Nike Sock Dart Review – Good Shoe or Lack of Quality?

The Nike Sock Dart shoe does not look anywhere close to a normal shoe.

So why does this shoe have so many great reviews and a good reputation from the community?

To me they look kind of hideous, but I like to give products the benefit of the doubt.

They might be a literal genius and that’s what I hope to discover in this Nike Sock Dart review.

I hope you find everything you’re looking for.

Enjoy 🙂

Nike Sock Dart Shoe

Lacks Durability
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line

The Nike Sock Dart shoe does not make a good running shoe due to the low quality and heavy weight.

However, it does make a great everyday shoe as long as its used for casual use only.

It’s a very comfortable and has lots of features.

Just don’t use it for vigorous athletic activities and it will last longer.


Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • Extremely comfortable and feels like walking on clouds
  • Good for people with wide feet because the material stretches
  • Available in many different colors
  • A versatile shoe that can be used for all daily activities
  • Includes many features such as the midfoot strap, slip-on design and Flyknit upper
  • A lack of durability compared to the price
  • Heavier than other running shoes
  • Not good for running
  • Runs one size bigger than other Nike shoes (which is weird since Nike’s usually run too small)

What Others are Saying About It

  • Nike Sock Darts are very comfortable. They are very light. I really like them for walking around. They have good ventilation and just feel good.
  • Fit great. Run a little big even for Nike. Had to do down a size ( I’m kinda 1/2 way in between). The silicone strap across the front is REALLY difficult to unsnap and resnap.
  • Amazing shoe I love everything about them! They are comfortable and breathable. The reason i give it one star is because even tho they are all of these amazing things they are not durable.
  • These shoes are awesome. I have really wide feet and every other shoe is uncomfortable and eventually splits out the sides. These are stretchy and perfect.

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Product name: Nike Sock Dart

Weight: 2 pounds

Gender: Men and Women

Colors: 20+

Good for: Walking, standing all day, shopping, paying bills, going out for lunch, yard work, any type of errand

Bad for: Running or any type of vigorous athletic activity


The Nike Sock Dart was first released in 2004. It is designed for running due to the lightweight and comfort it provides.

Nike believes that the design of a shoe affects your whole body and not just the comfort, which is how they came up with the design of the Nike Sock Dart.

This shoe possesses a minimalist appearance and available in many different colors, for both men and women.

The full length phlyon midsole creates immense comfort and the flex grooves on the rubber outsole ensures traction on various different surfaces.

It features an easy slip-on design, a lightweight Flyknit upper and flexible midfoot strap.

Flyknit is basically the upper of the shoe knitted as one piece and not different patches stitched together.

The Nike Sock Dart was actually the first piece of footwear to include Flyknit technology.

And because they found great success, they moved it to some of their other shoes.

The Features

  • Slip-on design for easy on/off usage
  • Seamless upper for comfort and less weight
  • Flexible mid strap for convenience and no more laces jumping around as you walk
  • Full length phylon midsole promotes comfort
  • Rubber outsole with grooves for immense traction

Ways to Wear the Nike Sock Dart Shoe

It may strictly be designed for running, but there are other ways to use this shoe other than that.

People use it for:

  • Wearing around the house
  • Doing yard work
  • Running errands
  • Fitness walking
  • Going out to lunch
  • Etc (basically casual/everday use)

I mean, they can really be worn for almost anything since they offer protection, comfort and a lot of support.

Even though they are designed for running, I do not recommend them for this due to the lack of durability, which I’ll talk about soon.

Things to Know About the Nike Sock Dart Shoe

The mid-foot strap is hard to put on and take off

The mid strap can be really hard to take off and put in.

However, this is because they are meant to stay on during running activities.

They are not designed to be loose.

Running is a vigorous activity, and if the midfoot strap comes off easy, it would be useless when it comes to activities they are designed for.

So keep in mind that if you decide not to use it for running, the strap can be kept loose to make on and off usage much easier.

