Nike Renew Arena: Not For Long Distance Running

Can’t find the right running shoe? Don’t know which one you should get? Don’t worry, I have got you covered.

Nike Renew Arena Featured Image

Today I will be doing a full review on the Nike Renew Arena shoe and providing my honest opinion.

They are actually better than expected and have more than one use.

They have earned the love from the community and I have given it a high rating considering it has a cheap price tag.

The Renew Arena doesn’t have all that much to offer in terms of aesthetics, but performs very well in all other areas.

Keep reading for all the answers you’re looking for.

At a Glance

Product Name: Nike Renew Arena

Designed for: Running

True to size: A little wide

Expected lifespan: 6 – 12 months

Price: $45 – $55

My Rating: 4/5

When I think versatility, I think of a sneaker that can do it all. And that describes the Renew Arena to a T. They are so comfortable and lightweight it feels like you’re walking on clouds, as many reviewers claim. The biggest issue is they run a bit wide. Good for those with wide feet, but those with neutral feet has to go 1/2 size down from their normal Nike size.

What is the Nike Renew Arena All About?

The Nike Renew Arena is designed for cheap running, someone on a budget.

They include Nike’s best running technology, including:

  • Renew feature in the midsole for responsive running while protecting your feet with every stride
  • Full-length high-rebound foam to enhance fit and comfort
  • Pressure-mapped design in the outsole that increases grip and traction on different types of surfaces
  • Holes in the outsole for more cushioning

Nike Renew Arena Outsole

There are lots of interesting features this shoe has to offer, especially at such an affordable price.

It comes in a mesh upper that’s protected in overlays, allowing your feet breath.

It includes a medial strap across the midfoot to provide security so your feet don’t shift or move during workouts.

That’s what Nike has to say about their shoes, but I like to dig even deeper to know the good and bad things.

Are They Good For Running?

Nike Renew Arena Upper

The Nike Renew Arena are specifically designed for running, but after reading the many reviews online, it doesn’t look they perform all that well.

They can be used for running as long as it’s short distance or light running.

Nothing too drastic, certainly not more than 3 miles per day.

They should be kept to light running/short distances only.


They’re too cheap. They only cost $45 on Amazon, give or take depending on the seller.

If you want a shoe that’s made for intense running sessions, I highly recommend the Saucony Breakthru 4 instead.

But overall it’s a running shoe and can be used as such if your workout requires it.

Things They’re Actually Good At

In saying that, they still have their place in the shoe community.

They are actually perfect for walking and fitness activities.

People say they use them for their daily walks, walking all day, standing for their job, and never have sore or tired feet at the end of the day.

Some say they relieved their existing foot pain and in some cases, eliminated completely.

For such a cheap shoe that is good to hear.

They are also good for working out like lifting weights or cardio.

Things they’re good at:

  • Fitness walking
  • Light running
  • Standing all day
  • Walking all day
  • Running errands
  • The gym
  • Cardio

The Highlights

Nike Renew Arena Side View

So comfortable it’s like walking on clouds

I wanted to dig even further to see what the people have to say about them, and there are compliments that stand out.

First it is the comfortability.

These shoes are described as incredibly lightweight and comfortable

It feels like they’re walking on clouds.


They continue to get the thumbs up from customers as a result of the comfort factor and lightweight.

They feel like they’re not even on your feet half the time.

You often forget they’re there!

That’s good to hear as it’s difficult to find such a lightweight shoe at this price range.

Great support

These shoes mold to the shape of your foot thanks to the cloud-like comfort and technology implemented in the midsole.

This creates a unique fit to each person so they become even more comfortable overtime.

Those with all arch types say they provide enough support!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they true to size?

Nike usually come 1/2 a size small but in this case they are true to size.

They run a little wide which makes them perfect for people with wide feet.

Wide feet: Get your normal Nike size
Normal Nike buyers: 1/2 a size down
Coming from other brands: Normal size

Hopefully that clears up some confusion for you.

Do they provide arch support?

Yes. They have plenty of support for all arch types.

How is the overall quality?

They are not made for maximum longevity, they are made to perform excellently for a short time frame.

The quality is average for a shoe in this price range.

And I can confidently say you’ll get about 6 – 12 months out of them.

Are they lightweight?

Yes, this is one of it’s high points I mentioned earlier.

They are incredibly lightweight, it’s one of the reasons it has such a high rating and the love from the shoe community.

Who Are They For?


They are nothing extraordinary.

They are a pair of basic shoes, good for light running but better suited for general wear.

If you want something that’s incredibly lightweight but comfortable, something you can take with you on your daily adventures, this is for you.

It’s basically a shoe that “does it all” without an expensive price tag to go with it.

They are good for:

  • Busy mums
  • Lifestyle
  • Casual
  • Shopping
  • Running errands
  • Going to the movies
  • Visiting friends and family
  • And much more

Price and Where to Buy

They cost $45 – $55 on Amazon which happens to be my #1 recommended place.

They’ve got a 30-day return policy just in case you don’t like your purchase, free shipping and some of the fastest deliveries.

And in some cases the next day, as long as you have Amazon prime.

Cop Yourself a Pair Today

Pros and Cons


  • Highly versatile
  • Good quality product
  • Lasts a good bit considering the cheap price tag
  • Comfortable as f***
  • Lightweight, feels like nothing’s there most of the time
  • Good support for all arch types


  • Runs a little wide

Do I Recommend These Shoes?

In fact I do recommend them.

Not because they are top quality, because they definitely are not.

But because of the versatility they offer.

They can be used for any activity whether it be from a small jog to standing all day.

They are so comfortable, customers describe them as “walking on clouds”.

And the lightweight makes it easier to move around without being bogged down or restricting movement.

Nike have done a great job integrating the right features to make this shoe perfect, and it really is with such a cheap price tag.

Do I recommend them?

All signs point to a big fat YES.

There is so much to like and benefit from than there is to hate.

Verdict: Highly Versatile, Comfortable and Lightweight

That’s the 3 biggest things that I need to emphasize.

They are versatile, comfortable and lightweight.

Plus the quality is decent.

So when you combine all of that together, you have a pretty good shoe that performs for almost any daily activity without letting you down.

They have so much to offer and would make a great addition to your rotation of everyday/casual sneaks.

Get Yourself a Comfortable Pair Right Now 🙂

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