Nike Air Max LTD 3 Shoe [Honest Review]

Welcome to my Nike Air Max LTD 3 review!

As I was looking for a new basketball shoe, I came across this cool looking sneaker and thought it was weird because there’s not much information about it.

This piqued my curiosity and now I want to know more about this shoe and what it has to offer the community.

This is my unbiased review and I hope you find everything you’re looking for 🙂


Nike Air Max LTD 3 Mens Casual Shoe

Almost Flawless!
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

When I first saw this shoe I thought it was going to be a big flop.

However, there is only one major con…they are a little narrow. People with wide feet will not fit them comfortably.

Other than that, they are durable, very comfortable, have lots of stability and perform well for many different activities.

Nike Air Max LTD 3 Review

Product name: Nike Air Max LTD 3

Type of Shoe: Cross-trainer

Best for: Casual, walking, short distance running, weightlifting, sports, crossfit

Bad for: Long distance running, hiking

Price: $130 – $160

What is the Nike Air Max LTD 3?

Unfortunately there isn’t much information regarding this shoe on the internet, but I have manged to dig some things up.

This is a shoe created from the well known shoe brand; Nike.

It features leather and synthetic material a rubber outsole for traction on all types of surfaces.

It has Nike’s classic Air Max cushioning for immense comfort and lots of stability for multi-directional movements without slipping over.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and gets lots of attention from passerby.

Finding the Right Fit

The Nike Air Max LTD 3 has an 85% fit rate! That is actually really good.

Keep in mind that Nike shoes tend to run smaller than other brands.

I’m confident that you will fit them properly as long as you you order 1/2 bigger than your normal size.

Otherwise just get your normal size if you already wear Nike shoes.

Do They Perform?


These shoes are cross-trainer shoes, and there’s not much feedback to know whether they are good for running or not.

So I would be lying if I said they make great running shoes.

They certainly don’t look good for running.

However, in my past experiences I have learnt that cross-trainers should not be used for long distance running and should be kept to short distances only.


These shoes are pretty good for walking in and I have no complaints about the walking abilities.

But do keep in mind that they are not specialized for walking.

If you experience pain, I highly recommend wearing proper walking shoes rather than a cross-trainer…especially for long distances like 2-3 miles a day.

Sports (Basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc)

Cross-trainers are actually pretty good for sporting activities because they have the right amount of comfort, stability and weight to perform for a wide range of activities.

These perform incredibly well and I have no issues regarding that aspect.


Another great way to use these shoes is for crossfit.

Just like sporting activities, there is enough stability and lightweight to keep the wearer safe from injury without getting bogged down with a heavy shoe.


Can these also be used for weightlifting?


A shoe with stability opens itself up to many new things, and lifting weights at the gym gets the green light.

They provide a good balance between cushioning and stability which is a no-brainer when it comes to heavy lifts like squats, deadlifts, military presses, etc.

Basically, these are the perfect gym shoes as they can be used for weightlifting, crossfit and even the treadmill (as long as it’s short distance)

Casual Use

Lets not forget that they can also be used for casual use like walking around town, shopping, doing groceries, going to parties, clubbing, or running errands.

They are visually appealing, making them great for walking around as an everyday shoe.

Some of the Best Features

This shoe actually has features that’s not listed on the official product description, and I want to explain 3 of their biggest advantages.

Air Max Heel Unit – The best feature is the Air Max heel unit as it provides reliable cushioning no matter where you are. It’s comfortable for hitting the gym or even just walking around town

Rubber outsole – The rubber outsole has a balance between traction, durability and flexibility. It offers enough traction for sports and running, yet enough flexibility for walking

Durability – Nike have done a great job with the strong leather, midsole and outsole. The durability is outstanding and allows the shoe to last at least a couple of years

What I Like

In my opinion, the cool looking design is overlooked.

Everyone seems to talk about how comfortable it is, but no one talks about how sick they look on the feet and how much looks they get from passerby.

This is something I like about them that I thought was worth mentioning.

Also the fact that they are a cross-trainer.

I am not a huge fan of cross-trainers because they’re vastly mistaken for a shoe that can “do it all”.

Yes they can do it all but only in small increments.

That means short distance running and not long distance, that means 10 minutes on the treadmill after a crossfit session, not 30 minutes.

