Nike Air Monarch Shoe Review – High Value for Money?

Does the Nike Air Monarch shoes perform exactly as described from other customers?

Nike Air Monarch

Can you count on them to keep you comfortable and stable throughout your athletic activities?

I have just reviewed these shoes and have little complaints about them, which is what I want to talk about today.

In this Nike Air Monarch review I will cover the things, the bad and why they are high value for money.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

High Value for Money!
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money


These shoes offer extreme comfort and support, especially people with high arches. They perform great for those on their feet all day, running errands and fitness walking.

They are a little smaller than other shoes, so a size bigger will need to be ordered for a comfortable fit.

But other than that these shoes are great and definitely recommended.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • Offers amazing comfort and support
  • Performs flawlessly for standing all day, walking and everyday use
  • Provides great arch support, both medium and high arches
  • Very affordable considering the low price tag
  • Very durable, easily lasts 1-2 years of frequent use
  • Too heavy for running
  • Not good for hiking or uneven terrain (poses a tripping hazard)
  • Known for squeaking after a year or two
  • They run half a size too small (as with all Nike shoes)

What Others are Saying About It

  • The arches in these shoes makes me stand up straight which take the pressure off my knee. I am walking pain-free (UNBELIEVABLE).
  • The only negative is some pairs start squeaking after a short time of wearing them. A loud squeak. Not sure the cause but it can be annoying.
  • I’m a big guy and wear a 14 EEEE, these feel like pillows on my feet and I can walk and stand for hours with no foot pain or fatigue.
  • These sneakers are beautiful, and I’ve never seen this colorway of this particular design anywhere. I customized it with some laces I also ordered from Amazon, and I’ve been receiving compliments from people everywhere I go.

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So the Nike Air Monarch is a cross-trainer shoe, meaning it can be used for a wide range of athletic activities.

Think of it as a hybrid of it as having the heel cushioning of a running shoe, the stability of a basketball shoe and forefront cushioning of a volley ball shoe.

But that’s not only what cross trainers are limited to, they can also be used for a wide range of gym activities and even walking.

It features a specially designed upper for good air flow and support.

The foam phylon midsole and Air-Sole unit ensures even more support and added comfort.

The bottom of the shoe is a durable rubber material for ultimate slip-resistance over various different surfaces.

Nike Air Monarch Sole

It is available in 5 different color combinations and has thousands of good reviews online, which is the main reason why I want to see what was so good about this shoe.

Key Features

  • Durable leather on top for support
  • Lightweight foam midsole for easier movement
  • Full-length Air-Sole unit for cushioning every stride
  • Perfortations and mesh tongue for air flow
  • Solid rubber outsole for immense traction

What is This Shoe Best Used For?

It is a cross-trainer so it’s designed for all types of athletic activities.

It is not limited to just one thing but a wide range of different activities.

People are using these for:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Fitness walking
  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • And even running errands around the city

They are extremely comfortable, so people use them as their everyday shoe which is pretty smart considering how much support, stability and heel cushioning they provide.

Things to Note About The Nike Air Monarch Shoes

Great for Walking, Jogging, On Your Feet all Day

It seems that these shoes are great for walking, jogging and being on your feet all day, and that’s what others have pointed out as well.

They are described as the “most comfortable shoes they have ever used”. And although this may be true for walking, jogging or standing all day,  it’s not the best option for other things.

These are not good for uneven terrain or running.

It has a thick sole which raises the center of gravity about an inch off the ground.

This is bad when it comes to uneven surfaces like hiking or cross country and a recipe for a sprained ankle.

And for running?

They’re way too big and bulky.

These Shoes tend to Squeak

There are a few complaints about a squeaking noise happening.

This can be a number of different reasons and mainly only happens after the first few uses.

After a few days of being worn, the squeaking noise dies down and goes away.

Otherwise sprinkle some baby powder under the insoles for an easy fix. That’s what everyone else is doing.

