Reebok Classic Leather Review – Timeless and Stylish or Waste of Money?

The Reebok Classic Leather shoes are originally from the 80s. What were athletic sneakers are now designer shoes that are worn pretty much for casual and fashion only.

Reebok Classic Leather Fashion Sneaker

Today I want to talk about this shoe.

It has accumulated a whopping 2000 reviews on Amazon alone and that piqued my curiosity.

Why the hell does this shoe have so much purchasers and 4.6/5 rating?

There’s got to be something really good about this sneaker to stand the test of time, and that’s what I want to get to the bottom of today.

This is my unbiased Reebok Classic Leather review.


At a glance

Product Name: Reebok Classic Leather

Designed for: Retro vibes, casual wear, dress up, dress down

Expected lifespan: 1.5 – 2 years

Price: $50 – $150

My Rating: 4.8/5

The Reebok Classic Leather’s are a true retro shoe that will never go out of style. They come in plain white and black colors and last about 1.5 – 2 years with everyday use. I am not easy to please when it comes to sneakers but this one has easily deserved my love and the love from the shoe community.

What exactly is the Reebok Classic Leather?

Reebok says this is an iconic shoe with an OG look, and that they will never go out of style.

And they are pretty accurate might I add.

I just done a whole article on cheap, fashionable sneakers, and the plain white sneaker was one of my favorites.

This shoe features original leather upper for comfort and an athletic appearance.

A molded sockliner assists with the comfort and durability.

The low-cut design helps with mobility and easy movement, which is really good for someone that wants to play sports in them.

The Die-Cut EVA midsole adds immense cushioning, while the grip is tough and durable.

I’m also happy to mention that you can Instagram @reebok your photos for a chance to be featured in their gallery!

This is awesome, and not something you see everyday. Well certainly not something I have seen before anyway.

What are they best used for?

Lets take into consideration that they were originally an athletic shoe.

However, now in 2020 they are mostly a designer shoe, worn to look cool in pictures on social media.

Now this is not a bad thing.

In fact, I think it’s really cool. More and more people like to showcase their style and the fashion industry is just getting even bigger.

I’ve taken a look around, seen what people are using them for, and I’ll list them below.

Dress up and dress down

These shoes are amazing for dressing up and dressing down.

They are easy on the eyes and they’re a classic, so everyone that knows the era they are from.

Plus they go with pretty much anything, making them a game changer for stylish people that want to show off their outfit.

Retro shoes are slowly coming back into trend and it looks like the Reebok Classic Leather is here to stay for a very long time.

Casual/everyday use

They are also perfect for everyday use.

They go with anything and they are comfortable enough to be worn everyday without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Some use them as their everyday shoe and easily get over a year or more out of them.

Everyday activities include: walking around the city, working a job, running errands, etc.

They should not be used for running, weightlifting, the gym, or any type of sports.

They are best used for dressing up, dressing down, or everyday wear, as that is what everyone else is doing.

Minimal crease

All shoes are going to crease, some more than others.

Some creases are so bad that you can spot them a mile away and they never come out.

And that’s what you’ll find on other plain white sneakers with leather uppers.

However, the crease on the Classic Leather is minimal and not something you need to worry.


Oh man, these shoes are so durable that they easily last over a year and a half.

Someone said they have been buying these for about 18 years and each pair lasts 18 months.

And that’s with everyday use!

That is astonishing to say the least.

I mean, when you look at the price on Amazon, they are about $50 – $150 bucks.

Shoes at this price range usually last less than a year. Well, you’ll be lucky to get more than a year out of them actually.

So this is definitely high value for money.

Easy to clean

They are easy to clean.

The leather upper means you can use a magic eraser on them.

No need to risk damaging them in the washing machine.

Use a magic eraser to remove scuff marks whenever you have free time.

One user said his lasted a year and a half and only had to wash them once.

Reebok Classic Leather Fashion Sneaker 3

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Are they true to size?

On Amazon 82% say they are true to size.

Of course some people won’t always find the perfect fit right off the bat, but the majority of people found them true to size.

And this is a good sign.

Some of those who did not fit them properly have wide feet, whereas the Classic Leathers are a little on the narrow side.

You should already know if you have wide feet. If that’s you then I highly recommend going 1/2 a size up.

Otherwise get your normal shoe size.

How does the quality compare to the price?

There’s one big thing that stands out.

They are very tough and durable.

But at the same time they are affordable.

When you mix the two, you have a high value for money sneaker.

They sell on Reebok’s official website for 150, but Amazon have them for 50 some dollars, or a little more depending on what size and color you choose.

This is a massive discount and does not mean that they are fake or counterfeit, it means Reebok can sell them on Amazon for cheaper and still make profit.

More people are likely to buy through Amazon than Reebok because they are more reputable, and that’s why they can cut the price drastically.

But to answer this question.

Hell yes, the quality outweighs the price by a mile as they worth much more than the price tag.

The negative reviews

Lets talk about the negative reviewers for a second.

One person received theirs with a thicker tongue than the one shown in the pictures. Apparently it’s a new style and the buyer didn’t like it.

Another buyer didn’t fit his shoes and told others “not to buy”.

Come on mate, you chose the wrong size, don’t go hating just because you can’t use the size chart correctly.

This is actually where a lot of the negative reviews come from.

There are also reports of some being fake.

Keep in mind that if you buy through Amazon and it has “Reebok” as the seller, you should be fine as you’ll be buying the real thing.

Do not stray away as you could be buying off a counterfeit seller.

Here’s an article explaining how to stick with legitimate and authentic sellers.

The pros and cons


  • Minimal creasing
  • Retro vibes
  • Aesthetically pleasing, gets lots of compliments
  • Timeless, will never go out of style
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable, worth more than the price tag
  • True to size


  • No good for the gym or athletic activities

Reebok Classic Leather Fashion Sneaker 2

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Do I recommend these shoes?

The biggest concern is the fact that they aren’t being used for athletics or any type of sports.

That’s not to say they don’t work or perform in this field, I’m just saying there is a lack of “social proof”, to say the least.

But that’s not a bad thing.

They have their place in this world, and that is dressing up, dressing down and casual use.

They are beautifully designed, have the love from the community, and will never go out of style.

Plain white sneakers are the trend and it will stay that way for many years to come.

Plus they’re a retro shoe, an OG, vintage, whatever you want to call it.

They offer classic looks and it will bring everyone else around you into your vintage vibe.

If that sounds like you, then you will absolutely love these cool-looking kicks.

They have easily beaten my expectations and Reebok have created a winner.

The Reebok Classic Leathers are HIGHLY recommended!

All in all

All in all, they are the ultimate, high value for money, low-maintenance, does-it-all type of shoe.

And they deserve the recognition that they’ve got.

They are truly one of my favorite affordable shoes I have on this blog and I am not one to give those compliments away nicely.

So if you want something to look cool and stylish without spending an arm and a leg, these are for you.

If you want something more casual to go with your everyday outfit, they are also for you.

Well that sums up the Reebok Classic Leather in a nutshell.

I’m sure you have more questions and concerns regarding this sneaker and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Please ask me in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap!

Cheers and have a wonderful day 🙂

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