Saucony Breakthru 4 Review: Award-Winning and Undercover

Want a running shoe you can count on without paying an arm and a leg? Look no further.

Saucony Breakthru 4

The Saucony Breakthru 4 is one step ahead of all of us.

They are known as the “best shoe know one as heard of”.

I’m not even kidding. That’s what the award is called.

I’m not here to praise this shoe but I am hear to tell you it has beaten all of my expectations and delivered in all areas.

If you’re interested to know what this little sneaker can do, keeping reading my Saucony Breakthru 4 review.

Award-Winning Shoe
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

You’re looking at a shoe that likes to stay undercover. It’s from a less popular brand but proven itself to the world by lasting 300+ miles, performing flawlessly for running, and has the ability to be used for other things. A couple of downsides is the grey color being more like purple, and the wide forefoot means it’s too loose for those with narrow feet.

At a Glance

Product Name: Saucony Breakthru 4

Designed for: Running

True to size: Yes

Expected lifespan: 6 months – 1.5 years

Price: $60 – $110

The Saucony Breakthru 4 Breakdown

Th Breakthru 4 is a running shoe but can be used for lifting weights or casual use, as the manufacturers claim.

It includes an engineered mesh upper to create a dynamic fit.

Saucony claim they offer no-nonsense underfoot cushioning.

The Breakthru 4 has won many awards including:

  • Gear Patrol
  • Best New Running Shoes of 2018
  • Best Shoe No One Seems to Know Exists

It also includes Saucony’s special EVERUN technology, enhancing energy return and continuous cushioning to keep you running comfortably for longer.

It is incredibly lightweight, as with many other Saucony shoes, and flexible so movement is not limited.

The molded heel support holds your heel in place so your feet don’t come out as you run or during intense workout sessions.


Cushioning consists of PWRFOAM that absorbs impact and softens hard landings.

It does this by muffling the strikes your body receives from running and moves it to the shoes instead.

And of course the EVERUN top sole runs the full length of the foam unit.

This promotes flexibilty for freedom of movement.

However, the insole can be removed if preferred and replaced with orthotics.


Saucony Breakthru Side View

The upper is the top of the shoe.

The upper includes tightly woven cloth that promotes durability without sacrificing ventilation.

It has perforated air vents so your feet stay cool, helping you stay comfortable and cool for longer.

The upper is also reinforced with thin strips to strengthen weak areas that are prone to wearing down fast.

These thin strips run along the forefoot and ankle areas.

However, they also help keep your feet secure and in place, preventing movement and shifting.

But the best perk of this little contraption?

The fact that your foot won’t slide out anymore!

Inside the upper is a soft and plush lining that stops irritation and maximizes comfort so you can focus on the things that matter the most, running in speed, comfort and style.

Are They Comfortable?

Saucony always get the cushioning right and they’re comfortable enough for many different things.

According to the online reviews, these are some of the most comfortable shoes they have worn without any inserts.

Some people have Plantar Fasciitis and they have eased the pain and same cases eliminate them altogether.

“Very comfortable” is a common phrase used to describe these sneakers and I have to agree with them.

When you combine the incredible cushioning, foam midsole, features, and the lightweight as a whole, there’s really nothing that can dampen the comfort factor.

They are really comfortable and the community gladly backs up that claim.

How to Use Them

They’re a running shoe by day and casual kicks by night.

Well, not really.

That’s just a fancy way of saying they are good for many different activities.

The running capabilities are a no-brainer.

This shoe alone has won awards and one called “Best Shoe No One Seems to Know Exists” just goes to show that it flies under the radar.

Saucony is not a mainstream company, but arguably they release some of the best shoes in the world.

Well that’s especially true when it comes to racing shoes.

They’ve got a proven track record for creating speedy shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and supportive.

They’re also commonly used for going on daily walks.

Remember how I said they have immense flexibility? That’s what makes them great for walking.

