Nike Flex Experience RN 7 Review (Fake, Low Quality, Squeaks)

Some say that these shoes are not that comfortable or durable. Are they really?

NIKE Flex Experience RN 7 Running Shoe

There are so many great reviews about it, I don’t see how or why they have have mixed feedback.

Being a great researcher and shoe enthusiast, I set out to find the real quality of these shoes and how long they’ll last.

At the end of the day they are Nike’s.

And Nike have the best shoes in the world.

At the very least they’ll be average quality.

So lets get right into this review.

At a Glance

Product Name: Nike Flex Experience RN 7

Designed for: Running

True to size: No

Expected lifespan: 3 – 12 months

Price: $70 – $90

Recommended: No

My rating: 3.7/5

Unfortunately there are only fakes left as Nike currently doesn’t make them. They are still very comfortable and lightweight, but the downside is the lack of quality and they squeak on smooth surfaces. I cannot recommend something so cheap. The Nike Tanjun’s are the perfect alternative.

The Rundown on the Flex Experience RN 7

The Flex Experience is an upgrade from the RN 6.

It comes in a mesh upper to keep your feet breathing, and promotes maximum flexibility so you get a full range of motion for your workouts.

This material also means it is lightweight, allowing you to move without worrying about a bulky shoe weighing you down.

They also have a sock-like fit, adding to the comfort factor which I will talk more about soon.

They tie all the way up which adds immense security and lockdown to prevent your feet from shifting and sliding.

Something that piqued my interest was the stiff insole that’s designed to increase stability.

But for now, since some people think these are uncomfortable, I want to dig even deeper.

Are They Comfortable?

The proof is in the pudding, right?

Lets look at what the people say.

From the 5-star category:

  • I have to say these are one of the most comfortable runners I have ever ran in
  • I walked for an hour in them the first night I got them and they were extremely comfortable, my feet didn’t hurt at all
  • They fit as expected, I am size 13. And they are SO comfortable!
  • These are by far the most comfortable running shoe’s I have had
  • I was really surprised by the fit and how comfortable these shoes were
  • My husband loves these. They fit great, are comfortable for long walks or to work out
  • Great price for comfortable pair of sneakers to use for work if you’re on your feet all day

From the 1-star category:

  • Uncomfortable. Hurt the ball of my feet and kills my legs
  • Not as comfortable as others I’ve bought
  • I thought it would be comfortable. The shoe runs small, not a lot of insole it had my feet hurting

Verdict on comfort:

There are only 3 people I could find complaining about the comfort factor.

Whereas there is hundreds saying they are so comfortable and feel incredibly lightweight.

Yes the proof is in the pudding. If you get these shoes, expect them to be comfortable.

Do They Have Durability?

Considering they are around $80, I wouldn’t expect them to last a long time.

They’re made of medium-grade mesh material, they are affordable, and they have a thin insole, which is done to cut down on weight.

The thing with these shoes is that everything was done on purpose to make them lightweight.

That’s something they can boast about: lightweight and comfort.

But that comes at a cost.

Verdict on durability

They are not highly durable but they do perform, incredibly well in fact.

If they’re used strictly for daily running (which I recommend), you should get 3 months out of them.

If you add them to your rotation they should last at least 6 months or more.

It’s hard to say how long they will last if used casually, but it’ll be at least 1 year.

So do they have durability?

Durability is not that high. In fact the quality is average for the price. Nothing special, nothing bad.

Just good, which isn’t a bad thing since they are comfortable as hell.

Do They Have Support?


People are coming forward with claims that they fit their neutral and high arch comfortably.

Although I’m not sure whether or not they are good for flat feet because there is a lack of information for it.

If you have neutral or high arches, these will certainly support you well.

And if you have low arches or flat feet, you might want to check out the Adidas Lite Racer RBN <== No really, do check them out

Do They Have Flaws?

Yes, that’s a given.

I’m just going to get straight to them.

Squeaks on smooth surfaces

These shoes are notorious for squeaking on smooth, hard surfaces like vinyl or lino.

That’s why I don’t recommend them for casual use and should be strictly be used for running only.

Only fake sellers left

Nike have discontinued this version of the product line and they probably won’t release more.

This means there are knock-offs left only.

These are far less quality than the original shoes, feel stiff, and feel like hard plastic more than anything.

Verdict: Not Recommended

Unfortunately there are only fakes left that are going to leave you disappointed with your purchase.

Yes they will still last 3 – 12 months, but they won’t be as comfortable as the real ones.

Nor will they be worth the price.

I simply cannot recommend something so cheap when there are far better Nike running shoes at this price.

I just reviewed the Nike Tanjun and boy does it deliver.

They’re from Nike, they are real, they have comfort, durability, AND they have the same price.

So that’s my alternative if you don’t want to buy off a shady and fake seller.

If you still want the Nike Flex Experience RN 7, get them on Amazon here.

Otherwise go for the Nike Tanjuns instead (my recommendation).

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