5 Shoe Drying Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Wondering what to avoid when drying shoes?

Shoe Drying

There are lots of mistakes that can ultimately destroy your shoes in a matter of minutes, and I’m here to stop you from doing that.

I have personally experienced some of these mistakes in this article and why I want to help you avoid them.

I’m going to cut to the chase with so keep reading my 10 shoe drying mistakes you’ll want to stay far away from.

#1 Mistake: Exposing Shoes to Direct Heat

This is the most brutal mistake you can do to your shoes when drying them.

Exposing them to extreme heat sources will warp, discolor, shrink and even soften adhesives, permanently damaging them.

Direct heat sources are things like the dryer, microwave, oven, the sun, hair dryer, fireplace, etc.

These can definitely dry your shoes but you have to keep them to the lowest temperatures possible.

Except the microwave, don’t dry your shoes in the microwave.


#2 Mistake: Letting Shoes Tumble Around in the Dryer

If you thought putting your shoes in the dryer at the lowest temperature and letting them tumble was the best solution, it is not.

This will only damage the shoes and damage the inside of the dryer if left long enough.

Some dryers have shoe racks where you can sit them, otherwise another trick is to hang the laces over the dryer door and shut it.

#3 Mistake: Not Checking the Drying Process

No matter what drying method you use, if you’re using direct heat sources, you NEED to check the drying process every 5 – 10 minutes.

This includes but not limited to the heater, a fireplace, the dryer, the oven, etc.

Shoes exposed to heat sources can permanently damage the shoes incredibly quickly.

#4 Mistake: Not Doing Research

Your shoe actually has a label that says if it can be dried in the dryer or not.

But of course without doing research you would not have known that.

Also without research, you would not have know that the microwave is a bad idea for drying shoes, or that direct sun is going to shrink and warp them.

A huge mistake people make is “winging” it and thinking they know best, doing what they think will work but doing the worst thing possible.

#5 Mistake: Leaving Shoes Out in the Sun to Dry

Remember how I talked about the sun being a direct source of heat?

Well it’s a common method to place shoes in the sun because it seems like the easiest way to dry them, right?

Sure it’s quick and easy, but a really bad idea and it will shrink and warp them.

So what can we do if the sun destroys them and air drying takes far too long?

How to Quickly Dry Shoes

You can definitely use the fireplace, the oven and even the dryer to dry your shoes, but there is a very detailed process that you need to follow to avoid completely destroying them.

I have put together 5 of the quickest drying methods that can be done in under an hour!

Well that concludes this article.

I really do hope you click the link above so you know how to properly dry shoes without making the simple mistakes in this article.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you have a great day.

Do you have any experience with drying shoes and did anything bad happen to them? Leave your comments down below!

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