Walking requires a full range of motion unlike running, where your feet are stiff most of the time.

Walking with a stiff shoe restricts movement and creates an unnatural feeling.

The good news is that the Saucony Breakthru 4 has a flexible upper so that you can walk comfortably all day without pain or discomfort.

Do They Run True to Size?


They have an 87% fit rate on Amazon.

Amazon fits true to size


And they fit true to size on Saucony’s official website.

Not too wide, not too narrow, just right.

Saucony fits true to size

Whether or not they are true to size is not in question.

For those worried about not fitting them properly, simply get your normal size and it’ll be a nice fit.

How Long Do They Last?

Will they last a few weeks?

Will they last a few months?

Will they show wear and tear after a few uses?

In fact I can happily say no to all of these questions.

The Breakthru 4 has proven to last 300 miles by some testers, and because of that, they bought a second or third pair.

That is pretty remarkable considering how lightweight they are.

They’re a little over $100, lightweight, and has reinforced weak areas.

It’s like Saucony knows what they’re doing.

Will you get 300 miles out of them?

Maybe, it’s a high possibility.

They’re not cheap or expensive. They have an affordable price tag so the average consumer can afford them.

In my opinion you should be able to get 6 months – 1.5 years out of ’em.

However, this’ll depend on how often your run or wear them.

Are they worth the price?


You May Want to Check Them Out Here

The Bad Stuff

A couple of wearers said that the grey color is more like a purple, but doesn’t look like it in the picture.

Someone else said the midsole was a little stiffer than previous versions.

Whether this is true or not, it’s not surprising.

It is a running shoe at the end of the day, where the midsole is supposed to be stiff.

However, we’ve already proven that it’s not as stiff as it could be, especially since you can walk and workout in them.

A couple others also complained about the wide toe box.

These people probably have narrow feet. We already established on in the screenshot above that most people rated it as true to size, not too narrow or too wide.

Saucony Breakthru Upper

Pros and Cons


  • Wide toe box for a natural running feeling (good for wide feet)
  • Lots of features
  • Award-winning shoe
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used for a number of activities
  • Reinforced weak spots


  • The grey colorway is more like a purple
  • Too big for narrow feet

Do I Recommend Them?


You might want to consider these if you’re sick of overpriced Nike’s.

Most of the shoe community don’t even know they exist because of how unpopular Saucony are.

Everywhere we go we see Nike shoes and clothing, but you never see Saucony, further proving that it’s the “best shoe no one knows exist”.

When you have an award-winning shoe, Saucony’s reputation for creating incredible running shoes, and the strong materials, it’s a showstopper.

Other shoes in the same price range will have to do something incredible to grab my attention.

But for now my love is on the Saucony Breakthru 4.

Do I recommend them?

If you want high quality without going mainstream, this is it.

If you want a winning shoe that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, this is it.

If you want versatility, this is for you.

If you want a shoe that’ll actually last and you can count on, you’re looking at it.

Yes I recommend the Saucony Breakthru 4 because it’s passed all tests I have thrown at it.

Verdict: A Running Shoe at Heart

This is a running shoe at heart. That’s what it’s designed for and why it has won awards.

If you’re thinking of using it for your daily running adventures, just know that you’re choosing something that won’t let you down.

Heck, it has beaten all my expectations and passed all my tests.

And if you decide to use it for activities, it’ll perform for those too.

They’re mostly a running shoe but versatile enough for other things.

Well I’m sure you’ve heard enough of my rambling.

When you’re ready to cop a pair for yourself, click the link below.

Otherwise thanks for reading and have a marvelous day!

Cop Yourself a Pair Today!

Award-Winning Shoe
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

You’re looking at a shoe that likes to stay undercover. It’s from a less popular brand but proven itself to the world by lasting 300+ miles, performing flawlessly for running, and has the ability to be used for other things. A couple of downsides is the grey color being more like purple, and the wide forefoot means it’s too loose for those with narrow feet.

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