So What are the Bad Points?

The good news is that there isn’t much bad feedback regarding the Nike Air Max LTD 3.

One of the major concerns is that they are not made for wide feet.

Some people buy them and find out that they simply can’t wear them because they are too tight.

Also Nike shoes run small. Anyone coming from another brand will need to size up at least a 1/2 to get the correct fit.

Those who don’t know that end up buying the wrong size!

The Price & Where to Buy

At the time of writing this article, Nike does not have any of these shoes in stock and I’m unsure if they will be releasing more anytime soon.

Although there are still some available on

They’re from Nike’s official Amazon account so I know they are real and not a knock-off.

Amazon also offer free shipping, free delivery and a 30-day return policy.

Check Them Out Here

Pros and Cons


  • A versatile shoe that can be used for many different activities
  • Very comfortable, especially for all-day use
  • A good amount of features
  • Good cushioning and stability


  • Not good for wide feet
  • High price tag

The Nike Air Max LTD 3 Alternative

Nike Air Monarch

A cross-trainer that might be better for you is the Nike Air Monarch Shoe.

This sneaker is good for all arch types, has comfort, support, and a healthy price tag (cheaper than the LTD 3).

The bad?

They’re a little too bulky for running which is why I recommend short distances only.

Also they are known for squeaking after a year or 2, however, that’s how long they tend to last for anyway.

So by the time they start squeaking, they have got their money’s worth and are ready for the bin.

Final Verdict

I don’t usually do cross-trainers, but these ones impressed me.

Sure there’s not much information about it but there is enough reviews to come to a final conclusion.

The only complaints was that they don’t fit because they don’t know Nike runs small, and the other complaint was the narrow construction.

But those were from people with wide feet.

That’s really all there is wrong with this shoe.

Also they have a pretty high price tag which is going to happen when paying for durability.

So my final verdict is that this shoe is amazing and built to perform and last.

Thanks for reading my review on the Nike Max LTD 3 Shoe.

Please leave your comments and questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Check it Out on Amazon

Almost Flawless!
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

When I first saw this shoe I thought it was going to be a big flop.

However, there is only one major con…they are a little narrow. People with wide feet will not fit them comfortably.

Other than that, they are durable, very comfortable, have lots of stability and perform well for many different activities.

22 thoughts on “Nike Air Max LTD 3 Shoe [Honest Review]”

  1. Thank you for listing the ratings for each category so we can decide based on what we think is more important rather than overall. It was good you gave us your opinion and went into detail about the pros and cons.

    Do they think they are going to make more or stay out of stock?

    • Thanks erich, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      I’m not sure to be honest…we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Hi Brandon,

    Great review and while reading your shoe I realized that I buy wrong shoes EVERY TIME and complain to manufacturers later. Few years back I bought a Nike shoe, I ordered same size as of my Reebok shoe which I was wearing at that time. And yes it didn’t fit well!

    Another problem was that they didn’t last long. Those were I guess casual shoes suitable for moderate activity and I used them to run 25 minutes at a fast pace everyday followed by heavy weight training. In 8 months they were completely destroyed. The worst part is I am always making this same mistake every time I buy a shoe.
    Kindly suggest what characteristics of shoes should we look to make informed decision while buying a shoe for particular applications. It would be great if you write an article about it.

    I would love to read again from you.


    • It’s a common mistake so don’t worry too much about it mate.

      That all depends on what you want the shoe for, as every different activity requires a different shoe type.

       Let me know what you want the shoe for and I’ll tell you what you need to look for.

  3. Hi Brandon,
    What a great and complete review. Even though I am a fan of Nike shoes, I personally would buy those as a gift as I don’t really like the style of the Nike Air Max LTD 3. But I am sure, those shoes fit perfectly to some people. i used to wear Nike Air Max shoes back then but I do not really like the style of the Air Max. However, I have to say that the Air Max are very comfortable to wear. Also, as a basketball player, I tried once to play with Air Max and I will never do it again. I really feel uncomfortable when my ankle is not protected while playing basketball. I find it quite dangerous and can get hurt pretty easily. Again, it is just a personal opinion. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for your input on these shoes Lauranne, it’s nice to hear what others have to say about them.

