How to Clean Yeezys and Maintain Performance

Yeezys are one of the biggest influences for shoe brands in the world, so it makes sense to keep these shoes in top top condition.

Shoe Cleaning

Adidas make a limited amount of Yeezys at a time and the entire stock gets sold out in literally minutes, sometimes less.

So if you managed to get yourself a pair of Yeezys, know that they aren’t easy to come across on and you better clean them after every use to keep them looking fresher for longer.

In this article I’m going to show you how to clean your Yeezys, how not to clean them, and some general maintenance tips and tricks.


How NOT to Clean Yeezys

Washing machine – Yes you can use the washing machine for all types of shoes, but in this case, your Yeezys need to stay OUT of the washing machine.

Washing machines warp shoes, discolor them and damage fabric if done incorrectly.

Dishwasher – Another viable method for washing traditional sneakers is the dishwasher. This is actually more dangerous than the washing machine.

The extreme heat and water kills shoes and that’s what will happen to your Yeezys inside the dishwasher if not done correctly.

Of course you could definitely get away with putting them in the washing machine and dishwasher if you really wanted to.

However, I just can’t recommend such methods for the simple reason that they’ll wear the shoes down much faster and not last as long.

Plus Adidas themselves do not recommend the washing machine or dish washer for all the reasons I mentioned above.

So what do I recommend?

Hand washing!

How to Clean Yeezys the Right Way

Hand washing is the easiest and most simplest way to clean your shoes.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Remove the insoles

Step 2: Remove the laces

Step 3: Fill a bowl or sink with cold water

Step 4: Pour laundry detergent in the water while it’s running

Note: Fill the water up about an inch above the soles

Step 5: Use a hard-bristle brush to clean the soles of the shoe. Really get in the nooks and crannies to remove as much dirt as possible

Step 6: Use a soft bristled brush to clean the fabric. Scrub all over until satisfied they’re clean enough. You can use a toothbrush to clean the more difficult areas

Step 7: Leave the shoes in to soak while you clean the insoles. Use the soft-bristled brush and scrub the insoles in a circular motion

Step 8: Now leave the insoles in the water while you wash the laces. This can be done simply by massaging the laces into the water

Step 9: Empty the old and dirty water from the bowl or sink and fill it up with clean water, rinsing the shoes and insoles off to remove excess detergent

Step 10: Dry your shoes! I recommend hanging them somewhere and drying in room temperature. Otherwise they can be hung outside under the shade, safe from sun damage

Why Is Hand Washing Better than Anything Else?

It’s the least riskiest – There’s just too much risk involved with washing machines and dishwashers. Hand washing is the least riskiest as there is zero possibility of any damage happening with your Yeezys, keeping them in tip top shape for as long as possible 🙂

You can still get a thorough clean – You can get your Yeezys just as clean as using the washer or dishwasher as long as you follow the steps in this article.

It’s the simplest and fastest – This is the most simplest approach and can be done much quicker than other methods. After some practice you can get it done in 5 minutes.

It is actually fun – Believe it or not, it might seem like a boring chore but it’s actually really fun cleaning and taking care of your Yeezys.

General Care and Maintenance

Now you know how to clean your shoes without damaging them, it’s time to keep them looking fresh after every use.

And you do that with general care and maintenance.

  1. Clean them after every use. You do not need to do a full blown hand wash, just a quick wipe down with a cloth and water after every use is going to do wonders for the longevity of your shoes.
  2. Hand wash them every week. I recommend hand washing your Yeezys (following the steps in this article) at least every week even if you’re not wearing them all the time.
  3. Use them only on special occasions. It’s a bad idea to wear your Yeezys as your regular day shoes, they’re just too expensive to go to waste like that. Keep them for special occasions, such as: going out to dinner, a date, going to an event, etc.
  4. Store them in the correct place. Keeping your Yeezys at the front door under a pile of other shoes is a recipe for disaster. Tuck them away safely, safe from the elements and damage from getting squashed or banged around. In the closet or on a shelf is a great place.

Here’s how to store your shoes for ultimate longevity

5. Yeezys are a dirt magnet so it’s best to stay away from grass, dirt and mud. Keep to the pavement and you’ll eliminate the potential for Yeezy Boost destruction for good!

Okay not for good, but for as long as possible anyway

Even Yeezus himself (Kanye West) takes off his fresh kicks to avoid walking them through a dirty ground!

I mean, that’s incredible dedication right there and a massive role model at that.

Cleaning Yeezys is Pretty Much Mandatory

If you managed to get some Yeezys and paid hundreds of dollars for them, you’d be a fool not to clean and maintain them.

They are very expensive and very in demand by Kanye fans all over the world.

I highly recommend you take care of your Yeezys by using the tips in this article and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of clean Yeezys for many years to come!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Please leave all your questions and concerns in the comments below 🙂

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