Is the Adidas Ultraboost 19 a Good Shoe?

Adidas is a direct competitor of Nike, but what makes this shoe better than any other brand?

In my experience, one shoe does not define a brand.

A large majority defines a brand.

Just because Adidas is a good brand that this shoe is automatically going to be good.

In the midst of the many good shoes, there are a small handful of bad.

Does the Adidas Ultra Boots 19 fall into this category or is it a great shoe and bound to perform as advertised?

In this review I will explain the cold hard truth.


Adidas Ultra Boost 19 Side View

Performs Beyond Expectations
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money


The Adidas Ultra Boost 19 is one of the best running shoes I have reviewed so far.

It’s comfortable, offers lots of support and can be used for pretty much any daily activity.

They are available in both mens and women and are bound to last a long time thanks to the sturdiness construction and Primeknit technology.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • They are very durable and last a long time
  • It’s packed with features such as the Primeknit technology and dual-density cushioning
  • Very comfortable. They can be worn all day without feeling discomfort or irritation
  • They are versatile and can be used for all daily activities
  • Not good for high arch feet

What Others are Saying About It

  • This shoe is very comfortable; fits just right for me. Very stylish, I can wear this all day and this color just goes with everything.
  • I generally wear a 10.5 for all of my shoes, and these were a little uncomfortable at first. Keep wearing them, they loosen a little over time.
  • Great shoes – the softest insole I’ve ever had, but gives great support too.
  • The fit great, look great, perform well, and are durable. This latest pair is just the same—excellent.

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Product name: Adidas Ultra Boost 19

Weight: 11 ounces

Gender: Men and Women

Color Combinations: 30+

Best for: Running, walking, standing all day, running errands


The Adidas Ultra Boost 19 looks like a fairly average shoe upon first glance.

However, it’s available in many different colors and combinations. I counted 30 of them!

The entire upper is knitted as one piece, meaning no stitching whatsoever.

This type of technology allows the shoe to feel lighter, more responsive and doesn’t need socks.

Because essentially it is a second-skin, designed to move with the foot and not shift during transition.

It features dual-density cushioning for medial support and a more energized run.

It’s designed with a neutral arch, so those with a low to medium arch will fit this shoe properly.

Those with no or high arch will find it uncomfortable and I do not recommend it for you.

Key Features

  • Dual-density cushioning for energy stabilization and responsive ride
  • Primeknit 360 technology for increased support
  • Available in about 30 different colors
  • Only weighs 11 ounces

So What Makes this Shoe So Great?

Well the main benefit of the Ultra Boost 19 shoe is the primeknit upper, which is similar to Nikes Flyknit technology but not as strong.


Primeknit is an upper knitted as one whole piece.

Flyknit has the same technology but with reinforced problem areas for increased support and durability.

Although nonetheless, Primeknit is still one of Adidas strongest points and unique to the company, which is what makes this shoe stand out from other Adidas shoes that do not have this feature.

Dual-Boost Cushioning

Another good feature is the Dual-boost cushioning which creates more energy stabilization and a more responsive ride.

Basically, it allows you to run longer and smoother without getting breathless too quickly.

3D Heel Frame

The heel frame is located on the outside of the shoe, directly behind the heel.

This special tool expands as you place your foot in the shoe and gives it a more “personalized fit”.

This is a feature I have not seen on any other shoe yet which is why I had to mention it.

Adidas Ultra Boost 19 Heel Clip

Things to Note About the Adidas Ultra Boost 19 Shoe

They First Fit Snug When Worn

Something you need to keep in mind is that they fit snug due to the Primeknit technology.

It feels a lot different to traditional shoes so it may throw you off a bit when first wearing them.

However, they stretch out overtime so don’t worry if they feel a little too tight to begin with.

Good for Achilles Tear and Tendon Problems

Reviewers have stated that these shoes are amazing for people with an Achilles tear or tendon problem.

And that is with 15,000 – 20,000 steps a day.

So these shoes aren’t just good for running, they make amazing walking shoes too.

They can be used as an everyday shoe due to the support and cushioning they offer for people on their feet all day.

They are Very Durable

The best way to describe these are German engineering at its finest.

And that’s what others have described them as too.

They really are durable and will last well over a year, and that’s with everyday use (with proper general care and maintenance of course)

Just remember to clean them often. A rule of thumb is once a week.

They Make Amazing Running Shoes

They are designed exactly for running and they perform exactly as advertised.

The Adidas Ultra Boost 19 shoes has a nice low to ground stride, and the foam cushioning really does boost runners bounce while reducing impact.

Just the way Adidas intended it to be.

Bad for High Arch

These are specifically designed for people with a low to medium arch.

Those people find these shoes comfortable.

However, those with a high arch will not fit this shoe correctly and it’s only going to cause pain and discomfort.

The Nike Air Monarch Shoe is better for high archers.

What I Personally Like About this Shoe

In a nutshell, I love that they fit great, they look great and perform exactly as advertised.

To me that is a success.

Any shoe that fits perfectly is hard to find, but when you can find a shoe that has good looks and performance as well, that is a nice bonus.

I also like the Primeknit upper and heel clip because it makes the shoe feel comfortable and supportive.

What are they Best For?

In my opinion, these shoes are great for almost anything that doesn’t require horizintal movements in short bursts.

For example, they should not be used for basketball or tennis.

They don’t provide horizontal support movement, so you may end up spraining an ankle.

However, for almost other activity, they work GREAT.

Anything from walking, jogging, running, the gym, standing all day, being on your feet all day, these are all good activities for this shoe.

They definitely are so comfortable like people claim and that’s why they can be used for almost any daily activity.

Where Can I Buy?

I found that the prices of Adidas Ultra Boost 19 are absolutely insane in a brick and mortar store.

God knows why these shoes are more expensive in the store, but on Amazon they are far less.

Plus I like Amazon because of the 30 day return policy and free deliveries to orders made to the US.

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Do I Recommend the Adidas Ultra Boost 19?

Something that sticks out to me is that there isn’t much negative feedback.

People are coming forward and explaining that they perform exactly as advertised and beyond expectations.

I think that should be a no-brainer for any shoe over $100.

I looked high and low to find the bad things about these but only found the lack of arch support.

That is not a huge con since it wasn’t designed to fit high archers anyway.

Other than that, this shoe fits true to size and has all the comfort and support needed for everyday activities.

My Final Opinion

The Adidas Ultra Boost 19 is a versatile shoe with much more pros than cons.

They are comfortable and offer enough support for almost all activities without being too pricey.

I like them a lot and think they are worth every penny, considering negative feedback is pretty much non-existent.

They are available in many different colors and sizes for both men and women.

And I have no complaints regarding the quality or performance.

A great shoe that’s worth every penny.

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Have you used this shoe? Please lets us know in the comments below.

Performs Beyond Expectations
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money


The Adidas Ultra Boost 19 is one of the best running shoes I have reviewed so far.

It’s comfortable, offers lots of support and can be used for pretty much any daily activity.

They are available in both mens and women and are bound to last a long time thanks to the sturdiness construction and Primeknit technology.

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