Good for High and Medium Arch Feet

These shoes tend to provide great arch support.

They are good for people with medium arches and high arches, and even recommended by some foot doctors to use these shoes.

People have been having extreme foot pain due to a wide range of reasons, but they use shoes and the pain completely goes away.

I mean, they may not be good for running due to the heavy weight but they are amazing for those with foot troubles.

That also means people with a little arch will find these shoes uncomfortable.

People Purchase Multiple Pairs of These Shoes

One thing worth mentioning is that a lot of customers buy more than one pair of the Nike Air Monarch shoe.

And that’s still after they have negative things to say about them.

I mean, if they are complaining about the shoe for one reason or another, but still purchasing more, it just goes to shoe how great these shoes really perform.

Some have even bought 10 pairs over the years because they love them so much, a good reason why it’s received so much great feedback from the community.

How Long Do These Shoes Last?

These shoes tend to last at least 2 years of frequent use.

If they are being worn everyday, they will likely last over a year and some.

That’s not bad considering the comfort and support they provide along with the cheap price tag.

What I Like

Extreme Comfort

The comfort of these shoes are outstanding.

They are great for walking, running errands, doing groceries and even standing all day while at work.

There’s a reason people keep coming back for more and one of these is the extreme comfort and support they offer.

Affordable Price

They are at an affordable price range, much more affordable than other brands with the same quality.

And that’s something I like about Nike.

The fact that they tailor for almost everybody imaginable without leaving anyone out.

What I Don’t Like

The Squeaky Sound

And then comes the dreaded squeaking sound.

This shoe is renown for making all sorts of crazy noises.

It may happen straight out of the box (in which case will need a few days breaking in), it may happen a few months later or even a couple of years.

The only thing you can really do is try some baby powder under the insole, and often times this works.

Otherwise it might be time to throw them out and get a new pair.

Where Can I Buy?

So the Nike Air Monarchs can be found on and it’s actually my favorite place to shop online.

They always have the cheapest prices, quickest deliveries and even free shipping on orders made to the US.

Plus they have a 30 day return policy which lets customers send the product back if they don’t like their purchase.

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Do I Recommend This Shoe?

As you can see, there are more pros than cons for this shoe and not much I don’t like about them.

The main concern is the squeaking sound, but this only happens on some shoes and often times can be fixed.

It’s really not that bad for a shoe in this price range and that’s why the extreme comfort and support they provide far outweigh the negatives.

These shoes are great for those standing all day and seek comfort for high and medium archs.

They are recommended by foot doctors and I also recommend them due to the many reasons outlined in this article.

Nike has done a great job with the Nike Air Monarch shoe!

My Final Opinion

There aren’t many shoes in this price range that offers this much quality, comfort and support.

These really do last at least a couple of years with frequent use.

They aren’t good for running due to the heavy weight and the added height pose a tripping hazard on uneven surfaces.

But for everything else?

They perform and exceed expectations.

I had no idea I would like these shoes as much as I do but they are definitely on the top of my list for high quality shoes on a budget.

I love them and can’t recommend them enough.

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Well thanks for reading my Nike Air Monarch review and I hope you found everything you were looking for.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

High Value for Money!
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money


These shoes offer extreme comfort and support, especially people with high arches. They perform great for those on their feet all day, running errands and fitness walking.

They are a little smaller than other shoes, so a size bigger will need to be ordered for a comfortable fit.

But other than that these shoes are great and definitely recommended.

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  1. Hi Brandon,
    I like your website and I don’t find those prices expensive! My son paid 150$ for a pair of shoes and they lasted less than a year. I find it great that you buy a lot of those shoes so you can talk about them with all trust.

    • Hey Lyne. I don’t buy all the shoes but I do bring all the information I can together and come up with my own conclusions.

      And I’m sorry your son brought an expensive pair of shoes and didn’t even last a year.

      What brand was it and what was the shoe called? I can do a review on it to help other people that also might want the same shoe.


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