’t even see it while it’s happening.

And if they’ve been worn previously, that makes it even more disgusting because the dry rotting process would’ve started a long time ago.

Do the right thing, throw them out and get some new ones. You’ll feel much better walking in the gym with new shoes.

Just a little flex on my part

So I’m from New Zealand.

If you don’t know by now, we had a full lockdown for 4 weeks.

A full lockdown means we have to stay in our house and not go anywhere.

No businesses were open, no fast food places, nothing.

The only thing that was open was essential services like delivery drivers, supermarkets, etc. And only a certain amount of people were allowed in at a time.

New Zealand Lockdown

I took this picture about a week into lockdown. It was so weird. Everyone was quiet and everyone was keeping their distance.

But the good news is that all that work paid off.

Now we are fully open again, do not have to wear masks, and normal life is back.

We have about 1-2 cases a day, sometimes 0 cases.

Also those cases are from New Zealanders coming back home which are quarantined in managed facilities (that the government pays for).

Our borders are closed and open for citizens only, and it will stay that way for a long time so we can keep out the virus.

Lets get some normality in our lives

This article is for places that are just opening up again, for the gym goers that want to get back to normal life.

I know some gyms that opened are closing down again because of rising cases.

But don’t let this stop you from living your best life.

Humans are productive creatures. We are not designed to sit around at home all day.

Being productive makes us happy, and we need some normality in our lives to help with that.

Don’t wait for gyms to open. Go out and make it happen.

Get some new shoes, go for a walk, a light jog or a run.

If you prefer weightlifting, go to your local park and do bodyweight exercises.

Home workouts are also good but can become boring and repetitive. Of course when you go out, keep your distance.

But us as human beings need to be productive.

Going out and getting sunlight and exercise will be the best thing you can do in these strange times.

Well that finishes up this article

Remember that you will feel much better with a new pair of wheels on your feet.

Comfort is so underrated.

If our feet are comfortable, we feel happier, it boosts our morale, we are more confident, and we have a better day.

Well that’s my 2 cents on the matter.

Please if you have anything to add, leave it in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap!

Otherwise get out and make things happen instead of waiting for gyms to open.

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