Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2: Stability Like No Other

I have never heard of Mizuno before, it is a new brand for me.

But I’m adventurous and like to steer away from the norm.

Seriously, you will never find me being mediocre, ever.

This is my unbiased Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 review.

It’s a shoe that’s racked up well over 100 reviews on Amazon alone.

But what caught my attention the most was the design.

We already know that looks can be deceiving. A good looking sneaker and become a big flip, we’ve seen it many times before.

So keep reading this review for everything you need to know.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 Upper

At a Glance

Product Name: Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2

Designed for: Running for pronators

True to size: No (1/2 size too small)

Expected lifespan: 6 months – 2 years

Price: $100

Recommended: Yes

My rating: 4.3/5

This shoe is designed for pronation runners. Pronation means you land on the inside of your heel rather than the middle or the outside. They are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. They’re supportive and secure to keep you running for longer and will not let you down as long as you have a pronation movement pattern. Highly recommended!

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The Rundown

Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 Side

The Wave Catalyst 2 is a shoe with intention.

The upper features mesh material for ventilation, stopping your feet from getting hot.

It also promotes flexibility for a natural movement pattern rather than a stiff and rigged shoe.

The Fan Shaped Wave offers structural guidance as well as shock absorption.

This ensures a smooth ride so you can run for longer without experiencing pain.

The Top midsole incorporates U4ic compound for durability and a responsive ride.

Responsive cushioning returns energy to you and keeps you running for longer.

It weighs 10 ounces which is not entirely lightweight but not heavy either.

It’s light enough to be in the lightweight category.

It is also a “Neutral Pronation” stability shoe.

Neutral pronation is the middle between neutral and pronation.

Claims That Are Actually True

It’s not uncommon for companies to exaggerate the abilities of their products.

Anyone can claim anything without proof.

So what I have done is found out what claims are actually true and not exaggerated.

Lets look at the facts.

Neutral pronation – Neutral pronation means your foot rolls inward about 15%. This stability shoe keeps your ankles and legs properly aligned so you’re less prone to injuries.

A similar shoe I reviewed just yesterday is the New Balance Vazee Prism.

Responsive cushioning – The midsole uses EU4IC fabric, which is soft and springy. It gives an extra bounce in your step to make you run easier and faster.

Secure heel fit – The heel counter features a hard fabric that keeps your heel locked in during intense running sessions. It does this by cupping your ankle. Some say they can keep their laces loose and they still don’t slip out

Midfoot lockdown – The midfoot has good lockdown abilities. Pair it with the strong heel lockdown and you’ve got a very secure sneaker

Widened toe box – The heel and midfoot is a tad narrow and widens in the toe box so your toes spread out naturally

Performance Review

This is a running shoe, yes, but doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good running shoe.

In my opinion it has to prove itself.

Lets take a look at the hundreds of reviews online and see what we can dig up.

Running Shoes Guru claims it’s the best on the market when it comes to stability, speed and responsiveness all in one.

Runner Click says it’s supportive enough for long runs and light enough for racing. They claim the updates from the original Catalyst are all positive ones.

Also on Amazon they have a 4.4/5 star rating, which is really good. 73% of those are 5 stars!

Users say they are blown away by how good they feel and the performance.

They are incredibly comfortable thanks to the stabilization features and incredible comfort.

Some say they are worth far more than they’re priced.

Others say they’ve been using them for months and absolutely love them.

Someone has bought multiple pairs in the last 5 years because of how much they like and enjoy them.

“Best running shoe” is a common phrase people use to describe it.

So do they perform for running?

Hell yes.

They are amazing running shoes for someone that needs stability.

They have proven themselves to hundreds of runners, and possibly thousands (those that don’t leave reviews), and they have beaten my expectations.

What Makes the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 So Unique?

The fact that it’s a stability shoe for neutral pronation.

These are rare to find.

There are many different shoes for neutral feet and pronation, but never in between.

In fact I have reviewed over 150 shoes to date and this is the first neutral pronation shoe I have come across.

So you could say they are incredibly unique.

Although the upper is nothing special as it does appear to be quite old school.

Why Mizuno did this I do not know.

Maybe it was to save on material costs.

The Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 is certainly unique and a running shoe worth the affordable price tag.

Alternative Uses?


They have a flexible upper and incredible comfort, making them good for walking.

Nurses use them for 12-hour shifts and they stay comfortable all day long.

They go home with happy feet.

Some even use them for standing on concrete all day.

It’s a fact that they are perfect running shoes but have alternative uses.

Expect versatility because that’s the name of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have arch support?

Unfortunately they do not have enough arch support for some people.

They are better suited for neutral, low arch and flat feet.

High arch wearers will suffer as the cushioning will feel too hard and uncomfortable.

Are they true to size?

There are a lot of complaints about them being too narrow…way too many to ignore actually.

So I recommend going up by 1/2 a size to get the right fit.

Are they good for wide feet?

Yes they are as long as you go 1/2 a size up like I mentioned above.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 Top

How long do they last?

Life expectancy is about 1 year. This is a general rule of thumb and varies with what they’re used for and how often.

If strictly used for running, they will last about 6 – 12 months.

If used for walking/casual, you can get about 1 – 2 years out of them.

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Pros and Cons

  • Neutral pronation shoes
  • Comfortable as hell
  • Versatile. Good for many different things
  • Proven to perform
  • Unique. Neutral pronation shoes are hard to find
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • The claims are legit


  • Uncomfortable for neutral wearers
  • Half a size too small

Do I Recommend them?

If you have a pronation gait, you will fall in love with these shoes, just as much as everyone else has.

The customers that don’t like them either have a neutral gait or a supination (the complete opposite of pronation).

These are a game changer for many customers.

They’ve helped change lives for those that can’t find a shoe to fit their running pattern properly.

Some people skip running altogether because it’s too painful and makes their training harder than it needs to be.

Well the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 fixes all of that.

They offer incredible comfort, an affordable price tag, durability, and running abilities like no other.

Do I recommend them?

That’s an easy yes.

You’d be a fool not to get them if you pronate.

The Verdict: High Quality, Comfortable, Game Changer

These shoes are much better than I would have ever thought.

They are high quality, meaning they easily last the price tag.

They are comfortable as hell.

And the neutral pronation abilities changes the game for those with a different gait.

If you supinate or have a neutral running pattern, opt for something else because these aren’t for you.

But if you pronate, meaning you land on the inside of your heel, then these are for you and you should get some asap

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