Is Puma a Good Shoe Brand?

Lets face it.

There are a large number of shoe brands out there, and a lot of them are actually pretty good.

Puma Shoes

There are some new ones on the rise and there are some that have been around for over 100 years.

Some shoe brands are completely worthless and others deliver nothing but quality.

But I bet the question on your mind today is: is Puma a good shoe brand?

Today I’m going to get to the bottom of things and let you know whether or not Puma makes good shoes.


What is Puma?

Puma is a German company that manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories.

It is owned by a man named Rudolf Dassler who happens to be the older brother of the founder of Adidas (Adolf Dassler).

Why would they create 2 different companies?

Sibling rivalry, of course.

They created a highly successful shoe company called “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory” but due to unforeseen circumstances, their relationship deteriorated over the years, and they decided to split in 1948.

Rudolf created PUMA in 1948 and Adolf created Adidas in 1949.

Today, Puma is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, coming one position behind Adidas which is the second largest.

Nike dominates the first position.

Do They Make Good Running Shoes?

Yes of course Puma makes good running shoes.

They wouldn’t be the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world if they didn’t.

However, you need to realize that every brand is different and everyone’s needs a different.

A shoe from Puma might be good for your best friend, but it might not work for you.

It all comes down to whether or not the shoe fits your feet properly.

There are also some things they have in their shoes that make them stand out from other brands.

They are:

Arch support – Puma running shoes have good neutral and high arch support which helps move easily and efficiently on uneven terrain

Comfortable – Puma shoes have incredible comfort thanks to the foam beads, ignite foam and cell cushioning technology

Durability – Puma create their shoes with sturdy materials to make them last a long time. The average running shoe will get about 500-600 miles out of them. Or 12 miles a week if you want it to last a year

EverTrack Carbon Rubber Outsole – Puma running shoes feature an outsole with high durability and abrasion-resistance, increasing the longevity of the shoe

T-toe Structure – Their running shoes also feature the t-toe structure to increase the amount of room in the toe box, which offers plenty of space to move naturally

Aesthetics – Puma are renown for releasing visually appealing shoes that stand out. Even their cheap shoes look cool

Just like other big companies like Nike and Adidas, Puma are continuously improving the quality of their running shoes to make the best of the best for the people, and I have no doubts that their running shoes work exactly as advertised.

Do They Make Good Walking Shoes?

There is not much information regarding their walking shoes so it’s really hard for me to come to a definitive conclusion.

I like to get all the data together and the facts before making such claims, so unfortunately I do not know whether or not their walking shoes are good for walking.

However, I know for a fact that people use their running shoes for walking and they love them.

So to answer this question:

It’s hard to say because there’s a lack of information about there.

If you want to use Puma for walking, I suggest finding a running shoe and seeing if people use it for walking also.

That’s the best way to go about it.

Are Their Shoes Good for the Gym?

Some of the best cross training shoes are actually made from Puma!

Just like their running shoes, they have the utmost comfort and stability in mind to help wearers have a successful and comfortable workout.

Puma know how to test their products and find what works, so I have no doubts that their shoes are good for the gym.

Puma trainers are good for crossfit, aerobics, walking on the treadmill, running on the treadmill, weightlifting, cardio and other basic fitness activities.

However, keep in mind that cross trainers are a hybrid of many different fitness shoes and should not be used in excess for running or walking.

Cross trainers are good for short distance walking or running only, which is a great way to warm down after an intense workout session.

Read More: Are Crossfit Shoes Good for Running?

So YES, Puma’s cross trainers are actually really good for the gym as long as you’re not spending hours on the treadmill.

What About Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and Other Sports?

What about sports activities, do their shoes perform for these as well?

If you use the shoe for the right activity, yes.

The shoe will definitely perform as it was designed to and I have no issues with the performance capabilities.

For example: If you play basketball, wear a shoe specifically designed for basketball.

Or if you’re playing tennis, wear a tennis shoe.

The reason?

