The Nike SB Check Solarsoft Is As Good As You Think

Today I will be talking about the Nike SB Check Solarsoft. It appears to be a successful shoe from Nike and I want to know why.

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Featured

A little disclaimer.

I am not a skateboarder and don’t claim to be.

This is my unbiased review on the Nike SB Check Solarsoft.

It is my research, findings, customer reviews, expert reviews, and my own conclusion.

So if you’re here to find out what this shoe is capable of, and what it’s not capable of, I suggest you keep reading.

At a Glance

Product Name: Nike SB Check Solarsoft

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Price: $70 – $110

Designed for: Skateboarding, casual, styling

True to size: Yes

Expected lifespan: 2 years

Recommended: Yes

My rating: 4.5/5

The Nike SB Check Solarsoft  is a very tough skateboarding shoe, although it’s just as good for casual use or walking around town. People style them and look amazing. They only downsides is the lengthy break in period and lack of high arch support.

What are the Nike SB Check Solarsoft?

They are a skate shoe from the famous Nike brand.

Nike claim they will bring extra energy into your skating sessions.

The upper has been strategically created impact protection as well as lightweight durability.

It also has Flex Wrap technology, which gives the shoe a perfect amount of skating flexibility without being too stiff or too flimsy.

The extended vamp stitching increases durability even more, especially when performing tricks.

The high-density foam collar adds support and Solarsoft sockliner promotes comfort.

It’s then finished with a clean rubber outsole that’s grippy and durable.


Cushioning is great and it does provide a lot of impact absorption (where it succeeds the most).

But can be a problem for someone that trains in heavily-padded shoes.

Because these don’t have it.

If you have weak knees, you might want to stay away from the Nike SB Check Solarsoft, they’re just not for you.

Impact absorption

Lets talk about impact absorption.

They shoes have high impact absorption properties.

The canvas upper has been reinforced in key areas.

Everyone that buys them loves them for its ability to protect the wearer from landing, accidental his, falling, etc.



There’s no doubt that the Nike SB Check Solarsoft performs for skating.

They are used for skating but this is not where it shines the most.

In fact most who buy them wear them casually, so I will talk about that secondly.

I am not a skater but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to customer feedback.

Roger Skateboards says the first 5 hours of skating shows no signs of wear and tear. After 10 hours you’ll be doing tricks comfortably. On the 20th hour skate shoes either sink or swim. Well in this case they shine with their immense grip abilities. He also says the outsole is the only place that shoes sign of wear and tear.


I’m more of a casual sneaker wearer. It’s my forte.

And this is what most people wear them for, so it makes sense to cover this topic.

Customers say they are so comfortable for walking all day. Their feet don’t even hurt.

Plus they’re very stylish and go good with jeans, shorts, or even a dress.

But they are unisex so they fit both genders well.

Some even use them for their job like restaurants, fast-food, medical workers, and more.

Even though they’re good for skating they are recommended for casual use. That’s what everyone loves and wears them for.

Size and Fit

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Pair

One good reason why everyone loves this shoe is because of the wide toe box.

Similar sneakers like Vans or Chuck Taylors are too narrow and don’t accommodate wide feet properly.

Well these are great for wide feet and fit well.

They may feel tight at first but will eventually break in.

Regarding the fit, they fit true to size. The 91% fit rate makes them very true to size. Average ranges from 75% – 85%.

Arch Support

These are a great alternative for someone that likes flat shoes but can’t wear them due to no arch support.

A huge benefit of the Nike SB Check Solarsoft is the good arch support.

They are good for low arch and neutral arch.

If you have flat feet you may want to opt for some Vans or Chuck Taylors.

The Downsides

Long break in period

Because of the stiff materials it does take a little longer to break in than other sneakers.

This isn’t entirely a bad thing. It’s because it is so durable.

Even though this is a downside, there is an upside, increased longevity.

So keep in mind that it may be a little tight at the start but it’s only temporary.

No high arch support

The other downside is the lack of high arch support.

If you really like these shoes and want to wear them, you may have to consider using a custom insole.

Pros and Cons


  • Surpasses the strength test
  • Good for skateboarding, casual and styling
  • Cheap price tag
  • High performance
  • Reasonably comfortable


  • Long break in period (due to it being so strong)
  • No high arch support

Do I Recommend Them?

These work well for both skateboarding and casual use.

Someone even bought 5 pairs because they love ’em so much.

If you buy them for skateboarding you can expect a highly durable shoe that’s built to perform. With a great price might I add.

And if you buy them for casually wearing around town or styling them with your outfit, you can expect a great sneaker for that as well.

These are pretty versatile and built tough, that’s a given.

So do I recommend them?

Luckily they have a cheap price tag or I wouldn’t recommend them.

They were on Nike’s official website for $60, but since they sold out they’re on Amazon for around $70.

Are they worth $70

Yes they are. They are very durable and can really take an outfit from a 5 to an 8 instantly.

The Verdict: Built Like a Tank

These shoes are good for skateboarding but even better casual shoes.

They strength is far beyond its price tag, and I think that’s something I need to emphasize.

The price is $70 and they can be used for skating or styling your outfit.

How long exactly?

I give it an easy 2 years for casual use. Skateboarding is a little harder to say because it depends on the hours put in.

But in saying that, after 20 hours of skateboarding there’s only a few  signs of wear and tear on the outsole.

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