Does the Nike Precision 3 Live Up to the Hype?

I absolutely love the look of the Nike Precision 3 Basketball Shoe. I currently have 2 pairs of the previous versions because I like them that much.

Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe Featured Image

But today I will be reviewing the Precision 3 to see what the major changes are, if they’re better, and what they have to offer.

They are a basketball shoe at heart but can be used for lots of other activities.

Are the same Precision 3 just as good as the previous versions, or better?

Find out in this Nike Precision 3 review.


At a Glance

Product Name: Nike Precision 3

Designed for: Basketball

True to size: A little narrow

Expected lifespan: 1 – 2 years

Price: $70 – $85

My Rating: 4.6/5

I have 2 pairs of the previous models and they perform flawlessly. However, the 3 is just as good if not better. They’re designed for immense lockdown and traction on the court, allowing you to run in all directions without falling over. They can also be used to style your outfit or go out to lunch with a friend. At the end of the day they’re highly comfortable and versatile. And they’re really cheap!

Product Overview

This is a basketball shoe with a mid-top design.

Mid-top basketball shoes are a middle ground between low-top and high-top.

Mid-top is made for players that’ll be attacking and defending.

Think of it like this:

Low-top is for light players, high-top is for heavy players, mid-top is in between.

But of course this only applies to basketball. If used for general/casual wear, the top does not matter as it comes down to personal preference.

Anyway, lets talk more about the shoe in general.

It’s an all-purpose basketball shoe, meaning it does it all.

It’s made to be comfortable with lots of containment, simply with the mid-top design and padded collar.

The engineered quarter panel, additional eyelets, and lightweight midsole enhance the fit.

It consists of multi-directional pattern (aka dual pivot points) so you can make quick steps and rotations without worrying about falling over.

Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe Outsole


Phylon Midsole – The Phylon midsole is lightweight yet packs a punch. Its thick construction means light and heavy players can enjoy the benefits. It’s designed to deliver resilient cushioning and a responsive ride.

Air Unit – Nike’s special Air Heel unit is integrated below the heel (although invisible to the naked eye), and it softens hard landings

Rubber outsole – The outsole on the Precision 3 is incredible. It offers dual pivot points for flawless rotational movements, and the ability to be worn on all surfaces (whether it be indoor or outdoor courts)

Lockdown – They offer incredible security and lockdown with the mid-top design, padded collar, padded tongue, additional eyelets and engineered quarter panel

Upper – The upper is made of mesh material to promote breathability and a dynamic fit. They have enough ventilation to keep your feet cool the entire game

What I Use My Precision’s For

So a quick disclaimer. I do not own the Precision 3, but I have two pairs of the Precision 2.

And I want to share my experiences with both of them.

My first pair

Me Wearing Nike Men's AIR Precision II NBK

My first pair of Precision’s I bought in October 2019 and they were only $65 in-store. 11 months later they have held up so well I am surprised at the longevity.

Actually I will be doing a 1-year update on them soon.

I bought them when I was 245 pounds but now I am 232 pounds, yet that has not been a problem for these shoes.

For the first 6 months I used them for the gym and casual use, then I started moving the lawns..

Now I only wear them to run to the store.

But they have definitely beat my expectations and lived up to the Nike name.

My second pair

Nike Precision 2

My second pair was a different colorway but did not have the padded collar and tongue that you can see on my first ones.

But nonetheless I have had these for 2 months. I literally only wear them to the gym for lifting weights and honestly they still look brand spanking new.

Being 232 pounds I thought they would wear out quicker, but this hasn’t been the case.

Also keep in mind that I go to the gym 4-5x a week.

So Back to the Nike Air Precision 3 Shoes

Are they just as strong as previous versions?

Given Nike’s track record of creating high quality shoes, and the fact that the Precision product line has proven to perform over and over again, I have no doubts that they are just as strong.

Mine cost me $65 and they are still going strong 11 months later.

And according to the online reviews, they are high quality, durable and appear to last a long time.

So are they strong?

Hell yes they are.

How long do they last?

If they’re anything like the previous models, they last a really long time.

Mine are still going strong after 11 months.

No they won’t win any fashion contests because there’s clear signs of wear and tear, but I’ve got more than my moneys’ worth.

For now I can’t give say the exact lifespan but I hope they’ll last 1.5 years.

Are they comfortable?

Both of my precision 2 shoes offered incredible comfort.

And the reviews further prove my claims.

The Precision 3’s are just as comfortable.

They’ve got the social proof to back it up with the hundreds of reviews from the basketball shoe community.


Yes they are hella comfortable.

What can they do?

They are a true beast on the court.

They feature a mid-top design, meaning they are made for literally everyone.

They perform for basketball but that’s not the only things they can do.

I use mine for lifting heavy weights and they have never let me down, ever!

I also use them for walking around or running errands. They are just so comfortable for these activities.

However, they should not be used for running or cross training as they are too heavy and bulky for that.

Are they true to size?

Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe Upper

Mine were a little too tight in the forefoot area when I first wore them, but after a week they were broken in and fit properly.

And I don’t even have wide feet. Mine are more neutral.

So they actually run really narrow.

I highly recommend going up 1 full size regardless if you have wide feet or not.

And if you class yourself as unusually wide, you’ll want to go 1.5 sizes more.

So no, these shoes are not true to size.

They have a fit rate of 66% on Amazon which is really low. Follow the tips I mentioned above to get the right fit.

Check Sizes Colors and Availability

Pros and Cons


  • Lasts a very long time compared to the price
  • High value for money
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Looks good with anything
  • Hella comfortable, has the social proof to prove it
  • Lots of features


  • Run a little narrow

Do I Recommend the Nike Precision 3?

I absolutely love everything about these shoes.

They are so strong and durable, they last longer than other shoes with the same price.

Mine look good even with the plain colorways, but there are more if you prefer more colors.

But there’s nothing wrong with neutral colors because they look good with anything.

I have not bought the Precision 3 but I know a lot about previous models to know exactly how these perform.

And I must say I am happy with the product line so far.

I hope Nike continue to make more versions and upgrade them to even better basketball shoes.

Because they deserve to be shown off to the world.

I, along with thousands of other Nike fans, love the Precision 3 and find them to perform exactly as advertised.

Do I recommend them?

I’d be a fool not to. They’ve passed all my tests and continue to astound me with every passing month.

For now they get the green light and I have no issues with them.

Highly recommended!

Verdict: High Value For Money

These shoes perform for basketball as well as lifting weights at the gym.

Or they can also be used casually.

They have true lockdown abilities, comfort, support, lightweight, and style.

I have no problems with them other than the narrow design. Although this can be fixed by sizing up.

They are high value for money and a true beast on indoor and outdoor courts, or simply going about your day.

Plus the mid-top design means they fit everybody!

Final opinion: Stylish, comfortable, versatile

Buy For $80 Today

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