They run bigger than normal Nike’s

You know how Nike run small?

Well these are actually the opposite. They are a little too big.

One way around this is to order 1 size smaller than you usually would to make up for it.

For example: If you’re a size 9, get a size 8.

Not really durable

This is a common complaint about this shoe.

They aren’t that durable compared to the price.

And I mean, you just need to look at it along with the price and see that it’s not going to last years of frequent use.

Because of this, I would not recommend them for running since this is going to wear them out much quicker and be a big waste of money.

They make great slip-on shoes for everyday activities, but certainly not a good running shoe.

Good for wide feet

Nike Sock Dart Shoe Top View.jpg

People with wide feet tend to love the Nike Sock Dart shoes!

They are stretchy and allow extra movement in the width areas, making walking and other daily activities much more comfortable.

Plus you go through less shoes since your feet won’t split out the sides.

And I think that is a good thing considering there are lots of shoes out there for normal feet but not many for wide feet.

No socks needed

Although socks can be worn with these shoes, they are not required and actually not recommended from Nike themselves.

The reason is that the Flyknit technology is supposed to act as a second-skin.

The shoe is designed to move with the foot to make the shoe feel lighter and more comfortable.

Adding socks may stop proper air circulation and make your feet sweat more, so keep this in mind if you want to use it for athletic activities.

Very light and feels like walking on clouds

They are described as very lightweight and so comfy like you’re walking on clouds, claimed by hundreds of people that have personally bought and purchased these shoes.

They really are extremely comfortable and lightweight that it feels like nothings there.

Plus the upper has lots of ventilation to prevent sweat buildup as much as possible.

Where to Get Them

In my opinion the best place to get Nike Sock Dart shoes is from none other than the online giant themselves,


They always have the best deals, free shipping and fastest deliveries.

Plus they offer a 30-day return policy for those that don’t like their purchase.

The shoes can be sent back for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Do I Recommend the Nike Sock Dart?

Basically, they are light and comfortable and act like slippers when they actually appear to be sneakers.

That’s the beauty of these shoes!

This means they can be be used for almost all daily activities, like the ones I have mentioned in this article.

Of course that doesn’t mean the durability isn’t in question, because it absolutely is.

And that’s why most who use the Nike Sock Dart don’t use them for vigorous workouts.

They perform best as an everyday shoe or slipper to wear around the house.

Doing this will keep their cushioning and make them last a long time.

They don’t hold up well with frequent use of athletic situations, but perform amazingly for anything else.

So do I recommend them?

ONLY for moderate use and nothing intense.

Alternative/Similar Shoes

A much better alternative shoe is the Saucony Kinvara 10.

This is actually a minimalist shoe just like the Sock Dart but much cheaper in price and designed better for running, which is actually going to last longer.

Another alternative running shoe is the Adidas Ultra Boost 19.

These are also lightweight with a minimalist design. However, they are stronger than the Sock Dart and will last longer as a running shoe.

My Final Opinion

I actually love the Nike Sock Dart shoe and think it’s a genius idea.

Although they are good for running, they aren’t durable enough to last a long time.

And that’s why I only recommend them for any other daily activity.

They are easy to slip on, extremely comfortable like walking on air (as everyone claims) and perform best as a casual shoe.

There is not much negative feedback, but the ones worth mentioning I have disclosed them at the top of this article.

So that’s my final opinion.

You can get the Saucony Kinvara 10 if you want a better cheaper shoe for running that’ll actually last longer.

Otherwise get the Sock Dart by clicking the link below.

Get the Nike Sock Dart Shoe from Amazon

Well that concludes my Nike Sock Dart review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask me in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap!

Lacks Durability
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line

The Nike Sock Dart shoe does not make a good running shoe due to the low quality and heavy weight.

However, it does make a great everyday shoe as long as its used for casual use only.

It’s a very comfortable and has lots of features.

Just don’t use it for vigorous athletic activities and it will last longer.


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