How to Tell If Nike Shoes are Fake

More and more people are wearing fake shoes because, well, they are much cheaper to get and to the average eye you can’t even notice the difference.

Fake Air Jordans

Fake Nike shoes are inevitable.

I purchased some Nike Air Jordans from last year for $40 and they actually looked really good and decent.

Of course they didn’t have the quality construction you’d find on real Air Jordan’s, but to the average person, they do not know.

The picture above are the ones I bought.

If you’re an avid shoe wearer and don’t want to get ripped off, knowing what’s real and what’s counterfeit is going to help you achieve that.

Lets discuss more below.

Lets determine a real Nike shoe

First and foremost we need to determine what a real Nike shoe consists of.

Real Nike’s are flexible, have high quality stitching, straight lines, stitching all the way to the end, lightweight, a comfortable midsole, and a high-grade rubber outsole.

They create the midsole and glue it, they never stretch their cushioning.

Nike shoes are incredibly lightweight and have some of the lightest shoes on the market.

Some say check the tongue as it should say the company name, size, product name, country of manufacture, and the SKU.

However, even fake shoes have this so it’s not a good indicator.

Now lets determine a fake Nike

Squiggly stitching, unfinished stitching, a stiff upper, a cheap plasticy-feel rubber outsole, and an overall heavier shoe.

These are all telltale signs of a big fat fake.

It’s much easier to create a shoe with heavier materials as they are cheaper and easier to get your hands on.

Fake shoes are heavier than real Nike’s which should feel like nothings in your hand most of the time.

That’s also the reason why the upper is stiff and restricts movements.

The outsole (bottom of the shoe) is made of low-grade material and won’t last as near as close as real Nike’s.

My Air Jordans were as stiff as a rock

The Air Jordans I used as the featured image of this article are the ones I bought last year.

As you can see they look amazing for 40 something bucks!

However, I actually got rid of them not long after buying them because they were just horrendous.

They were uncomfortable as hell, they were as stiff as a rock and they were way too small anyway.

I purchased them off of because they actually looked really cool.

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So don’t get me wrong, the aesthetics is there.

Fake manufacturers really know how to reel you in with a legit looking shoe.

But as you should know by now, that is a ploy.

They are going to look amazing, but the quality isn’t going to be there and they won’t last as long.

I mean, they were basketball shoes but there was no way they were going to be used for basketball, they were WAY too stiff.

Actually now I wish I didn’t get rid of them as I could’ve used them as a model for this article.

But hopefully now you know how to spot a fake Nike and you don’t get ripped off ever again.

Finishing up

It’s quite simple to determine a fake Nike shoe.

One of the easiest ways is to feel how heavy it is and the stiffness.

But of course when buying online this is impossible as you are going off the word of the seller.

If they are using stock images and not the real thing, this is usually a good indicator.

But I have more information on spotting fake shoes online here.

Even though I talk about Air Jordans, I want you to read the part about shopping online because all the rules apply.

And that wraps up this article.

Hit me up in the comments below if you have any questions or concerns.


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