How to Prevent Big Bad Blisters in New Shoes

Blisters are painful and even worse when you have to walk on the damn things every single day.

Ankle Blisters

We’ve all experienced the pain of a blister from new shoes and it’s not easy to conquer especially when you’re on your feet all day.

In this article I’m going to show you how to break in your new shoes and avoid blisters from occurring in the first place.

The key is to not use the shoes everyday as this is only going to cause too much friction and make the situation worse.

What Causes Blisters?

There’s one simple reason why blisters occur from brand new shoes.

Blisters occur when the skin becomes damaged. In this case, from skin rubbing on your shoe over and over again.

The body reacts by building a barrier to prevent the skin from being further damaged.

It creates a blister to act as a “cushioning” effect from said friction.

That’s why we get blisters from new shoes, the fact that the new shoes have not been broken in yet.

But thankfully there are ways to prevent blisters from occurring in the first place.

Realize That it is Only Temporary

The good news is that blisters from shoes are only temporary, as long as the shoe fits perfectly.

It’s just a matter of molding your feet to the padding. This term is called “breaking in”.

On the other hand, if the shoe is too tight, breaking in will not work as this is a whole other problem on its own.

Now you have to try and stretch the shoe.

So as long as the shoe fits, we know it’s not a size issue and can begin the prevention process.

You will find 5 of them below.

5 Ways to Prevent Blisters From Happening

1. Minimize Usage of the Shoes

We know what causes blisters, now we can minimize the rubbing effect as much as possible and protect the skin simply by minimizing our time wearing the shoes.

If you’ve still got the old shoes, that’s great. We can use them while we break in the new shoes.

The best way to find potential hot spots is to walk around the house for at least 30 minutes.

This is plenty time to feel friction and find any red spots, in which case, this blister will occur if you wear them any longer.

Now all you need to do is use these prevention tactics to stop a blister from occurring.

2. Apply Foot Cream Every Night

One thing you should definitely do is keep your feet in good condition. This means not letting them dry out.

Dry skin is more prone to damage than moisturized skin, or at the very least cause irritation.

You should apply some sort of foot cream every night before bed to keep them healthy and in tip top condition.

3. Air Out Your Feet

Another way to prevent blisters is to take your feet out of your shoes and air them out throughout the day, especially if you’re using them all day at work.

It’s dark, hot and and damp inside your shoe. Sweat happens quickly and often.

Too much sweat and rubbing is not a good combination, it’s going to break the skin easily and cause a blister in a matter of minutes.

4. Wear Comfortable Socks

Invest in some high quality socks to protect your feet from rubbing against the shoe.

Try double layered as these will reduce friction.

Stay away from thin socks as the rubbing effect will still cause blisters to come.

I also recommend trying moisture-wicking socks. These draw moisture away from toes and other sensitive areas, keeping your feet well ventilated and dry.

5. Make Sure the Shoe Fits

I know this isn’t possible if you’ve already bought the shoe, but the easiest prevention technique is to have the right fitting shoe from the very start.

A good way to know is that the shoe and foot move as one unit. Not too tight and not too loose.

A finger width in the front of your toes and finger width in the back of your feet is good enough space to allow enough movement for walking.

Any looser than that and rubbing occurs.

And any tighter, rubbing will also occur.

Your shoes should feel so comfortable that they make you want to walk out of the store and start running.

That’s when you know you’ve chosen the perfect pair of shoes 🙂

How to Walk With Blisters With Minimal Pain

If you’re too late to the party and actually suffering from a blister as we speak, then I’m sorry for your pain and I would rather you see you suffer.


Fortunately for you we can do some things to stop as much pain as possible while treating the blister to stop it from getting infected.

The key is to wrap the problem area up to stop more rubbing from happening and creating more damage to the skin.

If the blister pops it could create infection which is something we really don’t want happening.

Blister Band-Aid


Do not apply a regular band-aid as this will not be as effective and will only last a couple of hours.

You will need a proper blister band-aid. These are specially designed to protect the blister from further damage.

Padding and Padding Strips

Amazon has tons of different products for helping blisters from becoming worse.

These include things like pads for the balls of your foot, ankle protectors, extra padding band aids, etc.

These can be used before you notice a blister arising but also when you already have one. They will keep pain to a minimum and speed up the healing process.

Sports Tape

Another cheap but effective product is sports tape.

Cover problem areas with sports tape to prevent friction and rubbing, and especially pain.

The downside to these are that adhesive pads, tapes and things of that nature tend to move away from the problem area throughout the day.

The only way to combat this is to experiment with different products and see which one stops pain without moving around too much and causing more heartache.

Baby Powder

Putting baby powder inside your shoe will suck the moisture out which is what’s causing the blisters in the first place.

So basically if you already have a blister, this will stop it from getting any worse.


Swipe some Vaseline on the blister or problem area.

This creates a “second skin” effect and it’s more of a temporary fix until you can get something more protective such as better socks, padding strips, etc.


Remember, the ultimate prevention is a a great fitting shoe.

With that in mind, the next time you shop for a new pair you should be able to eliminate rubbing altogether and be able to use the shoes all day, straight out of the box.

Don’t choose a badly fitting shoe just because it’s the only size they had, opt for something much more comfortable and don’t settle for less.

Because the consequences could be a couple of badass blisters that’ll ruin your whole week.

Well thanks for reading and that concludes this article.

Comment below what techniques you use to prevent blisters from happening? We’d all love to hear them!

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