Nike Men’s AIR Precision II NBK Review [3 Months In]

I have purchased the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II NBK Basketball Shoe, owned it for over 3 months and now want to give my personal review on this shoe.

Nike Men's AIR Precision II NBK Basketball Shoe

I would say I’m pretty qualified to write this review considering I use this as my everyday shoe and at least 4x a week to the gym!

I bought this shoe in store the next day I first landed in America (I’m from New Zealand), and it has been my everyday shoe since.

That’s why I want to give my personal review and let you know the comfort, the quality and how well it performs.


What is the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II NBK Basketball Shoe?

Nike Men's AIR Precision II NBK

It is a shoe around $60 designed for basketball.

They’re made with a mid-top silhouette and padded ankle collar for extra comfort and versatility.

The Nike Air unit allows for hard landings and explosive takeoffs without experiencing pain or discomfort.

The front of this shoe is lightweight for ease of use and provides lots of ventilation to stop sweating, and the stitched-down webbing ensures midfoot lockdown.

The half-length bootie ensures a sock-like fit, almost feeling like a second-skin that moves with your feet and doesn’t move around.

It is currently available in 5 different colors and racked up a solid 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

And there’s a good reason why, but I’ll tell you why in a second.

The features are:

  • Padded ankle color for ultimate comfort and extra balance
  • Nike Air Unit for breathability and cushioning hard landings
  • Forefoot mesh to cut down weight and add more ventilation
  • Stitched-down webbing adds lockdown
  • Half-length bootie for a sock-like fit

When Did I Get this Shoe?

I purchased this shoe over 3 months ago from a store in a mall.

I  paid $65 and wanted to use them for casual use since I was going to do a lot of walking around in the upcoming months.

What I Use this Shoe For

Literally the moment I put the Nike AIR Precision II shoes on in the store and took the first 2 steps, I was sold.

Me Wearing Nike Men's AIR Precision II NBK

I said to my partner that these are the shoes I’m getting.

There was no thinking, they were really that comfortable and it felt like the shoes were moving in sync with me.

Basically, the sock-like feeling made the shoe snug and comfortable which actually felt like I was walking on clouds.

For the last 3 months I have wore these shoes everyday, and let me tell you that they make AMAZING gym shoes.

I am 245 pounds and lift heavy weights at least 4x a week.

These shoes have not lost any performance since I bought them.

I can only imagine how long these will last for someone a little lighter than me and doesn’t lift as heavy.

Plus there’s no signs of wear and tear yet which is outstanding considering how affordable they were and how much I’ve used them in the small time I’ve owned them.

Me Wearing Nike Men's AIR Precision II NBK

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The Best Features of the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II NBK Shoe

Padded Ankle Collar

I find the padded ankle collar to be simply AMAZING.

This is what makes the shoe feel extra snug and comfortable, which in turn offers more balance.

Those with injuries or small ankles will find this shoe to be a nice fit.

Others who have also purchased this shoe and found that to be true.

Sock-Like Feeling

I like my shoes to fit snug and not move around as I walk or do my daily activities.

And the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II has delivered flawlessly in this field.

The sock-like feeling and ankle padding add immense comfort which is what I want to talk about below.

Extreme Comfort

I guess you can say I’m a little biased with this shoe, and that may be true.

However, it’s because of how comfortable I find myself when wearing them.

The Nike Air Unit is what gives it lots of cushioning and able to withstand long hours of use

It is a basketball shoe at the end of the day, so it’s supposed to handle heavy usage and that’s why I can lift weights at a body weight of 245 pounds and still be comfortable.

They are still as comfortable as the day I bought them, and for $65 it has been the best money I have spent on a shoe so far.

Are there Any Bad Points?

Not a Good Running Shoe

Personally I can not find any bad things to say about these shoes.

There is a lot to love and little to hate.

However, if I have to find at least one thing I don’t like, it is that they are probably not good for fitness running.

They are good on the court due to the stability, but long distance running such as on the treadmill are not good.

They are way too bulky and heavy for long distance running.

Where to Get Them?

Of course they are available in stores which is where I got my pair.

However, I would recommend others to get them from

Amazon always have the cheapest prices and fastest deliveries out of all the online stores, which is why they are known as the online retail giant.

They also have a 30 day return policy, so those who don’t like their purchase can get a full refund.

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Do I Recommend the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II?

Man oh man, where do I start?

I have owned these shoes for over 3 months and they’re still as comfortable as the day I bought them.

And that includes everyday use with at least 4 days per week of heavy weight lifting.

I weigh a solid 245 pounds, so not exactly lightweight, and these shoes hold my weight just fine and I have never experienced discomfort or irritation.

They are just so well made and I am surprised at how well they have held up with all the intensity I’ve given them.

They have proven to stand the test of time and I have little complaints.

And that’s why the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II are one of my favorite cheapest shoes to date.

A shoe with immense durability and lasts a long time of heavy use!

Alternative Shoes for Running

Sadly the AIR Precision II does not make good running shoes as they are too bulky and heavy.

However, another shoe in this price range specifically designed for running is the Saucony Kinvara 10, which is much lighter and slim.

Also the Adidas Ultra Boost 19 makes a good running shoe thanks to the lightweight and mesh upper for ventilation. However, it’s not good for high arch feet and costs more.

All In All

All in all, there really is nothing wrong with the Nike Men’s AIR Precision II.

There’s lots of positive reviews from the community and negative feedback is virtually non-existent.

Something I expected before I even searched up this shoe myself.

Because as you know, I bought it in store and was going off of based on how it felt at the time.

But I knew from the get go it was an amazing shoe, and I was right considering it has stood the test of time from a huge 245 pound man.

So that’s my final take on this shoe.

It makes a great shoe for standing all day, walking all day, for work and even lifting weights at the gym.

At this price it’s virtually a steal.

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Thanks for reading. I hope you found all the answers you were looking for in this review.

Otherwise please leave all your questions and concerns in the comments below.

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