      Cross-trainers definitely can be used for basketball but I would say low impact and shooting hoops only.

      Competitive game play requires a more specialized basketball sneaker.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. Hello Brandon, as a fan of Nike shoes, I could not bypass your work. I have heard of the Nike Air Max and as you said, they are quite limited in supply and I wonder why.

    I once ordered a pair and it never reached me probably due to cash on delivery. I hope to follow your links when I am ready to purchase mine. Their leather features, rubber outsole, 85% fit rate and stability, and lightness really and truly make these shoes flexible for Crossfit, sporting activities, and weightlifting as your review rightly outlined.

    I also admire the durability aspect of these cross trainers and will recommend your work to other fans of Nike Air Max LTD 3.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful review.

    • Hey man,

      If you haven’t receive your shoe, you probably ordered from a shady website.

      I only recommend Amazon, official brand websites and well-reputable companies to avoid getting scammed.

      Hope you get your shoe or your money back. Let me know how it goes.

  5. The Nike Air Max LTD 3 men’s trainers truly deliver an iconic look and its a cool looking sneaker. You said they are a little narrow and this point is an eye opener for me for this will help me as l buy some for my husband . He has a wide feet. Its a good thing that l am now aware of this. Your review is very honest and one can use some points you highlighted even in their everyday lives when buying such items. GREAT REVIEW

    • Thank you so much patie, those are some kind words and I appreciate everything you said.

      I hope you find a great shoe for your husband.

      Let me know if you need anymore help finding the right sneaker.

  6. Hello Brandon. I need to wear a shoe that is suitable for walking. Because of my back problem, can this type of Nike shoe give me cushion protection? I have tried other brands, but found after a few months the cushion effect is not so good anymore. The Nike Air Max LTD 3 is aesthetically pleasing and technically it fits what it is designed for. I hope it will conforms to its design and will be available soon.

    • Hey Gilliam,

      Yes it has great cushioning and support. The outsole provides stability all around the shoe to help people stand upright more easily.

      Also the cushion is durable and lasts longer than a couple months.

      There are no more available from the Nike store but they are still available on Amazon.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  7. Hey nice article you have there. Nike products have always given me a thousand reasons to prefer it over other products. Nike air Max was my recent purchase from Amazon. Since I do engage in minor exercise in the morning and sometimes go for clubbing, I took advantage of the Nike air max, to perform these multiple functions and guess what it has been awesome.

    • That is awesome edahnewton.

      I never thought about using them for clubbing but it makes complete sense because of how cool they look.

      Cheers for the comment and I hope you have a great day.

  8. That is the first time hearing about the Nike Air Max LTD 3. Thank you for this in-depth review.  I stumbled upon your article as I was looking for a nice pair of Nike’s for my son.  I guess if they run small I should take one size bigger would that be a wise decision?

  9. Hey Brandon,

    Thank you for you review of the Nike Air Max LTD 3.

    I appreciate your honesty. I wanna ask, do you find these type of shoes more for casual wear and walking around for style, or for training and sports?

    I have friends who also collect shoes and I never know which ones are actually wearable lol.

    I think they would like your blog. Will bookmark and share your review with them.


    • Honestly, it’s totally up to the wearer.

      They are good for all of those activities, but if I were to buy them, I would probably use them for weightlifting or casual use.

      Thanks for the bookmark!

  10. I’m not a shoe expert, but the common trend for myself is that I prefer a soft shoe that doesn’t hurt my foot and is perfect for walking. I’ll use it for casual walking such as walking in malls, which is why I think I could use the Nike Air Max for me as well. Though honestly, I would love it if the shoes were incredibly soft and light (I don’t like the heavy ones for walking). Do you think it’s actually heavy?

    • These are definitely lightweight and comfortable, so I have no doubts that you will like them, Dominic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Hi, Brandon.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Nike Air Max LTD 3 Shoe. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for because of the comfort and the price in my range. The only hurdle will be the delivery, as pandemic continues to block the movement of logistics in this part of the world. So I have to wait. Thanks for your honest review which cleared my mind for the purchase.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Glad you found the shoe you like mate 🙂

      Although delivery might be a bit slow right now, Amazon and other companies are doing everything they possibly can to get products out to the people as quickly and efficiently as possible.

      All the best.


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