Top 10 Reasons to Ditch Your Old Shoes and Buy New Ones

If you need some cold-hard reasons to ditch your old shoes and buy new ones asap, I have got you covered.

New Shoes

I’m a sneakerhead and maybe you are as well.

Even if you are not, we could all do with a brand new pair of wheels to make ourselves feel better.

I absolutely love wearing new sneakers because it makes me feel good about myself.

But that’s only one of the reasons why you should trash your old shoes and get new ones.

Here’s my top 10 reasons!

1. They don’t perform as good as they use to

When you first get a pair of shoes, they perform flawlessly.

There’s plenty of padding, they feel plush, they are hella comfortable, and they perform for the activity they are designed for.

Although overtime the performance goes down and they aren’t as good as they use to be.

This can cause discomfort and more aches and pains which is my second reason.

2. You’re getting more aches and pains

In the first week of a new pair of shoes you may get blisters or calluses.

This is called breaking in and doesn’t last long.

However, when you start experiencing aches and pains after months and years of use, it might be a sign to get new ones.

Our health is our #1 asset, look after it and it will look after you.

It’s not worth trying to hold on to them longer just to “get your moneys worth”.

Ditch the ego and look after yourself with a nice pair of shoes!

3. You need different shoes for different activities

Shoes are designed for different activities.

Too many people use the same shoe for everything which is not a good idea.

For example: They use their casual shoes for exercising AND their job.

This is not only going to wear them out quicker, but you are using it for things its not designed for.

Plus it’s not getting enough time to air out before being worn again, which is just nasty.

Who knows what sort of bacteria is living inside your shoes!

4. The cushioning is dead

The cushioning is what makes you comfortable.

It makes you enjoy your day better because when your feet are happy, you are happy.

However, many don’t actually know that the cushioning is completely dead.

They’ve been wearing them for so long that it feels normal to them.

This is contributing to their aches and pains that they’re experiencing on a daily basis.

It’s a very viable reason to get a new pair of shoes.

5. They’re not as grippy as they use to be

Traction is mandatory in shoes, because it keeps us upright and prevents injuries.

If you notice you’re slipping more often and that the grip is flatter than a bald head, then it’ll be in your best interest to get a new pair.

This is especially true for work shoes, sport shoes and gym shoes.

The last thing you want is to slip over and break a bone.

6. The midsole is destroyed

Most people don’t know this, but the midsole is the first thing that breaks down naturally.

Sneakers that sit for years can still look immaculate from the outside.

But on the inside? It’s destroyed.

That’s why it’s difficult to know how much life is left in a shoe when it’s been sitting for so long.

It’s not uncommon to leave a nice pair of kicks in the closet for years, get them out and wear them, and the ENTIRE MIDSOLE FALLS OUT.

If you’ve had your shoes for a very long time and they look pretty decent, do know that the dry-rotting process started a long time ago and they are probably ready to fall apart.

7. They’ve got holes and rips in them

Okay so this is in extreme cases.

Most of you would probably get new shoes before this happens.

But in saying that, it’s still common for those that wear shoes around the house.

Yard shoes are notorious for being holy.

Old Converse

Even though it may not sound that bad, it definitely is.

It’s just a matter of time before something bites you and causes life-threatening injuries.

Do the right thing, ditch the ticking time bombs and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

8. Everyone notices what’s on your feet

Everyone notices a new pair of kicks.

I got some new Nike’s for my birthday (thanks to my girlfriend) and have only worn them twice.

The first time was out to a bar.

The second time was to the gym.

The second time I got a compliment from the gym employee.


People notice what’s on your feet, some notice more than others.

Someone will always be looking at your feet and if you’re wearing shoes that you used for the yard, you’re not going to be very appealing.

A good pair gets noticed and makes us feel good about ourselves, which is my next point.

9. You feel good about yourself

Happy Feet

You know what I’m talking about.

You know what it feels like to try on a new pair of shoes in the store, take a few steps and know that’s the shoe you’re buying.

I love this feeling.

When you wear them out for the first few weeks it’s like you’re on cloud 9.

You’re feet are just so COMFORTABLE. It feels like you’re walking on clouds and it makes you feel good about yourself.

Plus they look great and boosts your confidence.

Is $100 worth pure bliss and happiness for a few weeks?

Of course it is!

10. Shoes are more popular than ever

There are more shoes than ever and they are literally at our fingertips.

We do not need to visit a store to see what’s available anymore.

We can go shopping while sitting in the comfort of our own home.

Amazon is by far one of the most popular places and one of the best for buying shoes.

They have more purchases so there’s more social proof that the shoe performs.

Also because they are so popular, they will be noticed a lot easier and you are more likely to get compliments.

And hey, we know how good it feels to get a compliment.

Even the most confident person on the planet loves them.


Shoes are absolutely amazing.

Buying a new pair of shoes can turn our entire day around and keep us happy for weeks on end.

I mean, that’s the best $100 you could ever spend in my opinion.

You’re on your feet all day, everyday.

You can’t keep wearing the same shoes for years even when they are ready for the trash.

Trust me, your feet will thank you for it and you’ll be a happier person.

If not, give me an earful in the comments below!

I would love to hear what you have to say 🙂

Well that finishes up this article.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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