All sports require different patterns of movement and a quick way to catch an injury is to wear the wrong footwear.

Puma are continuously making their footwear better to help athletes become better players.

Plus they’re the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world! It’s a no-brainer that their sports shoes perform.

Are Puma Shoes High Quality?

Let me tell you this:

I’m not going to lie, I see many Puma shoes that are cheap and that raised a red flag for me.

Some of their shoes are under $100 which may seem like a great deal, but when you dig deeper, you will find that they are low quality.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

If you buy a $40 pair of Puma shoes, don’t expect it last a couple years.

You’ll be lucky to get 1 year out of it.

But is that really that bad? Not necessarily.

As I explain in this article, it can be much better and affordable to go cheap.

On the other hand, anything over $100 is going to last longer.

And that’s with all shoe brands out there.

Go cheap, get something cheap.

Or spend a little money for a long-lasting shoe.

Well that concludes this article on Puma shoes and if they are actually good for sports activities.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

What are your experiences with Puma? Do you have any stories you would like to add? Tell us in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Is Puma a Good Shoe Brand?”

  1. I’ve never thought of Puma as a performance or sports brand of shoe but you may have changed my mind. You can find shoes for similar price to Nike or Adidas and they look good too. Its great that all the research has been done so i know if i end up with a pair they will be worth it. 

  2. Wow, I love how thoroughly and deep you go in this article explaining everything there is to know, about Puma as a shoe brand. I did not know that the owners of Puma and Adidas are brothers and this is a sibling rivalry, that is a fun fact to know. 

  3. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve loved sneakers and even till now, I still wear them whenever I get to go out in a casual attire. I have a few personal favorites but Puma is one of the brands I don’t wear often. In truth, I know little of the brand until I came across this informative post. The review is well detailed and I’ve been able to pick up a few things about Puma’s quality. I’ll look to get one of their kicks for myself. 

    • Puma really are a great shoe brand that continues to stand out among the many other shoe companies out there.

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you like it 🙂

  4. Hello Brandon, i have seen so many brands today n the market competing for a spot in the chart and I just laugh when i see the products they offer. On the other hand, Puma happens to be of the best shoe brands i have seen an used so far with them having unique designs and by the year their products keeps getting better and that is just want is needed to be amongst the best.

    • I agree, the companies that stand the test of time are the ones that learn, change and adapt to every-changing world, and Puma happens to be one of them.

  5. Hey there, I was researching about Puma’s arch support in their sneakers and I’m glad to hear they have a good neutral and high arch support. That single point is important for me.

    It was interesting to read about how Puma and Adidas began. I didn’t know their founders were two brothers.

    • Hey Abel,

      I’m happy you found the information you were after.

      Let me know if you need any help finding one you like and I can help you out.

  6. Hi Brandon, 

    I like Puma and definitely learned a lot about the brand after reading your post. I think Puma shoes are pretty comfortable to wear for workouts based on my experience. In terms of quality, I agree that you really get what you paid for. The cheaper ones are not as satisfying as the ones that cost a little more because I tried both types… 

    Thanks for this very informative article! -Jane

    • That pretty much rings true for all shoes. Often times it’s cheaper but you have to determine what you want the shoe for and how long you want it to last.

      Sometimes it’s better to go cheap for casual use and sports because you save in the long run.

      But for going out and looking your best in, it’s always best to go expensive.


  7. Oh, I like Puma Shoes. I honestly don’t have a high standard when it comes to shoes. I personally use Nike but I love Puma shoes for kids – the Puma kids shoes we have here had been passed over 2-3 kids and they still look new. Maybe it’s totally different for kids’ shoes – they will not be worn for the entire year, kids grow up too fast. Nevertheless, my experience in Puma Brand for Kids is perfect. 

    • Haha, that’s totally true that kids don’t wear shoes for long. It’s a tradition in many families to pass down shoes from the oldest sibling to the youngest sibling.

      It’s not the healthiest thing to do but I doubt it will stop anytime soon 😛


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