Everything You Need to Know About Shoe Bags

What is a shoe bag? What purpose does it have in this world?

Dress Shoe Bag

Shoe bags are actually very versatile and a handy thing to have, especially for avid travelers or those that don’t want to ruin their shoes when moving from A to B.

Shoe bags are a great little tool that’s going to keep your shoes safe and secure at all times and ensure your investment.

In this article I will get down to all the nitty-gritty stuff so you know exactly what they are, the types of shoe bags and what to get.

What is a Shoe Bag?


A shoe bag is a square or rectangular-shaped little bag, no bigger than a pair of shoes that may allow a little wiggle room.

They house your dress shoes or any shoe that you don’t want getting damaged.

They feature lots of interior padding for maximum protection and a stiff fabric to stop it from being squished.

This is going to secure your investment when traveling abroad or anywhere that your bag may get moved around.

Basically it’s a security for your shoes so you don’t have them in your bigger luggage or carry-on.

You may see rich people walking around with these and think they are “boujee” or “extra”.

But in reality they don’t want their most important kicks getting damaged.

Sometimes they can be tucked inside a bigger bag to provide another layer of protection, otherwise individually if there’s no room for it.

However, keep in mind that there are some great shoe bags with lots of protection and others with little-to-none.

Types of Shoe Bags

General Purpose (recommended)

General purpose shoe bags are made for pretty much any type of shoe.

They are affordable and offer all the protection needed to protect your shoe investment.

These are completely fine to use and I recommend them for anyone looking to get their first shoe bag.

Specific Shoe Bags

Some shoe bags are created with specific shoes in mind.

For example:

Some might be made for dress shoes, golf shoes, basketball shoes, cleats, or any other type of footwear.

Each bag has additional compartments for that activity.

Golf shoe bags feature additional pockets for golf balls and golf tees, while bowling shoe bags offer space for bowling balls and shoes.


Waterproof shoe bags are exactly that.

They offer a resistance barrier in the event something spills on your bag.

However, waterproof bags don’t offer the same amount of padded protection as general purpose bags, so it’s a trade-off.

You either choose one or the other…padded and squash-resistant, or vulnerable but waterproof.

Personally I would go with the padded bags.

Single and Double

Shoe bags come in either single or double.

They serve the same purpose but tend to be more expensive because they carry two pairs of shoes rather than one.

Should you get a single or double?

If you have two pairs of shoes to protect then definitely go for the double size, otherwise stick with the single.

Cheap Shoe Bags

You want to stay as far away from these shoe bags as much as possible.

They are the cheapest out of them all, have no padding and no water-resistance.

Can You Use Shoe Bags for Storage?

No, I do not recommend doing this as they are for short-term lugging around and should not be used for long-term storage.

Shoes need air flow so moisture that gets in can dry out quickly.

Keeping shoes stored in shoe bags will speed up the dry rot process and ruin it faster.

Shoe bags can definitely be used for storage like traveling, but should not be stored for extended periods of time.

Don’t get me wrong.

A few days is completely okay.

I’m talking about those that want to store them under their bed for years and years, because that’s going to cause major issues.

Here’s how to store shoes for the long-term

Best Fabric for Shoe Bags

Shoe bags are made with different fabrics.

These fabrics offer a variety of pros and cons, so it’s best to know what fabric is best before diving in and getting the first one you see.

Of course the higher quality the bag, the more expensive it will be.

This is what a top quality shoe bag consists of:

  • Thick and stiff nylon exterior
  • Leather straps and handles
  • Thick interior padding made with non-scuff material
  • Heavy-duty zippers

These are a basic outline of what a top quality shoe bag offers.

Going lower quality is okay but do keep in mind that less protection means higher risk for damaged goods.

Some dress shoes cost up to $1000, so it makes complete sense to not skimp on a shoe bag and protect your investment.

In Conclusion

Well that pretty much covers everything you need to know about shoe bags.

Lets recap:

  • Shoe bags offer immense protection for your shoes
  • It’s worth paying for a bag to protect expensive shoes or sneakers
  • Skip the cheap bags because they don’t offer any protection
  • They should always be used when traveling
  • They should not be used for long-term storage

And that concludes this article on shoe bags and what they are all about.

I hope you decide to use them for your travel adventures because of how beneficial they are.

Well thanks for reading and have a great day.

Any questions?

Ask me in the comments below 🙂



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